Lovers of cheese and admirers Peter I are recommended to live in Holland

Holland, perhaps, one of the few European countries, where Russian immigrants are benevolently and friendly. The first words that the Dutch, as a rule, are pronounced by finding out of Russia – this is not a traditional triad "Vodka, caviar, Bear", a "Peter I" and "St. Petersburg". In this sense, King Peter was bothering to fame, thoroughly prepared the soil for descendants.

In general, Russian people adapt easily in Holland. The fact is that there is no dictate of one language. Along with Dutch, English, German and French are widely used. In any more or less large city there are international schools where teaching is underway in English.

Stay in Holland is carried out on the basis of a one-time visa for up to 3 months or multiple visas. Visa in the country itself can be extended to 6 months. The presence of own housing is one of the basic conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Holland.

But buy real estate in Holland independently we do not advise. Trade in the real estate market here is so bigko that you, like an ordinary bazaar, most likely deceived – $$ 20.000-30.000, and even more. It is better to go to the real estate company, since these institutions in Holland (remind, the country is very small) trying to take care of our reputation and avoid all sorts, even small, scandals.

The company will consult on the full program, will be offered to choose from or selectively for you. House, office, shop, restaurant, art salon – all that your soul. But the main thing – will help you get a mortgage loan, the size of which can reach 60-65% of the value of your chosen real estate object. If you appealed to a solid company, then you can count on a loan for the purchase of real estate, even if you do not have credit history in the European Bank. Loan payout – 20 years. Currently, the mortgage loan percentage is relatively low – about 7 per annum.

Fully working with a real estate company, you can easily carry out such, for example, option: buy a small store area of ​​80 square meters plus a warehouse in 40 square meters and an apartment with three bedrooms above the store – a total value of $ 150.000, paying originally only $ 52.000. The rest – in installments for 20 years. And having in Holland housing and concrete business, you and your family have all the chances for getting a residence permit there. That is, if you sell your three-room apartment in Moscow somewhere in Medvedkov, you will just have the very starting capital to become a respectable Dutch businessman.

In addition, the real estate company, holding for you, will provide all related services: visas in Holland, translator support, payment transfer, discovery of the company, legal assistance in arrangement, management of your real estate.

What is the order of real estate prices in Holland?

Apartment with an area of ​​50-100 square meters cost $$ 65.000-90.000. Under it you can get a loan $$ 42.000-58.000. House – two-three-storey block in a row 4-6 houses – 120-200 square meters will cost you $$ 90.000-120.000. Credit will be $$ 58.000-78.000. House type "Two under one roof" With a garden and a garage, with a land plot of 400-600 meters cost $$ 180.000-200.000. Credit under it – $$ 117.000-130.000. And a separate house with a garage and a large garden on a land plot of 600-800 square meters will cost $$ 250.000-400.000. Credit – $$ 162.000-260.000. Villa with a plot more than 1.000 square meters will cost $$ 400.000-800.000. Possible loan – $$ 260.000-520.000.

These prices reflect the average cost of housing. The cost of similar housing, located in a small town, is usually below 15-20%. In Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Hague – 10-50% higher.

What gives ownership of real estate in Holland?

For individuals – this is the possibility of living in a civilized, friendly, cultural country.

Lovers of cheese and admirers Peter I are recommended to live in Holland

For investors, it is a reliable investment in order to obtain income upon subsequent sale or from renting a property for rent. Real estate in Holland is steadily growing in price. The income of the private person from the sale of real estate is not taxable. The rate of profit during the delivery of real estate for rent is (the percentage of the total real estate value per year): 12% – for residential buildings and apartments, 8-10% – for office space, 8-9% – for shops and shopping centers, 9-11 % – for industrial buildings.

For businessmen, this is the opening of its own company and office in the country, which is the center of world trade, direct contacts with manufacturers and product suppliers. Real estate in your company’s assets will ensure the increase in its prestige in the eyes of foreign firms and banks, which allows to receive commodity loans and expand financial opportunities based on mortgage lending. In addition, this is the organization of recreation staff and mastering the business culture of a market economy.

For industrialists – this is the organization of its own industries, high-tech divisions, marketing and distribution centers, free access to the Trade Gate of Belgium and Luxembourg financial centers.

In conclusion – about the costs associated with the acquisition of real estate in Holland and its content.

The real estate company will take 1,5-2.2% of the property of the property and 0.5-1% of the loan amount. Real estate acquisition tax will be 6%. Notary collection and costs of paperwork – 0.7-1.5%. Bank fee for opening a mortgage loan – 1.5% of the loan amount. Real estate tax – 0.3% per year. Insurance – 0.16% per year. Utilities (gas, water, electricity) – $$ 1.800-2.500 per year.

In general, compared to the United Kingdom, France, Germany or Switzerland is cheap.

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