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Let’s start perhaps with Finnish Airport Vantaa (Helsinki). The most budget, but also the most unreliable way to get to it is Minibuses and buses, Daily travel from St. Petersburg from the hotel "Oktyabrskaya". You can pay directly on the spot, the main thing to cite what you need to the airport is, since not all carriers will agree on such a route, others in this case – just will increase the price. The advantages of this option include its spontaneity: came to the "October", sat on the bus and went to the airport. The main thing is to be free spaces that the peak seasons can be a problem. Another difficulty is the crossing of the border, as no one has canceled the queues on it. Add to this the minimum responsibility of organizers of such trips and you will most likely get a decent adrenaline dose on the way to the airport. In general, I would not advise with conventional buses and minibuses, well, except that in the most extreme cases.

Another, more reliable, but less budget version of the trip can be offered numerous Petersburg companies that organize airport transfer. In this case, you will most likely be taken straight from home and to the airport doors, which is undoubtedly a big plus. However, the minuses also have a place to be. First, all the same traffic jams on the borders that are not always possible to foresee in advance, although transfer companies and try to leave with a sufficient time stock. Secondly, official tickets for such trips will be unlikely to be sold, and therefore, in the case of "what" will not be able to present any complaints. Therefore, stopping at the transfer option to the airport, be sure to read as more reviews of carriers as possible to choose the most reliable of them.

It should also be said that the transfer is almost the only way to get to one another Finnish airport, next to the town Lappeenranta. From there it was recently started to fly the most famous European republics Ryanair. The only problem is that the flights of this airline are not at all joined with a schedule of the flight transport running between Petersburg and Lappeenranta. Therefore, if you do not plan to stop in the Finnish province for the night, you will have to order a transfer to the airport from St. Petersburg.

As for trips to Helsinki Vantaa, there are two more more reliable and convenient options. The first is Ferries Companies St.Peterline, running on the line of Petersburg-Helsinki. Ferry tickets are best bought in advance (no later than 21 days before the trip), then you can get a discount for early booking. I advise you to try to find travelers to buy whole 4-bed cabins, it will be cheaper than getting separate places. Pluses of the ferry trips are obvious: no queues on the border and a comfortable night crossing in a horizontal position on a soft pillow. But for the pleasure, as you know, you have to pay. In this case, the "melted" will be a rather limited number of ferry flights, as well as not very convenient further road to the airport. First, from the seaport you will have to get to the train station (on a tram with a strange number "3T" before the "RAUTIATIEASEMA" stop), and then on one of the buses (city or special "airport), you can die directly in the direction of Vantha. More information about transport to this airport can be found on its official website, and familiarize yourself with the price of tickets on the above route – on the site of the city transport Helsinki.

Well, the last, most reliable and, in my opinion, the most convenient version of the trip to the airport is Shuttle Buses. They pass the border on the "Green Corridor", that is, without a queue, and practically guarantee the arrival at the destination on the schedule. In addition, there are not all travelers in non-new transport periods (all the time, except for the New Year and Christmas), so the Finnish regular bus buses are rarely filled with a hundred percent, which means there will be a place where it is decomposed and even sleep! Of the disadvantages of this option, you can mark slightly higher prices than the usual carriers, and a clear schedule, which may not be suitable for your flight. In addition, not all regular buses will bring you to the airport, and not just to the auto or railway station in the destination, from where, however, you can always leave by public transport. It often happens that about the need to drive to the airport you need to inform the driver in advance. Therefore, the route and all the conditions of the trip advise to read carefully on the official website of the transport company.

Flight buses to Finland organized together with several Finnish and Russian companies. Tickets can be purchased in advance in their offices or directly during the landing on the bus (in the presence of free places). In St. Petersburg you can contact:
• Saimaan Liikenne, offering routes to Helsinki and Lappeenranta (suddenly someday the bus schedule will come under the flight Ryanair!?);
• In the company Finnord, which carries out flights only in Helsinki;
• Also in the company Shaovatto for trips to Helsinki, Lappeenranta and Turku (the last route can be useful for those who are going to travel further on the ferry or from April 2012, Ryanair airlines, which begins flights from Turku).

Does it make sense to get Finnish airports in air or railway? In my opinion – no! Airplanes from Russia in Lappeenranta do not fly at all, and wait for truly cheap offers to Helsinki more difficult than the "Cancer whist on Mount". Although, it must be recognized: the sales still sometimes happen, but very, very rarely. As for the train, with the recent launch of a new high-speed "allegro", this option was even more expensive and at the same time remained uncomfortable, since it is not possible to get to it straight to Vantaa Airport is not possible. On the way to Lappeenranta will also have to make transplants, and the price will remain completely transcended.

Situation S Dear Airports of Baltic Slight other. Ordinary buses and minibuses go there much less often and in fewer, and yes, it is so spontaneously, as in Finland, it is unlikely possible. The transfer option to the airport is also not particularly popular, although if you wish, you can organize himself.

But there is one pretty Budget and very exotic route to Estonia, which, however, does not guarantee the arrival at the airport to the appointed time. But if you have a desire to experience fate – then please! First, on the usual Russian bus from St. Petersburg bus station, you need to get to the border of Ivangorod-Narva, which you can cross off (in an embrace with suitcases). Then it will be necessary to overcome a certain distance "on your two" to the Narva bus station, and from there already on the Estonian bus you can go to Tallinn.

The only more or less convenient and budget way to get to the Baltic countries are Shuttle Buses, Organized by two companies ECOLINES and EUROLINES. Compared to their analogues in Finland, the Baltic buses have a number of differences, and not for the better. They also go across the border without a queue, but this process still passes quite a long time, which leads to a periodic deviation from the schedule. Consider this in order not to be late to the airport for your flight. As for free places in such buses, they are usually much less than in Finnish, since there are practically no alternatives to this transport when traveling to the Baltic States.

It must also be said that although these companies and carriers call themselves European, but the service of passengers on Russian flights remains "Pure Russian". Ecolines, for example, "famous for" with his old, sweated by a fleet, and EUROLAYS – frequent replacement class of buses to lower and double selling some and the same tickets. All this I say, of course, not to intimidate you: just and to such development of events should be ready.

Of the advantages of the Baltic carriers, first of all, it is worth noting a fairly convenient schedule with a large number of daily flights on buses of different class, for this you can praise the company Evrolains. But Ecolanes carries out trips not only from St. Petersburg, but also from Moscow. The system of ticket sales, which can be purchased both in the offices of companies for cash, and via the Internet, paying for the purchase of a bank card. In addition, it is worth noting quite acceptable prices, which periodically become even more attractive during the sale carried out by the same Evrolans.

Low cost airports from and to

Baltic regular buses, like their Finnish fellow, do not always bring their passengers to the airport. To get from the bus station Riga to the leading airport you will have to take advantage of the city bus №22, passing on it about half an hour from stopping "13.JanVara Iela »to the final" Riga Lidosta ". Bus timetable can be viewed on the site of the Riga City Transport. If you are going to fly out of Tallinn, you can drive from the bus station to the airport literally in 5 minutes by bus number 2 (from the "Autobussijaam" stop to "Lennujaam"), the schedule is on a similar site of Tallinn city transport.

In addition to the bus buses, the Baltic cities can be reached and by rail, both from Moscow and from St. Petersburg (except for the route Petersburg-Tallinn, which is only organizing under the order of travel agencies like a charter). Train timetables and prices can be viewed on the site of Russian railways. However, it is necessary to immediately note that this option will be quite expensive regarding the bus moving. The exception is only a trip in the so-called "total car" in some directions, but then it is better to go by bus, it will be more comfortable. In addition, from the railway stations you will again have to get to the airport by public transport.

Since the main theme of our communication on this site is budgetary travel, then talk about unnecessarily expensive flights between Russia and the Baltic States I don’t even want. Then it is better to immediately take a ticket to the aircraft with departure from your city and no longer worry about.

Way options up Airport Kiev I know only three: already mentioned regular buses of Ecolines, trains of Russian railways and aircraft. Perhaps the inhabitants of the regions bordering Ukraine know other routes, but I will say honestly that they are unknown to me.

In addition to all of the above ways to get to the airports of neighboring states, you can offer an independent trip by car for those who have it. However, in this case, in addition to the fuel spent on the road and making insurance for the car (green card), it is necessary to take into account the cost of parking at the airport, as usual can be read on the official sites of the airbrokes.

There are a lot of airports around the world, but the recipe for studying their transport accessibility is one: the official website, where all the necessary information is usually represented. However, lovers of inexpensive travels should take note of the company Terravision, which carries out bus transportation from / to many low-cost Europe airports. Tickets can be purchased directly on the site or by arrival directly in buses.

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