Luang Prabang – Tourism Pearl in Laos

Because of the growing popularity of Luang Prabang, the crowds of tourists have been visited lately, but it still remains attractive. Luang Prabang can be held on foot in a few hours, but there are several wonderful temples and for their complete inspection will need to spend several days. Houses in the city are low, mostly wooden.

  • City architecture

They alternate with elegant, but simple structures of French colonial architecture, creating a pleasant atmosphere. A small town invites you to visit and have several attractive places in close proximity. Today, of course, this is the most visited place in Laos, since in addition to the sights you will find many worthy restaurants, craft and art stores.

Temple of the Golden City

Without a doubt, the most wonderful and, probably, the most well-preserved temple in Luang Prabang is currently currently Wat Xieng Thong (Golden City Temple). The complex of this temple is close to the Mekong River and remains one of the few who were not destroyed during the war. Its base dates back to the middle of the 16th century. The temple building has a roof in several overlapping neat tiers that fall to the ground. Next to the temple is located Red Capella and Library Tripitaky with sacred buddhist texts. Both buildings are part of the temple complex and richly decorated with a mosaic of stained glass.

Wat Visun-oldest current temple

This oldest current temple in the city was originally built entirely of wood. He is interested not only with his appearance. Inside it is kept wonderful collection of wooden statues of the Buddha. Wat Visun in 1867-1894 was built a huge Statue of Buddha Pha Bang, which is considered a protective statue of the city.

Luang Prabang - Tourism Pearl in Laos

Royal Palace in Luang Prabang

The palace was built in the early 20th century and more resembles the French Palace, but in a more modest scale. It is surrounded by a beautiful park with palm trees. The rear side of the palace goes to the river, and was originally available for residents of the city. Today the palace serves as a museum. There are several royal chases in the state in which they were left by the ancient kings of Laos. Among the exhibits of the museum &# 8211; Royal Clothes, Busts of the Kings of Laos, Ancient Buddhist Statues, including Golden Revered Statue of Buddha Pha Bang, Elephant Tests with Carved Buddhas, Musical Instruments, Masks for Traditional Palace Theater and Various Diplomatic Gifts.

  • Royal Museum Palace

You can see here and figurines made from crystal and gold, which were previously kept in Wat Visun. Walls of some chambers are decorated with frescoes of French artists, and in the throne hall you will see brilliantly made mosaics. Nearby is a beautiful renovated Sanctuary of Buddha Pha Bang with an elegant roof of five tiers. Here, after complete reconstruction, the famous statue of Buddha Pha Bang should be moved .

Phu Si – Flower Hill

In the center of the city rises a hill, about a hundred meters high and visible on all sides. On his top is 24 &# 8211; x meter gold tat čom si, Surrounded by eight symbolic royal pagodas. The annual procession in the celebration of the Lunar New Year begins from that ČOM SI. From the top offers a beautiful view of the city almost from all sides. On the hill slopes there are several temples, one of which is a cave. Temples go one to another on the north side of the hill and go down straight to the Royal Palace. The foot is worth the Wat Pa Huak Temple with a unique facade of carved wood. This is one of the oldest temples in Luang Prabang.

Luang Prabang is definitely worth a visit. Not only because of his exceptional historical heritage, but also for his unique atmosphere, friendly residents and not least, beautiful and lush surrounding exotic areas.Also get up-to-date information about Laos here! What you need to know tourists going to Laos.

Luang Prabang - Tourism Pearl in Laos

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