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Today we will talk about the rules for the transportation of baggage on the flights of the most popular Russian carrier, airlines ; Aeroflot ;.

Luggage, which passengers take with them on a trip, can be divided into 2 parts:

  • Manual jack &# 8211; Things that you take with you in the cabin of the plane
  • baggage &# 8211; Suitcase or bag you rent when registering for flight at the airport.

Aeroflot requirements for manual

Aeroflot One of the most convenient airlines for traveling light. Economy passengers and comfort class in hand baggage Available one place weighing up to 10 kg. And business class passengers – up to 15 kg.

Pay attention to the maximum permissible dimensions of hand-made, the sum of three sides (length + width + height) should not exceed 115 cm.

In addition, without an additional charge charge in manual, you can additionally take:

  • A small lady’s handbag / men’s portfolio / backpack weighing no more than 5 kg and dimensions over the amount of three dimensions no more than 80 cm;
  • folder for papers;
  • umbrella (except for the beach umbrella);
  • Crutches, canes, walkers, rollators, folding wheelchair, removable limb prostheses (hands, feet), portable oxygen concentrator (with dimensions no more than 55x40x20 cm) used by the passenger and which can be safely placed in the aircraft cabin. The folding wheelchair will take place in the aircraft cabin if there is a place for its safe placement, otherwise crushes in luggage without charging additional fees;
  • bouquet of flowers;
  • Upper clothes; , camera, camcorder;
  • Printed publications for reading in flight;
  • baby food for the child for the flight;
  • A device for transferring a child (children’s cradle, holding systems / devices for children up to two years old, baby carriage with no more than 42x50x20cm);
  • suit / dress in portpel;
  • mobile phone;
  • Shopping from "Duty Free", packed in one sealed (sealing) plastic bag, with dimensions over the sum of three dimensions not more than 115 cm.

As one place of manual layer in accordance with the weight limitations established for the service classes, it can be accused, at the request of the passenger, one of the following items:

  • One musical instrument with dimensions over the sum of three dimensions of no more than 135 cm;
  • One guitar, the dimensions of which in the sum of three dimensions exceed 135 cm, subject to preliminary coordination through the contact center, the Aeroflot sales office or its official agent, no later than 36 hours before the flight of the flight schedule (the number of guitars taken to the carriage in the aircraft cabin is limited );
  • One latage for large tennis / squash games, packed in the case;
  • Badminton game set consisting of two simple rackets and 3-whales packed in one case.
Luggage provisions on flights; Aeroflot.

In the case of transportation of these items as hand-made bare, transportation of another hand-made bag (in addition to things that are addressed above the established norm without charging an additional fee) is not allowed.

The remaining requirements for hand baggage Aeroflot are the same as other airlines. Read more about what can and can not be taken in manual>>

Luggage transportation on flights ; Aeroflot ;

A few years ago Aeroflot ; simplified ; Luggage transport rules. But most passengers from this ; simplified ; Only asked questions. If before the airline used the weight system of baggage standards, where everything was extremely simple, exceeded the allowable weight &# 8211; Pay for advantage, now there is a system number system.

Now it is normalized not only the maximum weight, but also the number of luggage places.

Free baggage wires on Aeroflot flights:

  • Economically class &# 8211; 1 place, weighing no more than 23 kg;
  • Economic Class (Premium-Economy Tariffs Group, Premium Comfort) &# 8211; 2 seats, weighing no more than 23 kg each.
  • Business Class &# 8211; 2 seats weighing up to 32 kg each.


When flying between US points (except from / to Miami) and the Middle and Middle East, Asia (except paragraphs in the Russian Federation, as well as Tashkent, Bishkek, Ashgabat and Samarkand, Dushanbe, Khujanda), Africa, India in economy class you can take 2 luggage sites for 23 kg each.

In addition, as in many other carriers, participants of the Aeroflot program -Bonus, as well as other Sky Team Alliance programs, the gold and silver level can additionally take another luggage point.

Other exceptions are looking at the Aeroflot website.

Limited not only weight and number of places, but also dimensions. The maximum allowable size of your suitcase &# 8211; 158 cm in the sum of 3 measurements (length + width + height).

Luggage and manual sting for passengers with children

Children from 2 to 12 years old can carry the same luggage as adult passengers.

If you fly with a baby who did not buy a separate place, you can take 1 luggage point weighing up to 10 kg, the dimensions of the suitcase in the sum of three dimensions should not exceed 115 cm.

Baggage’s cost of Aeroflot

Any excess, weight, quantity of places, dimensions &# 8211; It is considered a supernorumative baggage and is paid separately.

Excess the number of luggage sites

You fly in the economy class and you have 2 suitcase, one weigh 10 kg, another &# 8211; 13 kg &# 8211; You have excess by number of seats, t.To. In the economic class you can carry only 1 suitcase.

In this case, you must buy another luggage point, which will cost you 100 euros or 100 dollars (on flights from / to USA, Canada, Asia, except Tashkent, Bishkek, Dushanbe, Khujand, Africa and Ukraine).

If you have bought a ticket at premium-economy tariffs, comfort or travel in business class, and you need to purchase a third place, it will already be 150 euros / dollars.

Excess weight

You are traveling in an economy class, you have 1 suitcase weighing 29 kg. In this case &# 8211; Excess weight by 5 kg.

If earlier, when you have paid, we paid a certain amount for each kilogram, now everything has changed a little.

If your suitcase weighs from 23 kg to 32 kg, the exceeding weight will cost you 50 euros for flights in Russia and 100 euro / dollars during flights in all other destinations.

And it does not matter how specifically a kilogram you exceeded the norm, by 1 or 9, the price for all.

If your suitcase weighs from 32 kg to 50 kg &# 8211; 100 euros when flying across the Russian Federation and 150 euros / dollars in all other destinations.

Please note that the maximum weight of one luggage site should not exceed 32 kg. Trade unions of loaders of many countries of Europe prohibit lift their suitcases weighing more than 32 kg. Not at each airport you will take a suitcase with a lot of weight.

Exceeding in gabarites

Luggage, whose dimensions in the sum of three dimensions are more than 158 cm, is considered oversized.

If your suitcase is more than 158 cm, but less than 203 cm, its transportation will cost you $ 100 or euro (depending on the direction).

If the baggage is over 203 cm, then pay as much as 150 dollars / euro.

Skiing and snowboards are also considered to be supernorumative baggage, but during the ski season, Aeroflot transports them completely free in addition to the main rate of baggage. You can take a hand with you manual sting, luggage and a set of ski equipment in a case (skis, sticks, shoes, helmet).

Exceed simultaneously by several parameters

Not rare cases when the passenger exceeds 2 parameters at once, for example, the number of places and weight. In this case, the depth amount is summed up.

You fly from Moscow to Paris in the Salon of Economic Class. You have 2 suitcase weighing 15 and 26 kg. In this case, you need to purchase another place of baggage and pay for the transit of three kg (26-23 = 3 kg).
1 Luggage Place costs 50 euros, a suitcase weighing from 23 to 32 kg &# 8211; 100 euro. total amount &# 8211; 150 Euro.

From this we can conclude that the excess of the number of places will cost you much cheaper, so in such situations, if you can put out extra kilograms in the suitcase, weighing 15 kg or take into manual sting.

Luggage provisions on flights; Aeroflot.

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