Lutty Tibet, or how many ears and noses is the life of the CIA agent

We are famous for Tibet lacquered, caramel, sussual: he seems from our Palestinian Edakim «place of power» Under the canopy of crystal Himalayan peaks. Magic, mysticism, soaring above the ground. Spirits, braid legs and pacified somewhere inside themselves, meditative yokes, chapel stupas and lotus feet – In short, this is all. In the Chinese part of Tibet, I could not have succeeded, she has long been a tourist attraction, but visited Nepalese – Almost priority, almost untouched by the decomposing enzymes of civilization. Principality Lo Montang, fragment of this Tibet – Region Poor, peasant monastic, cabbage-cucumber, yako-donkey, alpine-deserted, pedestrian-caravan: In general, I love it all silently, although it was interesting to look. And I wondered: why this is because of such wildlute places there is such a fierce gnawing here for more than half a century? Of course, Dalai Lama XIV – Brilliant marketer. I know about geopolitis myself, but Tenjin Gyamqjo managed to get a nobel, pay a followers around the world, to become a hero of many films, to receive 1.5 million decades from the CIA, to become a symbol of all good at once – Being just the nominal ruler by the god forgotten hole. Nominal – Since at the time of the flight he was 24 and he was only 8 years old by the leader of the Vassal China pseudo-state.

Lutty Tibet, or how many ears and noses is the life of the CIA agent

You will not believe, but the question of Tibetan sovereignty is still the subject of the living, a bourgeing discussion – It turns out that the dispute, coolly mixed in politics, lead Prokhinese and antihinese, scientists and politicians. The main thesis around which disputes are being conducted – And whether Tibetans became after the arrival of Hanants it is better to live? This is all the more strange that Tibet was part of China 200 years, until 1911. Even the choice of Dalai Lama Beijing left: a special imperial commission conducted a draw, choosing – Who here will be here now the embodiment of Bodhisatva? From special golden urns pulled ivory sticks and – About miracle! – Always a new Lama was an outcomes from decent, loyal to China. Behind the rebirth of Panchen-Lam, now looksches for a party in the face of the CCP Central Committee – And do not believe, everything goes like oil. In general, Tibet lived before the revolution, reaching the body of Mother Motherland, and did not know. In fact, it was independently only 40 years old, until 1951, although no one recognized him. That would argue about it! But no: the main subject of discussions – And whether the Tibetans have become joyful to Tibetans? So we will see: and who is right there?Brad Pitta, who spent 7 years in Tibet, was actually called Henry Harrer. In his fairy tales, the native people looked perfect children – naive, kind, cute. In the film about this, hill, but in the same years another German has visited Tibet – Hauptsturmfücher, employee Anecherbe Bruno Bechere. From Tibet, inspired, he rushed to Germany to harvest in the concentration camp of Jews for anthropometric studies. It can be seen, life in the Himalayan kingdom inspired people interesting thoughts. Human life was not worth it then in Tibet and one serangement: the so-called country currency. But not in the money was in Tibet, happiness, but in treasures. Dalai Lama was a man of high-industry: in his execution was at the time of flight 8 tons of gold and 5 thousand tons of silver. A transaction of one of the Tibetan aristocrats, which in 1943 gave a pledge of 400 slaves, receiving 3 kille silver for each. In general, their treasures of Dalai Lama were equivalent to 2-3 thousand «Nangzan» – «Speaking animals». Of the total native population, 90% were serfs, 5% – slaves. Only 300 families treated the ruling class. Well, yes, everyone had several hundred court and guardsmen. Dalai Lama, for example, in the 20th there was an army of 15 thousand people: the British responded about this armed Orava as about Shantrape, but Tibetans, however, they regularly beat the Chinese. The fortress was performed on the barbecine from 180 to 300 days a year – In Russia, suborder, this did not happen. In Poland, it seems, it happened, but there they were regularly multiplied by the landowners, arranging Gaidamathchin. And in Tibet – No, everyone lived happily and on the covenants of the Buddha. At the same time, local paid 200 taxes, including exotic – On the noses and ears, at the birth of a child. But with charges on the noses and the ears of power, they were always ready to help: the specified convexities and leather-cartilage processes are so much in vain. Here, let’s say a noteworthy fact. The first died of the agent of the newly excited CIA was someone Douglas Makirsan. In 1947, he was smeared with the forehead with the bottom when the Tibetan border crossing. Six border guards that did it under court to play sin to big white brothers. Sentenced: Outline commander – to cut off the nose and ears; what the first shot – Only ears; Second shooter – One ear. The rest of the 50 weaves each. It think you are cruel? E-uh, no! – tells us Professor Robert Barnett from Columbia University. There is just an active humanism: Buddhism categorically prohibits killing a person. Without ears quality of life. Of course, decreases – But the duration remains the same, and taxes even become below! Or here. Was in the local government such a figure – Chain Lungshar. He studied in England, pulled out there with any Kramol. He took him to the nail and accused of treason. For this in Tibet from the XIII century, one punishment was assumed: squeezing eyeballs. To the temples Lungshara tied the rope Mosli Yaka, and the node on the back began to delay. One eyeball fell out, and the second did not want to: I had to smoke with a knife one of the ministers. Then in the orphanage flooded, in order to disinfect, boiling oil. Lived Lungshar for another 4 years. Here, says Professor Barnet, did not have experience, it means, rarely such things were going on and orders in the country were humane. True, in Tibet in Dalai Lakh, there was a very detailed criminal law similar to «Russian truth». For negligence caused by the death of an aristocrat or a high-ranking monk was supposed to pay a fine – The amount of gold equal to the weight of the deceased. For a slave or a serf Vira, too, by weight of the body, but already sinks of a straw rope. The punishment for the tax shortage was to amputate the leg of the debtor or hand. Massively used spanking: let’s say, in the 20s caught in Lhasa a certain merchant cigarettes, prohibited by the then goods, and turn off. Fastener or slave, which has encroached on the owner, relied «to buy eyes, or cut off meat, how much is it possible, or trim the language and limbs, or to push the cliff». In general, injured in the country with such a criminal code was abuse. By the way, there was also such an awesome service: the owner of a special token issued by the government, anyone, on choosing a congener, was obliged to carry where they would order. Delivered from the city to the city, from the monastery to the monastery – For tens of kilometers. And, by the way, this is still practiced: I saw this himself in Lo Montang – So wear in the mountains of lazy tourists.
This is what I tell everything: those who wish to immerse themselves in the pristine Tibetchin! Fear your desires! I, for example, saw in Lo Montang portraits of the Dalai Lama XIV in every home – But this is his office sent such circulars on provincial departments: «In order to celebrate the birthday of the Dalai Lama, for the performance of truly Buddhist rituals, it is necessary to provide one fresh kisch set in Lhasa. Two skulls, several blood flasks and large thickens of human skin need immediately». As far as can be judged, this order directly concerned the grandfather-great-grandfather of the current followers of the Dalai Lama. In short, I leave you in a volatile ignorance – Whether the life of Tibetans changed with the Chinese? Reached to the end – with you like a like subscription. thanks!

Lutty Tibet, or how many ears and noses is the life of the CIA agent

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