Machine on the Faroe Islands

Easy and safely controlled by car on the Faroe Islands? However, is there an alternative? About all this, as well as a bit about the rules, security and most beautiful picturesque routes You can read in this article.

If you were on the Canary Islands, you will understand that car management in mountainous areas is not easy. Over time, you get used to both driving style, however, dramatic species that open when driving at a large angle and turns of 180 degrees, do their job and sometimes intercepts the spirit.

So how are things on the Faroe Islands? After all, there are many hills, hard-to-reach cities … But let’s start in order.

Car on the Faroe Islands?

Is the car really need during stay on the Faroe Islands? Of course! And best rent a car! Necessarily! Despite the fact that this rent is extremely expensive (right as in Iceland).
Briefly: You can move on public and long-distance transport or ride a taxi, But then you will not reach all the wonderful places or will depend on others. Most likely, it only hurts to admire beautiful species and walk anywhere and ever (especially considering rapidly changing weather conditions). Traveling through Islands, Appreciate independence and the ability to quickly move from point A to the point b.

Interestingly, on the road to the Faroe Islands Do not meet hitchhikers. Perhaps just tourists so little.

Tunnels and bridges on the Faroe Islands

Some tunnels on the Faroe Islands paid. Numerous tunnels (And they are 20 here and still built) and bridges (only 3) &# 8211; One of the attractions of the Faroe Islands. Here we are talking about tunnels and bridges that often are the only way Get to tiny settlements on the outskirts of the islands. There are also tunnels and bridges that have only one movement strip, and you must skip each other.

Imagine: You are traveling on the tunnel, there is no lighting. On the sides you have walls so that they do not hooked with mirrors (untreated walls from ordinary stone). You have already drove 1 km, but 1 km more ahead. And suddenly, from the opposite side, a truck drives you. What to do in such a situation?

In each tunnel every 100 meters pass lines indicated by the letter "M". This place, where you can easily stop, to allow a truck or other machine to move from the opposite side if you do not have a priority.

Who has priority? Priority is given to those who have no such pocket on the right. So if you have such places to stop on the right, You must give way to the road. The only exception to this rule &# 8211; When a larger vehicle (truck, bus) moves in the opposite direction. Then we always give way to the road.

Recommendations for drivers in the Faroe Islands

In any case, we recommend that you read the following instructions showing how to safely drive the car on the Faroe Islands, which also explains very well, How to behave in tunnels:

Sheep on the road. That you can also see in the above instruction, so this is what you should be very careful with the sheep on the roads. They have absolute priority. And what is important, they are incommens. This is confirmed by the fact that in the Faroe Islands Created a special police unit, which is only engaged in accidents with sheep. In other words, if you see the sheep, politely lying on the side of the road or in the middle of the road, it is better to wait until the sheep gets up and comes up with a carriageway. More often they themselves quickly get up and run away in an unknown direction.

Road safety. Before traveling to the Faroe Islands, you probably already found articles that there is no car accident. This is not quite so, because according to statistics in 2014, 445 accidents occurred and 4 people died. However, compared to 2000, when it was 1281 such an incident, the difference is noticeable. Unlike Iceland here most roads asphalt. Asphalted even roads leading to the smallest cities. The fact is that these roads are often narrow, sometimes without obstacles, but there are always clean and beautiful asphalt. There is one gravel road from the mule, an abandoned city on the island of Bordeaux.

Often in the middle of the site there are asphalt roads of about 3 meters wide, that is, the width into one machine. In this case, as in the tunnel, approximately every 100 meters are special pockets. Priority rules are the same as in the tunnels.

Recommended scenic routes on the Faroe Islands

Below you will find scenic routes, roads for which you should drive on the Faroe Islands. Of course, much depends on the weather and visibility (after all, fog and 100-meter visibility can hardly help). However, if the weather is bad, and you are not far from this episode, it is worth trying to experience happiness again.

Route 1: Direct and easy way to Westmanne, overlooking Vagar Island and Vestmanna.

Machine on the Faroe Islands

Route 2: "Old road". Despite its name, the same wide and convenient, as well as "new", but has the advantage that it leads about 300 meters above sea level, opening stunning views. For the same beautiful species worth going to the city of Norradalur (although the road is not so simple).

Route 3: The only road in the valley, which opens up stunning views. This is a narrow road, but it is very easy to overcome.

Route 4: The highest peak of the Faroe Islands, Slottaradur. From there you can get to two typical Faroe Towns, picturesquely located on the shore (including Googhv, where you can meet, among other things, dead end).

Route 5: Beautiful views of the rocks from a stop on Calsa Island.

Route 6: Narrow winding, but very easy road at the end of the island with a beautiful view of the lake and the surrounding islands.

Route 7: The only dirt road on the islands. At the end of the road you will find an abandoned city.

Route 8: In fact, this route passes the full circle on the island. On the way there are beautiful views of the hills on both sides of the road.


Yes, driving a car on the Faroe Islands is safe and relatively easy. Certainly, delivers a lot of positive emotions. Not only after the trip along the same-band tunnel, but also after the usual trip by beautiful and picturesque routes.

Is there an alternative to the car on the Faroe Islands? And why look for her? There is nothing better than get in the car (Preferably with panoramic glass on the roof and enjoy riding in the Faroe Islands.

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