Madrid: What to see

When you hear Spain, the first thing comes to mind – Barcelona, ​​is not? Yes, this city really fascinates, and all tourists dream of getting there. But all for some reason forget about the capital of Spain. Can all over the Wine Sea that entails tourists in the summer season, or the big popularity of Gaudi buildings, which created works of art, do not call these houses in a different way. But anyway, Madrid also deserves attention.

Many travelers say that Madrid can be excluded at all from the list, or to spend there the minimum number of days. But this is a great misconception. Madrid causes contradictions, and unless this can be the reason for his visit?

The capital of Spain is filled with culture, history, beautiful buildings and delicious food, this is a thriving artistic city, and after one visit, you will undoubtedly want to visit him again and open it unknown parties and new places.

Ben-Retiro Park

Ben-Retiro Park &# 8211; one of the best parks in which you ever wonder to visit. Its territory has about 350 acres and includes several lakes, gardens and even several small museums. The most favorite part of the park – This is a lake, here you can rent rowing boats, Also this amusement park is ideal for a picnic or even just a lazy holiday with friends, or family.

El Prado

If you have ever studied Spanish or European art, then you will definitely learn some of the most famous artists whose works are decorated with the walls of Prado. Here you can see Pictures of Goya, Velasquez, Murillo and much more. This is essentially, Spanish Louvre. For two hours you can see only half of the museum, so if you are of art connoisseurs, boldly plan to spend there all day.

Tips tourist: how to visit the museum for free? FREE: For students under 25 years old (take your student card with you) or from 6 pm &# 8211; 8 pn. &# 8211; Sat. and 5 pm -7 pm on Sunday.

Royal Palace and Sabatini Gardens

If you are a fan of architecture, even sometimes some tasteless buildings are interesting to you, then it is undoubtedly worth seeing the royal palace. The building is a huge, almost 3,000 rooms and, probably, as many walls in different colors, suitable patterns.

Madrid What to see

In fact, the design of the internal interior does not quite speak about the seriousness of this building – but definitely fascinates. Photographing inside it is impossible, so you will only have to tell your family and loved ones how it looks from the inside. And when you hurt culture and painting, go to Sabatini gardens, which are in the back of the palace. The place to relax and relax after a busy day.

Puerta del Sol

Although Plasa Major was once the main square, now this title now belongs to Puerta del Sol. One of the biggest areas of Madrid, It is filled with people in the afternoon and at night and serves as a central point, from where you can get to any point of Madrid. Not only all metro stations are connected here, but also, this is a great place for shopping, shopping, visits to restaurants, and beautiful photos. Moreover, there are always random street vendors, small protests and city musicians. There is even a funny little statue of a bear lap tree (Madrid symbol). Noise and vanity &# 8211; Pleasant companions of your holiday in Madrid.

Plaza Major

How did you already know, Plaza Major used to be the main square of the city, And the story behind it varies from a funny to perfect bloody. Sometimes you will see markets here, but in fact it is a great place to observe people, the city, and a wonderful way to penetrate his atmosphere. Trying Spanish dishes here is not necessary, the price and quality do not match.

Spain is truly a beautiful country, and the most interesting thing is that, having been in one city, it is absolutely impossible to predict that the next Spanish stop will be the same.

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