Maeborg. The resort town in Mauritius

The small town Maheborg (Fr. Mahébourg) is located in the south-east of Mauritius and covers an area of ​​just 28.6 km². Its beautiful coast is washed by the waves of the Indian Ocean. Maheborg was founded at the beginning of the XIX century the Dutch had built here a port. Today the city’s population is about 18 000 people.

Maheborg has the status of the county administrative center of Grand Port. This charming town is gaining popularity among tourists. After all, there are beautiful beaches, warm ocean, historical sites and beautiful nature, which are able to give a stunning recreation. Increasingly, here come our compatriots.

The sun shines in this area for almost a year. Sometimes there are showers, but they quickly come to an end. Least often rains from late spring to mid-autumn. The average summer temperature is +33 °WITH. in the winter the air temperature is not lower than 11 °WITH. In the summer months, the water warms up to +26 °WITH. Arriving at Maheborg better in the period from August to October.

Near the city has an international airport, so tourists often come here by air. In the Maheborge they prefer to travel by taxi, as buses are not very regular. You can take a car or bike rental. Just do not forget that the movement of the left hand side here.

Most tourists come to Maheborg for a beach holiday. But they are waiting for a lot of other entertainment. Here all year round scuba diving. Necessary equipment can always be taken in paragraphs hire or buy in local shops. Novice divers all the details of craftsmanship are taught by qualified instructors.

Fans to sit with a fishing rod waiting for a memorable fishing in the Indian Ocean. Big fish most often caught with boats. Do not be bored in Maheborge and fans of nightlife. After all, there are many clubs, discos, restaurants and bars. For those who enjoy gambling in the casino open.

They are almost every major hotel, as the gambling business in the country has legalized. Lovers of a relaxing holiday for a long time remember the amazing beaches, a tender ocean and a picturesque lagoon. Mahuborg himself – Neat city whose residents are carefully monitored. The most popular location of the citizens and tourists is the embankment.

On the streets of Mauborga a lot of greenery. Everywhere hovers the aroma of flowers and fresh baking. Not far from the city there are tropical forests and park of birds in which you can feel one whole with nature. Surprisingly beautiful birds inhabit in the reserve. It is called «Island of White Herkel» And really is on a tiny island.

Here, tourists are allowed to walk through the forest and admire the feathers. The expositions of naval and historical museums are told about the past and present Maeborg. Interesting architectural attractions are the Catholic Cathedral of Notre Dam-Des Endjes and Mosque.

Maeborg. Resort town on Mauritius

Arriving in Mauborg, it is impossible not to visit local city markets. Life always boils here. Souvenirs, spices, fruits, homemade products of the Mauritians will become a wonderful gift for themselves and loved ones. For memory, many tourists acquire DRONTA figures – Birds disappeared in the XVII century.

Traditional dishes in Mauborg are prepared from seafood. Most catering establishments specialize in local cuisine. But find restaurants with the European menu will not be labor. From national dishes you can try, for example, oyster casserole, smoked marlin, crab soup, acute pepper cookies.

Garnish will serve vegetables or rice with curry. What spices here do not add chefs to your eats: cardamom, carnation, cinnamon and many others. Favorite drink of local residents is coffee with a slight vanilla flavor. The kitchen of this hospitable country combines the culinary traditions of France, India, China, the United Kingdom.

We must be prepared for the fact that rest in Maheborge will be expensive. However, its hotels are distinguished by a very high level of service and a large variety of services provided in them. The most secured guests of the city usually rented chic villas on the coast. Budget tourists can spend their holidays in cozy bungalows.

Locals are always very happy to tourists. They are open and complacent, ready to help in difficult situations. True, the main difficulties of visitors are usually reduced to the choice of a suitable restaurant or the most delicious dish in the menu. After all, rest in Maheborg is so comfortable that the most demanding traveler remains in memory for a long time.

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