Magic country of our world &# 8211; Holidays in Goa

In Goa, you will see the acting volcanoes and rare animals. And as unique Buddhist monuments!
Recently, Viktor Reznikov’s daughter visited Tibet &# 8211; Anna. Lives on Goa Actress Amalia Mordvinova with children. In general, with children advise to choose South Goa. Here is an extensive palm grove and tennis court, swimming pools and mini clubs are offered by numerous tourists. The coastal strip in South Goa is so wide that you can ride and cycling. And on the beach, rescuers always work. Entrance to the sea is flat and very comfortable.

The main resort of India

Goa is called the main Indian resort, and it is not at all similar to the rest of the country. The main advantages of the southern part of Goa are the highest service, silence, golden sand beaches. Goa &# 8211; place for those who dream to be alone with her beloved or with themselves. Here you can perfectly meditate.

Why tourists go here for a beautiful holiday? There are several reasons:

  • The population says and understands English;
  • The high season falls on the Russian winter, you can go, for example, for the new year or Christmas;
  • The climate is favorable and warm, but there is no exhausting heat, as in Thailand or Vietnam;
  • Clean and wide beaches &# 8211; It will not be closely even in the peak of the season;
  • calm and measured atmosphere, which is ideal for romantics, families with children;
  • Unlimited shopping capabilities;
  • Safety, as the crime rate is low.
  • Magic country of our world; Holidays in Goa

In addition, Goa &# 8211; This is a real paradise on Earth, incredible nature, low prices and a welcome attitude towards guests regardless of their nationality.

Excursions to Goa

You can visit an excursion to the old Goa. Here you can visit several Indian temples built in honor of the Indian deities. Tourists prefer to visit the Cathedral of St. Katerina, especially noteworthy in it Golden Bell. The architectural and historical heritage is the Church of the Francis of Assis. By the way, the Basilica of Jesus is still a place of pilgrimage of Catholics from around the world. There are the relics of Saint Francis Xavier.

And you can still ride a boat on the river Mandodhodi. Excursion will reveal the secrets of culture of India by means of dancing. On a small clearing, tourists may watch the enchanting dance show. Still, because India is the birthplace of Bollywood. Who did not look in childhood incendiary indian cinema! You will learn about the classic Indian dance. It is curious that the dances alternate with game elements.

Tourists will definitely like the sightseeing of Goa as:

  • Dudchsagar waterfall;
  • Fort Aguada;
  • Bandla Reserve;
  • Spice Plantation;
  • Redi Fort;
  • Fort Chapor;
  • Night Market Arrow.

By the way, in India, feed on the streets do not advise. It should be noted. The atmosphere of harmony and peace reigns at Goa. In Asia, always meet and escort with a smile!

What to bring from holiday to Goa?

Back with empty hand, having visited Goa, hardly get out, because shopping on this popular Indian resort is well developed. Tourists most often buy:

  • tea &# 8211; The price of about $ 5-10 per kg, drinks are presented for every taste;
  • spices &# 8211; Buy better on spice plantations, price for 500 g. from $ 1;
  • Toothpaste &# 8211; Unusual, but demanded purchase, costs from $ 1 per package 200 g.;
  • Palantines made of natural fabrics &# 8211; up to $ 10 per item;
  • Clothes of famous brands &# 8211; Sold in the shopping center Panaji, prices are 3 times lower than in Russia.

Also on Goa you can buy branded sweets, nuts, fruits, cosmetics and ayurvedic drugs. Acquire them better in proven stores and in factory packaging.

Weather on Goa for months

Comfortable weather in Goa stably holds in high season &# 8211; period from October to May. During the day, the thermometer rarely shows less than 33 degrees of heat, at night &# 8211; keeps at + 23-25. Water is also warm &# 8211; About 27-29 degrees. From June to September on Goa &# 8211; rainy season, so the flow of tourists is noticeably declining.

Magic holiday on Goa &# 8211; This is a pleasure off the coast of the ocean, a quiet pastime on the purest beaches, numerous excursions and walks in local markets. It reigns a special atmosphere, attracting travelers, so, once having visited Goa, it will want to repeat this exciting adventure again and again.

Magic country of our world; Holidays in Goa

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