Magic Masks Venice

It is impossible to change fate. But there is a place on Earth, where a lot of a year can be changed – face, clothes, habits, desires, gender, age. From the slave to turn into the emperor, from Cinderella to the princess, from the tortured by children and worries a housewife into a seductive colombin, from the calculating merchant in the carefree harlequin.

In order to survive all these wonderful transformations, you just need to be in Venice in February.

Imagine: You are a bread on a dark and confusing Venetian street along the shore of a narrow canal. Winter. Night. Fog. Smells oranges. And, like oranges, burn in the fog dull and yellow Venetian lights. You are far from the center, and the noise of the festive crowd does not come to you.

And suddenly a strange shadow appears on the bare of the channel, and silence violates the whisper of waves, driven by the oral gondola. You hurry to the nearest bridge – from there it is more convenient to keep track of how the ghost gradually acquires the outline. At first, raincoat and the tricon are poured. Then, gradually, a white mask appears from darkness, covered eyes and nose. Below – a piece of black silk, in the folds of which the mouth and chin hide. Ghost slowly swims under the bridge and disappears in darkness. This vision you remember for life, and the feeling of a miracle will not leave you all the days of the Venetian carnival.

Square and streets, channels and bridges of the most beautiful and most strange in the world in the world at this time turn into a huge scene, which unfolds the grandiose action of the most exciting play in the light of the play – Venetian Carnival.

Magic Masks Venice

The history of Karnavalov survived many takeoffs and falls. Their tradition originates from the pagan, even prechristian, the holiday of the Roman Saturnalia. At the time of Saturnalia, the differences between the gentlemen and slaves would be abolished – the slave was able to displacing his master, sit with him at the same table. Moreover, Mr. made a slave wine, and he drove, like free Romans. At the time of the holiday, Phalzorol was chosen – a model of a future jester, which at the end of Saturnali or committed suicide, or died from a knife, fire or loops.

When Christianity came to replace paganism, many "barbaric" customs, traditions and festivities were banned. Got under him and this holiday slaves and gentlemen. The ban ruled all the Middle Ages. But a century passed, and the era of the Renaissance. And with it – the actual revival of folk non-religious holidays.

In 1495, the Annual Carnival Foundation is created in Venice. San Marco’s area becomes an isna, where specially trained dogs fight with bulls. After the bloody spectacle on the square, acrobats, jesters and dancers poured. Representation ends with a lush fireworks. Staging for a holiday and participate in it all population of Venice – and mobile, and nobility. And in order not to darken the carnival of class prejudices and, as in the time of an ancient Rome, to equalize the slave and master, all wear masks. It is masks – the main actors of the Venetian carnival. But the highest heyday and greatest shine Venetian carnivals reached in the XVIII century – Nice "Nethetto", what is the Italians call. Dancing on the squares and luxurious, shied with gold and precious stones Carnival costumes become true high fashion samples. Hundreds of gambling houses appear, where huge states are played and where with the wrong light of candles and under the cover of masks kiss, love, change the wonderful venetians and proud Venetians and wives. (Do not commit a fall in carnival days and nights, when the vigilance of the harsh Catholic church falls, was simply indecent). Here, jeques kill rivals, and death during the carnival is considered particularly honorable and even desirable.It was then that Karlo Goldoni creates, it was then the characters of Italian "Comedy del Arte" turn into the main actors of the carnival. Hundreds and thousands of Arlequins come out on the streets, Piero, Pantalon. And the adorable colombin becomes the carnival emblem. Since then, at our day, it begins the same – from the bell tower of the Cathedral of San Marko flies the paper dove tied to the fine thread – Colombin. In the flight, it explodes and crepts on the crowd of the crowd of rain from confetti. And then go masks, masks, masks. Ah, this XVIII century, with its brilliance and refinement!But everything is running. Drops of the Venice Republic, Napoleonic Wars, complete rejection of the Catholic Church "barbaric festivals" and . The Venetian festival comes end.But the year of the 1980th and ancient legendary carnival is reborn again. And with him is reviving something more than a holiday. Venice again acquires a particle itself, its brilliant history, his great past. Already today from 100 to 200 thousand people from different ends of the world appoint each other a date in Venice on the days of Carnival. Giant car traffic jams at the entrance to the city. Giant human traffic jams at the entrance to San Marco Square. Unrestrained fantasy, infinite fun, non-stop music, sleepless nights – that’s what a carnival. And endless sadness when he ends.Throughout the year in Venice, you can buy carnival masks and suits that will change your appearance for several days, and maybe your life. Children’s dreams, youthful dreams, aspirations of a mature man, senile hopes – Everything can be done these days. Just put on the mask, forget about reality and merge with a carnival crowd, over which the spirit of the miracle, the feeling of the holiday and the fragrance of love.Like a bright ray of the spring sun, a carnival bursts in the crude and foggy Venetian winter. And in an instant she is spreading with gold costumes, silver lace, celestial casure of cape, carminic raincoats, greenery wreaths.However, among this riot of paints, as a reminder of the eternal, no, no yes and fire the black death mask. Remember the person, everything passes! Therefore have fun, walk, drink, sing, dance, love today. After all, tomorrow there will be nothing.It is in this feature of the Venetian carnival and his difference from many others. Only he is inherent in such mysticism and magic, special ephemery. Perhaps that he owes the winter fog, which, as if veil, covers the shapes in masks, giving them even greater mystery and mystery? Or maybe the fault of Venice immersed on the bottom of the Bay?Carnival and Archangels start the procession of jugglers and soldiers, devils and archangels. And he ends with burning stuffed (remember the execution of a piping in ancient Rome?) and universal dances on San Marco Square. Between these events – the eternity in which the whole life intervenes. And if the carnival still did not help you change it, then this is your, not his fault.

Magic Masks Venice

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