Magic of autumn domboaya. What to see to fall in love

High mountains with white pointed peaks, stormy stony rivers, narrow winding roads, turquoise lakes, the purest air and the healing climate – it’s all about Dombay. And the autumn Dombai – delights doubly. If you think, where to plunge into the atmosphere of the golden autumn in the mountains of the Caucasus, this cozy place will fit perfectly.

You can walk along the narrow streets of the village with a high handle head to consider the high mountains. And if you walk along the trails of Teberdinsky Reserve, everyone will want to stop each meter to remove frames for memory.

Briefly about the terrain

Dombai – This is the mountainous area in Karachay-Cherkessia, combining several mountain gorges. Located in the North Caucasus. The borders spread here Teberdin State Reserve.

The small size of Dombaya Polyana is located at an altitude of about 1630 m above sea level and is surrounded by high mountains covered with coniferous forest. The highest of the vertices – Dombay-Ulgen, 4046 M. "The heart of the mountains" – so also call these places.

Now Dombay is an all-season resort, actively attracting travelers, climbers and tourists, and in winter and lovers of skiing.

Seven beds for one-day walks

1. Baduksky lakes

Autumn splendor of colors from gold to deep burgundy, blue water and sky, evergreen coniferous forests and white snow on the tops of the mountains.

Walk to Baduksky lakes – picturesque and active tracking for the whole day.

Come to the top of the route is early, by 8 – 9 am.

Parking for cars is located next to the bridge over the TEBERD River. On the other side of the river – Cordon Teberdinsky Reserve. From here, the trail is approximately 4.5 km long and with a set of height 700 m.

All the way goes along the picturesque forest by the Baduk River. We’ll have to get caught, but believe me, it is worth it.

Three luxury mountain lakes are located at an altitude of 1800 – 1900 m. This is one of the few mountain lakes to which you can get without overnight stay. In addition, they are incredible beauty and the effect of "wow!".

Upstairs you can eat and drink hot tea from thermos.

Trekking should be completed at 17 o’clock, because in the fall of the sun early goes for the mountain and starts to darken.

2. Lake Kara Koyl

Kara Koyl – TEBERDA Business Card, Neighboring house. It is small and shallow, but very picturesque from any angle, and also very affordable to visit.

Located near the road A-155 Cherkessk – Dombay. It is considered the warmest lake of Teberdinsky reserve, because in summer water is heated to + 20 ° C.

You can walk for a long time along the paths around and catching the angles – then on bright catamarans on the shore, then on huge boulders, then on the closures sticking out of the water, then high golden trees.

3. VOLER complex Teberdinsky Reserve

If it rains on the street overcast and it rains, and you do not want to rise to the mountains – this place will be an excellent alternative.

In the enclosure complex of about 8 hectares presented animals living in the North Caucasus – bison, yaks, bears, wolves, tours, deer, leopards and many others. About twenty animal species.

Besides them here is just beautiful and good. The complex is located in the beautiful Caucasian nature, next to the river Amanauz, including trees, shrubs and lakes, surrounded by mountains. On the tracks nice to walk and enjoy the purest mountain air.

4. River Ulla-Moodju

As if from children’s fairy tales.

The river originates in the mountains of glaciers and flows along the slopes overgrown with dense pine forest. The place is not suitable for grazing, so water in the river Pure. The river crosses the road leading from Teberda to Dombay, so stop and walking towards the river is not difficult.

Ruslo Ull-Mustju was risen in huge boulders and fallen trees, which gives this place even greater color.

5. Mountain Panorama from Musa-Achitar Range

In the center of the village of Dombai there is a complex of four cable cars. The very first chairlift appeared here in the 1970s.

Now on the new modern cable car of the gondola type can be climbed to a height of more than 3000 m to the top of the Musa Achitar Range.

Magic of autumn domboaya. What to see to fall in love

Upstairs from scaling breaths. Even Elbrus is visible in good weather. Warm clothes, hat and gloves here will be useful.

You can walk along the ridge from the cable car station to the neighboring vertex. New interesting views of the mountains and valleys will open with her.

6. River Amanauz

Amanauses – Home River Domboy. The stunning view of the steep slopes of the mountains and the raining river below opens from the bridge in the center of the village of Dombay. Frames from here are the most popular tourists here.

The place looks great both in the sunny and in a frown of gloomy weather.

7. Lake Tumaly-Koel and Gonachirskaya Gorge

Mountain Lake with Dark Blue Water, White Verses Mountains, Bright Red Shrub and Yellow Berbs – Magic Place in the Dombiy Mountains. The road will enter here on a narrow rocky Gonachir Gorge Along the mountain river. For us, Teberdin Reserve has opened only 15 km. this road, and in fact she goes back to the mountains.

Just imagine, during the time of the USSR, on this road could be reached from Circassian to Abkhazia. Until now, she is called the military-Sukhum road. She was built back in Tsarist Russia by 1903.

Currently through traffic on the road is closed, and a plot leading through the Kluchore Pass at a height of 2781 m became practically impassing even for pedestrians due to landslides and blur.

One of the places on the way to Lake Tumaly-Koyl – Polyana Kosygin. Here, the rivers Cloud and Bu-Ulgen merge and form the river Gonachhir. Around high mountains and thick coniferous forests domes.

Why still be on the dombae

Mountains, Lakes and Rivers are not only beautiful photos in the phone.

Another value that nature gives us is the opportunity to truly relax and switch from everyday worries. The surrounding beauty is so amazing that you forget about affairs and problems.

Here are filled with energy and reboot not only physically, but also soul. Thoughts become brighter, come back home, full of new forces and ideas.

And physical activity, clean air and mountain water always benefit the body.

Dombai collected on one small piece of land so many amazing places. It is necessary to visit at least once. And the midst of autumn will add the nature of his golden charm.

Magic of autumn domboaya. What to see to fall in love

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