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Just 25 kilometers of the north-west of the city of Drama, at the very source of the River Sevusean, is located a unique cave complex. Angiti cave. This is the largest cave in the world, located on the river, the total length of which is, according to the latest data from researchers, more than 30 kilometers. But how many thousands of thousand million years reaches the age of the cave, unfortunately, did not remember.

Walking around the archaeological museum of the city of Drama, studying samples of labor instruments and numerous household items of that period found during the excavations, getting acquainted with the history of the region, miss the opportunity and not to visit the cave right now, having passed by, we could not, especially since the time was abuse.

Parked the car at the entrance to the complex, went to the cave, having made a few discoveries on the way. First, the territory of the complex is a place of recreation of local residents. More than five dozen cars parked along the road, patiently await their owners. Those, in turn, do not rush to return. In an alignment of the recreation area, located along the river, the atmosphere of universal fun reigns. Fucking and tastes, of course, everyone has different. Someone, at the current tradition, everything takes with you: lightweight tents, recreation chairs, firewood for fire, sets for kebabs and coffee FrapPE, sample tape recorders 70s-80s. Someone prefers cozy cafes located in the shade of century-old trees and ***** music, almost merging with nature noise. Choice alternative! What can be more worthy?!

We study the price tag. He, like everywhere in Greece (without a bottle – do not understand). Young people are divided not only by age, but also according to the status, for example: schoolboy / student / youth. Ticket price – according to status. While "solved" a dilemma, a ticket appeared, he was accompanying (guide) on the complex and decided everything for us. Young lady, almost a meter of eighty approached the status of "little children", t.E. – preschool children. I didn’t make such a "compliment", but I was not offended. Before entering the cave, the accompanying suddenly asked where we come from, what is slightly puzzled. "From the Urals!"- answer chorus. Now he was puzzled. Asking us to wait one minute somewhere disappeared. He appeared soon, smiling at all his 32 teeth with the words: "There will be no superfluous, even if you are hot in them". In his hands, accompanying held two branded, with the complex logo, warm jackets are bright red. Well, of course, the temperature in the cave is a few degrees lower than on the surface. There’s simply cold!

In the cave we go through the bunker, whose white walls are littered with huge fat spiders. Brrr … Raise the collar of the jacket, at the same time pulling the head into the shoulders. Brrr … But finally, the cave itself. Our speleological journey through the underground kingdom began. To date, the length of the route is only 500 meters. The guide speaks very slowly, complementing his story with gestures and faith, often asks, do we understand, about ****** speaks. Having tried in advance with the "preschool man", he leads his story in Greek, in the case of "misunderstandings" goes into English, smoothly returning to Greek (yet he closer).

The uniqueness of the cave is that the river river rivers pass through it. On one of the lookouts guide focuses on some natural phenomena. Really impressive: river, or rather, its source, breaks through straight from the mountain. Therefore, the second name of the cave – Maara, that translated from the Jewish means "water from the mountain".

The guide stops and leisurely talks about the fact that in the inner space of the cave found traces of a person staying. Some places are distinctly noticeable bottom cavities in the rocks, man-made masonry and artificial steps. Speotologists from undeveloped subsoils regularly bring to light stone tools of labor and animal bones. Mammoth Testament – one of their main exhibits found during excavations are stored in the Museum of the Drama Museum.

In anticipation of the transfer of the Anglo-Greek, standing on the bridge of sight, watching as running, cold, clear water moves the grains of clean sand. Who is this? It seems to me, or … A flock of transparent fish, not embarrassed, "drives a dance", naively believing that they are not visible at all. Here is another flock, here’s another … I wonder, and the ear of them is tasty? The joke guide did not understand, possibly due to the features of the translation. We continue your way. Colony of bats, comfortably settled in one of the numerous "apartments", scares "passers-by", making strange hazing sounds. But the main attraction of the cave – Stalactites. Here it is, truly unearthly, fantastic beauty.

Sweets on a drop, over the centuries, stalactites form bizarre in the form of the figure and composition. The cave has special lighting, emphasizing the natural beauty and peculiarity of stalactitis.

In the "main hall" of the cave feeling from the unusual beauty of stalactites unique, as well as unique images created by nature: bloodthirsty monsters, watching you empty eye sockets; Giant green anaconda and royal cobra opening their mouth, as before the attack on the enemy. Pitons hanging from the ceiling and fattened dragons even in stalactitic state do not look friendly. Because the caves walk on the "halls" – one pleasure.

We go through the underpass cutting straight in the rock, to another "Hall". In this "hall" excavations from 1992, t.E. For more than 20 years, finding more and more new objects of antiquity. So, for example, on a small plateau, which is located on the left bank of the river, the remains of the Late Neolithic People are found, that is, the end of the Third Millennium BC.NS. All tools of labor and other items of that period found during excavations are also exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Drama. But something still remains from the excavations in the cave.

Not taken into the Archaeological Museum "Modern" subject – Wheel for water lifting. Preserved to this day from the beginning of the 20th century, the water wheel was originally wooden, and later it was made of iron. Thanks to the wheel, a diameter of 8 meters, in combination with a smaller one by two times the size of another wheel, and the pipe system, this lift in its time provided water the whole area. With the creation of the modern water supply network in the 50s of the last century, the wheel has become unnecessary. And it was clear, but the presence of a "young" iconostasis, located next to the wheels, me, to be honest, plucked slightly.

After acquaintance with the cave complex, we are not in a hurry to leave the territory of the natural reserve. Especially accompanying, finding in our ************** (interested) listeners continues his interesting story. And this is the second discovery made in this complex: guides do not limit themselves (and us) by temporary framework. If there is a contact and there are questions, he will tell as much as it will be interesting to visitors. What, in fact, happened.

As an "additional" information, they learned that not so long ago, mastering new spaces, speleologists found a unique cave in their beauty and structure. In the found cave, the height of which is 40 meters, and the width of more than 120, the stalactites hang "from the ceiling to the floor," and have the form of completed correct columns. The room (hall) is also the right form and the finished look, so it can not be delighted and admiration. "Athenian Parfenon" – just as conditionally, call scientists their find. More Fact: To formed 1, the cubic centimeter of Stalatite must pass 100 years, forty "thick" meters of Stalakty – is how many millions of years? Unfortunately, while this beauty is not available to the people. The cave is far enough, and Greece has no money to "bring closer".

Secret, mysterious called hidden from human eyes. But there are lucky ones, for example, speleologists who, having been there, where the man’s leg has not yet stepped, already tell stories and show photos. Now we know about it, it means too lucky.

The walk through the complex was no less exciting. On its territory you can find places where the ancient rocks form deep gorges or stone arches, similar to the man-made arches. The trunks of majestic trees merge with rocks, and a short green-emerald moss on some stones resembles the folds of heavy velvet. And here is a surprisingly beautiful forest. Such places are involuntarily associated with the housing of spirits, hardworking dwarfs or powerful sorcerers. It is only worth looking at the photo, and you will immediately understand what I’m talking about. Although, as the "preschool man" said: "Fairy tales had to read less as a child!".

With pleasant memories part is not easy, even if they have already been transferred to paper. Therefore, I decided to tell the entire pair of paragraphs about the city of Drama, continuing the memories of an amazing trip.

The city is located in the north-east of Greece, just 160 kilometers from the city of Thessaloniki, on the border with Bulgaria. The city is not similar to any of the cities of Greece, in which I have already managed to visit. On all sides the city of Drama surround the mountains. One of them – Mount Falacro – the main symbol. It is not surprising that it is here that there are such amazing beauty lush, even slightly luxurious, forests and transparent cold rivers.

Magic of the Greek City. Angiti cave. Thessaloniki, Greece Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

Cultural route in the city did not make up. Leaving the car at the Church of St. Barbara, went to study his attractions on the principle of "where the legs will lead".

Beautiful, well-groomed parks with steering from under the ground. Sources, Byzantine monasteries, churches, small shops and markets, ancient fortress, abandoned tobacco factory ..

Walking one of the parks of a small town, did not immediately understand the appointment of some stationary items and structures located on its territory.

– It is generally what is his functionality?

– I have no idea. And ask no one.

– If we want to understand my bad Russian, I will say ..

Vintage View Elderly Greek, carefully selecting and folding Russian words in short offers, told some of the most interesting stories about the city and its culture. And incomprehensible stationary structures – nothing but a scenery to the annual, held in September, the festival of Greek short films. Tribune for viewers, screen and other interior items, personally me, more resembled a spa labyrinths in the open air. Our new guide voluntarily, free of charge (Irrons) caused us to show us the Byzantine Church of St. Sophia and, having conducted the archaeological museum to doors, advised to get to the unique attractions of the District – Angitis Caves. And if at first there were doubts, then visit the museum finally dispelled.

Home we returned far over midnight. In the night city, life was boiling everywhere. Thessaloniki is a city that never sleeps. While believe it is for the word.

Leaving the car in the courtyard at home, went to the nearby cafe, so that in the unassuming, simple and friendly atmosphere, immersed in the atmosphere of harmony and recreation, drink on a glass of wine and a cup of coffee with a traditional home bunch, decently completing a long, but very interesting day.

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