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The capital of northern Greece does not surprise. It seemed that there was already much seen, studied, fell and "fed". AN, No! Opening just begin. One of these discoveries was the planetarium for us.

Hike to it began approximately like this: "Planetarium? Ugh…. Better on the beach, to the sea and the sun. Definitely, the worst of ideas … ". After the word "ideas" instead of dots, it was possible to put the saddest smiley, found on the Internet, because it would be a mirror reflecting the expression of a young lady. On my happiness, she did not feel much, especially since the shopping center "Cosmos" with the Shopping promised to her is in a pare triple a minute drive from the planetarium.

First emotion: the territory of the planetarium, as well as the complex itself, is so great that even on the scale of the universe it looks slightly indecent. Feeling like young ants on the big planet, from the barrier – "Stop cars", to the front door of the planetarium, you need to be able to overcome quite and quite a decent distance.

Revelation became the complex.

To start from history: Noesis is the Center for Science and Technology Museum. Created in 1978 as a non-commercial project, the Center is called upon to carry science and technology into broad masses.

Planetarium – this is just one, some kind of part, a huge center. Some technical characteristics to evaluate the scale: the diameter of the planetarium is 25 meters, and the hemispherical screen installed in the hall is 18 meters. With the use of special technical equipment for digital projectors, such as, for example, All-Dome video laser, astronomical and physical phenomena occurring in space are reproduced.

Sitting in a folding, quite comfortable chair, you feel like an astronaut who left the territory of the space ******* and by misunderstanding it in open space. Our impressions were modest, and emotions are less strong, compared with a visit to such a cinema center "NASA" (USA, Florida). But it happened only because we subconsciously began to compare, that it was impossible to categorically. Those who make the "intergalactic" journey ************** what to tell your friends and close relatives. And if you manage to remember interesting facts about the "life" of space, leisurely told in English, then a minute of glory among the listeners is guaranteed to you.

The lack of duplicate materials in Russian is perhaps this is the only one, but the biggest minus of this Center of Science and the Museum of Technology.

However, in the 3 following halls of the Museum of Technology Knowledge of languages ​​you will not need.

"Any era has its own tasks,

and their solution provides

Progress of mankind "

Exhibition of antique cars. On the permanent exhibition presented retro cars of different eras and different brands. Actually, for the sake of this exhibition, I arrived here, in this center. And for some reason, it was firmly confident that the exhibition would resemble a certain collection "Sollyanka" chaotic placed and poorly painted cars. But it was pleasantly surprised.

By area, the exhibition takes not a lot of space, but the organizer managed to do the impossible: to show the beauty and power of all exhibits (with an additional focus on the motors, wheels, suspension and T.D.), and they are just a lot, and professionally beat, "squeezing" exhibit in a time frame using a decoration of a certain period of time. In other words, if this is, for example, a car, the release of the last century, then the surrounding scenery is talking about the life of citizens and the city in the same time cut. Excellent renovated, squeezed to mirror glitter cars produce impression.

Several "chips" from the organizers of the exhibition want to note. Anyway, I liked their idea. For example, renovated exactly half a car of the beginning of the last century. Some rhylad, rotting and completely covered with corrosion, randomly discovered and extracted from a heap of scrap metal becomes a museum exhibit. Its part of it (exactly half) is restored, returning it to the former glory and beauty, the second half and remains "dead in the centuries". And this life cycle: "Breadless youth – deep old age" is very symbolic. Although perhaps the organizers of something else had in mind.

The second idea that I could not not appreciate is the presence of garages. Garage, such as we know it: hammers, dumping, mini-machines, lockers for storing all sorts of things, unnecessary items that pour out a pity in the hope that ever will be useful, wheels, stools … and among this abundance of the necessary and very of the necessary things – a virtuoso parked car. At the same time, the garage does not look littered or dirty, each thing has its own "carnations". A simple light bulb will make an additional charm in this idyll.

"The need gives rise to the invention …"

Exhibition of exhibits of the prehistoric, Hellenistic and Byzantine periods. It is easier – this is an exhibition of ancient Greek technology with the technological advances of ancient Greece, or as it is also called – "antique Greek technologies".

This only exhibition, tell about the exhibits of which it will not be possible on the "fingers". Technologies, in one word: from the wheel to primitive wooden machines; from stone medical instruments to "modern" scalpels; from wooden pegs to copper nails; from the usual boat to the whole flotilla, consisting of a gallery, Birre and Trill; from clocks solar to hours. And, as it seemed to me, there is one exhibit, well, very much that resembles our moonshine apparatus, however, a slightly veiled. Although it is possible that this is a multistage, with a complex, three-storey system, baths and flasks, for example, water purifier. Judging by the kolyan, the water did not run from it, but dripped into a small bowl.

"Millions of people saw

how apples fall, but only

Newton asked: "Why?"

Technopark. If you got into this room with children, then get ready, quickly leave this place. And if you yourself are not averse to "play", then all – day can be considered lost for other events. Interactive exhibits, which are relevant to scientific laws and human physiology.

All exhibits, and more than 40, are provided at the full disposal of visitors. Want to twist like a squirrel in the wheel – please. A huge wheel with a "treadmill" inside. Developing a certain speed (rather, must be said), you can light … light bulb! Little child without adult support does not be able to do. Moral: only a friendly family, "harmful" in one harness (in this case – the wheel) is able to get electricity.

Magic of the Greek City. Planetarium - Thessaloniki, Greece Blogs and travel notes of tourists by thessaloniki

Those who want to play laser rays, as on a musical instrument, so much that a small queue can settle down. To play volleyball, holding a "hose with air" in the hands, while not to drop the "flying" on your own ball, you need a certain skill and training. So train, forgetting about time. While children learn centrifugal power, moms try to collect puzzles. The occupation is fascinating, but more suitable for people whose character is characterized as NORDIC. Pope in the meantime can "monkey" in several places at the same time. For example, split in special mirrors built in the forms of unfinished labyrinths or trying to unsuccessfully to get away from the views of the already six "Einsteins" (they always look at you, and everyone does at her angle).

Lightly carried away. Describe all 40 exhibits, plus a lot of interesting puzzles, tell about "electricity", "magnetism", "optics", "mechanics" … about everything that is exposed in the hall – unreal.

But get there easily and not obliging. Ticket to the Museum of Technologies, all 3 exhibitions, costs 5 euros for an adult, children are considered for some special scale, actually, as well as all over Greece.

Another exhibition: "Αιγαιον – the birth of the archipelago". The decoration of the hall at the beginning was not impressed. Somehow all primitively, rustic. In addition, the film is duplicated only in English. While stood and thought, the employees of the museum from the bins of the complex won a Russian-speaking employee. Motializing in seconds, the young Greek of Russian origin tried to dispel our doubts.

Then they decided that 45 minutes of the weather would not make, especially in the hall there are soft comfortable chairs, the sound is adjustable, and agreed.

Having visited the paleontologists, they studied plants and animals that lived on the islands of the Aegean Sea, met with Greek mythology, the process of fosseilization was more deeply studied,.E. The process of turning the remains of extinct animals and plants in fossils by replacing organic substances mineral.

The position of the volcanologist was no less interesting. We studied the structure and the birth of volcanoes, studied volcanic rocks, met with the active volcanoes of the Aegean Sea, listened to new "volcanic" myths.

Material – interesting. For schoolchildren, especially those who like to do in the classroom class – a storehouse of knowledge and scientific discoveries. By the way, the museum often conduct children’s events. Going to the Museum "Random", you can be on a fascinating show. Children spend excavations, the most real. Detect in the sandbox the traces of the "real" dinosaur or petrified pterodactile – the biggest luck, not every paleontologist so lucky.

Fasten the material obtained we decided in the cinema of the Noesis Center, because it has already become clear that we will not go to the shopping center. 3D cinemas now you surprise little, as well as big halls and large screens. It remains only to watch the movie "Million Years BC", in English, although in this case, the knowledge of the language has not needed, everything that happens on the screen eloquently spoke for itself.

On a virtual reality stimulator, with reproduction of various situations, such as a journey through a space space or a trip to the depths of the ocean, imitating Captain Nemo, did not have enough strength. I think that we still have not watched: in the center there are an online corner, a laboratory in which you can create a digital multimedia content, a store of scientific literature, a souvenir shop with cubeers for different ages and from different materials, and, of course, souvenirs.

They lunch at the cafe-restaurant with a panorama at the Sosmos shopping center, thought once again, photographed the hall of the scientific center with the production machines of the past centuries, and went home.

In the evening I was pleased with a walk along the embankment. To what is beautiful: pines, sea, yachts and the sun falling for the horizon.

Visit "Buzuki" and dancing with regulars somehow very well "outdated" the unnecessary information received during the day. That that remained, neatly met with layers, under the vulture "Store, like pleasant memories".

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