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Night Sea – Separate travel topic. Magic attractiveness of the sea surf, which dries all the night rustles, configures on a positive wave.

A thirty-minute journey through the thermal bay begins from the "port" at the White Tower – the main attraction of thessalonikov, where the "pier" 4 handsome ******* were moored. We choose the biggest and, in our opinion the most beautiful, – pseudoclassical sailboat. Walking prices are democratic – from 3 to 9 euros. Number of seats – not limited. All that is required of you – to order drinks or desserts (coffee, cocktail, beer, ice cream and t. D.) – this will be a fee for entertainment. We sail exactly on schedule. Sound registration on the ship -Popular hits of the 90s and 00s and, of course, fashionable Greek singers. Youth lights so that many gentlemen, forgetting that they are important and prim, by the end of the excursion can no longer dance. On the racks remain intact cremans with ice cream and lonely standing cups with cooled coffee.

Evening city is not just beautiful, highlighted by thousands of lights, it looks like a special festive. White Tower, Telephone, Acropolis, Rodonta, Aristotle Square, Basilica, Main Streets, Luxury, Refairted Embankment, Old Port … city like on palm. Opening from viewing sites ******* Panorama fascinates luxury and glitter lights. But this is not the only enchanting spectacle for which a walk was organized for. Watch how the waves under the flickering light of the stars are fighting about the board *******, beyond how the loudly seagulls are swinging on the waves, feel the easy breath of the sea breeze – special pleasure. It is imperceptible for ourselves you begin to penetrate the sympathy for a leisurely rhythm of the life of residents of this amazing country, and even it seems that you begin to understand their quick speech.

White Tower

On the history of the tower you can read on the Internet. I also want to tell what the city of these two words mean in the lives of residents (and not). White Tower is not just the main attraction and the main symbol of the city. These are their past, present and future.

In one day, we agreed with our new Greek familiar: a family consisting of mom, dad and two charming children – a schoolboy boy and girls – university students. Aristotle meet and spend the evening "round table" not only with a cup of coffee.

– Meet the White Tower.

– I propose to meet on the embankment, the theater, or rather the concert hall of Thessaloniki.

– The theater has no meeting ..

– But it will be closer to us, and it is more convenient for you.

– The theater has no meeting, always, always and for a long time, and tomorrow there is a meeting at the White Tower.

Come on. White, so White. Well, what phoned us … Long … And then I remembered that the locals, answering the question "how to walk …" will not call the stop (or the bus number) or the street leading to the object, they are oriented by saying: "From White Tower left / right / straight …

White Tower is a cult place. Newlyweds come here, to spend a photo session, many organized excursions begins with this place, only here are found and prescribed. In the evening, the whole square in front of the tower turns into a holiday city: walking ships in the frame of enchanting garlands; popcorn and roasted corn coals; Balloons; Walking and "royal" carriages charged with old klyami; traders with flowers; Artists and fortune tellers … And all this variety "lost" among the huge number of celebrating people. Positive and smartly, the tower herself, highlighted by hundreds of bright lights. Neon signs of cafes and shops, reflecting, as in the mirror, the waters of the thermal bay, are swinging in his waves, overflowing with all the colors of the rainbow. Scattered along the embankment of bars and clubs taking guests.

Special flavor in the atmosphere "Holiday" makes African Americans selling "real fakes", simply smuggling. In their difficult, complete adversity and dangers. Life in a foreign land is sometimes breaking up simple human joy: passing by a police patrol will pretend that he did not notice merchants with transforms – transformers or some young maiden is still typing among the pose’s pink braceletic pisels. And if you manage to sell a couple of shoes, then the colleagues "on the workshop" from the soul congratulate the lucky arm, hem his mighty hand, patting on the shoulder.

In the first days of dating with the city and its traditions, walking in the evening according to the promenade, I could not understand what was missing in this, it would seem, and without that having fun. I understood this as soon as I saw a figure of a lonely living "statue" in white robe. Surely! Lack of a small theater of living "statues", as on Noisy and Petroy Rambla – the main pedestrian tourist artery of Barcelona. Or incendiary in "Two stena – three oxo" dances, as in Square Massena in Nice. Lonely, sad figure in white at the Gate of the White Tower Even in the light of the spotlights looked sadly. Apparently, this form of communication did not fit in thessaloniki.

The embankment where the stars get closer

The area in which we lived more relaxed. There is no such huge number of people, and there is a completely different embankment. Quiet, modest, cozy green island in the middle of a noisy city, which is thessaloniki. Here you can hide from the noisy and cycle of city bustle, enjoying the rest and rest. Flowering parks have always been naked eyes, bringing joy and pacification. A winding network of tracks and many hidden corners gave comfort and solitude that was sometimes so lacked. In the afternoon, there was a special pleasure to walk in the shadow of sprawling trees, walk along the bay, breathing fresh with pine air, while breathing smells of marine elements.

But as soon as the sun sits down the horizon, the tired world falls asleep, the doors of all nightclubs and discos open. This life is broken into the city. The best cafes and taverns, in my opinion, are on the shore of the bay – in this beautiful district of Thessalonikov. Unassuming, simple and friendly atmosphere, wonderful cuisine, live music and famous Greek performers (rarely, truth, but still go).

"Ranked music in the garden,

Fresh and sharply smelted by sea

On the dish Oysters in Ice ".

Hundreds of lanterns installed along the embankment, dim light lighten the alleys and numerous paths of the park. So I want to shout: "What night!". What pure, transparent air. Cooling the risked asphalt, with a serenely dormant bay of a light breeze, gliding along the sleepy silvery leaves of plates, brings light coolness.

Quickly playing music, waiters, gracefully gliding between the tables, slowly serve visitors. In a small tavern, which sheltered on its territory, only a dozen tables, homely cozy. Acquaintance with the owner of the tavern, a cook, waiters, musicians, and some regulars of the institution took place on the first evening. To my shame, I did not even try to remember their names, unlike new acquaintances who tried and remembered not only our names, but also their diminutive luffling. Without a smaller gift turned out to be the desire of the cook to please our gastronomic addictions. All summer we saved Greek traditional dishes, ranging from a simple village ("Greek") Khariatika salad to Macedonian peppers stuffed with mussels, and dried olives. Unugurless to glory Greeks easily revealed the secrets of cooking surprisingly delicious dishes, the easiest of which in preparation was the snack snack "Dzadziki". But on "Musakas" with Beshamel sauce we were invited in the status of "honorary" guests. Barbells from lamb and lamen with eggplants, fried apples in a grated cheese and baked cheese, fried zucchini, eggplants and peppers, tuna salad and "Saganaki" with seafood, Cottage cheese "Musson" in wafer baskets, puff pasties ("PITES") With a variety of fillings, Feta cheese in a pot under the layer of tomatoes and pepper … And all this generously seasoned with positive, bright emotions and national Greek music. I did not forget about wine. Every dish has it. Welded wine from the barrel: first in a jug, then poured on "old" or "ancient" mugs. Therefore, the names never asked. Dinner in the tavern more resembled home family gatherings.

Meeting of dawn, new day and new emotions ..

Greece once again tried and did everything possible to re-charm us.

"Star" Promenade

Magic of the Greek city; Star; Promenade or where to go in the evening. Thessaloniki, Greece Blogs and

"On a green, blooming shore, over the dark deep-deep bay … Many people will be hurt, the imaginary storms will sneak, the proud dreams will crumble, imminent hopes will scatter! Nature will enter into eternal rights of its own, you will hear her voice, stunned for a time of jog, troublesome, laughter, cry and all vulgarity of human speech!". Perhaps it is better not to say. I do not understand why, but in Italy I want to speak verses, and in Greece – prose.

Along the shores of the thermal bay, another embankment stretches: from the White Tower to the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, a beautiful brick building, "moored" at the pier (or "leaving" in swimming – who like it).

After the major reconstruction, it became not only a new attraction of the city, but also his new business card. But this is our personal opinion, perhaps someone will not agree with that.

When we rested in thessaloniki, the reconstruction of the embankment went to a shock pace. But even then it was seen that the plans for the city of Napoleonic. The multi-kilometer wide strip of the embankment is divided into a variety of thematic park areas, 8 of which are new, refined gardens of parks with poetic and romantic names, for example, "Garden of the setting sun". Configures a romantic wave? Sitting on comfortable "family" benches, you can admire the beautiful landscapes and views on the thermal bay with hours, arguing something like this: "When I contemplating the wonders of the sunset or the grace of the sea, my soul bowls in reverence before the Creator".

And also: "Garden of Music", "Garden of Water", "Garden of Memory", "Garden of Roses", "Garden of Sound", "Garden of Shadows", "Sand Garden", each of which is created by a unique project: with tennis courts and recreation zones where you can come with your pillow and build on a wide bench, hiding from the bright sun in the shade of green arbors. Or remember the lessons of botany, starting to explore the inhabitants of the flora, all the sides of the contract. And how many funny and not very photos can be done, walking along the alley of sculptures.

But that’s not all. In addition to new parks on the embankment, entertainment establishments and museums will be spelled out for permanent residence. I think it is worth writing that children’s and teenage sites are equipped on the embankment, modern (with illuminated) bicycle paths, a promenade with a huge number of benches and green spaces.

It is difficult to imagine that you can find a special place in almost the center of the city, which have already been somewhat affected by globalization strikes, but its very existence proves that thessaloniki still resists that the desire to create something original is still alive in the Greeks. It can not but rejoice and amaze at the same time.

Those restaurants that have already live on the embankment are not something special or unique, but … I want to tell about the campaign to one of them.

Entrance to the restaurant is almost invisible. It seems that this place simply does not want to be detected. Inside a completely unusual design. In this restaurant you feel like in the enchanted forest among the trees, in the branches of which lights were lost. Somehow it becomes immediately clear that every detail of the interior was noticed in no coincidence and took his place with definite intent. First impression: surprise, bewilderment, even light shock. But the attention of the owners of the institution does everything for you around benevolent: having become acquainted, prepared dishes for us, typical of home Greek cuisine, have been diagnosed with their fair fractions of fantasy and originality. And in our destiny of resting – another beautiful Greek evening.

Is it worth looking for the best corner for resting than this beautiful (and so long) embankment? I think. Because such corners in thessaloniki premium set. But more than confident, this embankment will be a favorite place of recreation.

Walking on the promenade, rest not only eyes, but also the soul. Even in the hottest afternoon on shady alleys, the embankment is incredibly pleasant, and in the evening they immediately get to the charm of her slow, measured life, turning every moment of his life to the source of little happiness of the rest.

Actually, we came here to Greece to make sure that there are not only everyday worries in life, but also true pleasure.

Looked, we thanked Greece and Thessaloniki for the positive that they gave us every day!

Magic of the Greek city; Star; Promenade or where to go in the evening. Thessaloniki, Greece Blogs and

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