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The sun was happily because the shine, the sea – the fact that reflected his joy. And I am happy to meet again with them. And I’m happy with the fact that lying on the wet sand, smiling to the free wind, again before dizziness breathing with this air.

I do not stop myself when I want to walk barefoot on the exciting stroy of sandy shames, feeling the feet of a foam tide of warm waves. I still, as in childhood, collect multicolored seashells, koim in abundance of the coast. Collecting beautiful seashells and interesting in the form of small pebbles, brought from the seas and oceans, long ago turned into a positive hobby: new specimens and preserved romantic perception of reality in new compositions. I often catch myself thinking that I will never stop amazing the beauty of the sea. Sitting on the sand at the very edge of the sea, looking at him, I like becoming part of me surrounding me: moving, changing, salty, powerful and so understandable, native.

But in order to find yourself in the gentle arms of the gentle waves of the Aegean Sea, it will have to throw the beach "thing-bag" by the shoulders, go to the suburbs, because there are no beaches in the city itself, as well as there are no places for swimming.

The nearest beaches are located in the towns of Agia Triad and Mikhanon, which is easily reached by the usual flight bus. It should be understood that these beaches are far from similar to those located on the island of Corfu or the Halkidiki Peninsula, but they still have their own "chip". Actually, this is the gold alternative to resting noisy and pathetic.

The Beaches of thessalonikov are more suitable for lovers of unrefined rest. On the multi-kilometer strip stretching along the sea, like the beaches, challenged with spoiled, capricious tourists, there are all components: and azure sky, and a warm gesture sun, and the boundless smootment of the sea … Close hotels and budget apartments, there are restaurants, cafes and shops. With the only difference: all this wealth is the territory of local residents. Someone spends your vacation here, someone comes here for the weekend to spend time with his family, someone looks at the beach in his free time. Visitors strangers, on this local "resort" once or two – and got. Sunlongs and umbrellas – Property Cafe. Free places are always "on sale". In order to become the owner of the bed-place (for a couple of hours or all day, it does not matter), just need to order in a cafe or cocktails, or a bottle of beer, or juices and sandwiches, or anything else, because there is always a choice, – Each cafe has its own assortment. To order the cooled floor-liter bottle of water and ice in a glass.

If you look good, then on the beach you can find parking, changing cabins, a lifeguard with duty rescuers (honestly sit, in the sea look), a paid toilet and a similarity of entertainment on the water, for example, an inflatable "city", as well as a couple of non-working shower and Drinks for drinking.

There is a "wild" analogues on the coast (*****************) beaches. Sand on them cleaner and golden, and water in the sea seems more transparent, but only to go to this joy just over an hour. The bus is as an option, but better by car, as the bus goes on schedule and extremely rarely. Traditions drivers do not violate: the time of the siesta for them and the leadership of the fleet is also holy as, for example, the morning prayer for the monk. In addition, it may turn out that this is the only route connecting "Greater Earth" with this village.

A trip to one of these beaches returned the memories of the journey of thirty years ago. "Mirage" – I thought, I remember about the hat and the active sun in time. From the beautiful distant past, in all its glory, appeared in front of our eyes the village of Vityazevo (Anapa) with a couple of guest houses, everywhere withdrawn announcements about the delivery of apartments and houses for rent, small cafes, grass with reasons, the remains of the volleyball court, the local population, actively Trading boiled corn, few vacationers who are walking along the village in swimsuits with inflatable mattresses and diving masks.

The young lady of my nostalgic memories did not divide and closer to noon we left for our usual beach, with sun beds and umbrellas.

Surprisingly pleasant occupation – lying on a lounge chaiseer near the edge of the water, looking into the blue distance. And it is impossible to express in words how happily, and quietly, and sweetly gets on the heart. But the summer is already on the outcome, and soon you need to fly back, in Yekaterinburg, to again miss the whole winter about a warm gentle sun, piercing cry and gentle arms of waves. Whoever knew how sorry to part with Greece.

And even harder to part with rest. Easy sadness was dispelled unexpectedly pop up in mind the story of Mikhail Zoshchenko "Wonderful rest". So far, the young Ithyander studied the sea depths, I gladly reread a couple of stories. Fortunately, there are no problems with the Internet.

"It is necessary to rest for a person. Man still not chicken. Chicken – that can really do not need. And the person without holidays is unthinkable.

And I, for example, did not reste forty years. As from the biennium charged, it went without rest and time.

As for the resurrection or holidays, what kind of rest? You understand yourself: then you will drink a little, then the guests are worn, it is necessary to glue the leg to the sofa. Little business in the light of the middle man! The wife, too, will start a claim to express. What is the rest here?

And in this summer it stretch very rest. The main reason is all around rest. Vanya Egorov, for example, went to the Crimea. Returned black as hell. And in the weight heavily added. Petruch Yaichkin again in the Caucasus rested. Misha barrels swam in his village. Two weeks have lived perfectly. Broke it there even for something. Returned back – do not know. Card in how to poke on the right side.

In general, everything, I see, rest, and everything is corrected, one I do not rest.

So I went to this summer. "Not chicken, – I think.- in Crimea, – I think – reluctance to go. For all sorts, – I think – the panties will break. I go where closer ".

Goal. In a holiday home.

One day looked like – I wanted to go back. Yes, thank you, my own holidays guys in the garden met. They are sitting on the meadow and the pictures are played.

– in the goat, or what? – I ask.

– So accurately, – they say – in the goat. Sit down, dear comrade! We swim in the morning.

Sat down, of course. Played to dinner.

And there I went with us every day. You look – and days are not visible. Not only, let’s say, boredom, but a face to wash or drink a coffee makeup.

Two weeks passed as sweet sleep. Rested, you can say, for all forty years and soul, and body. … ".

Yes that there are some two weeks, to relax in Greece – and there is little summer. Here I think, how to successfully plan and return everything and here, for half a year.

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Anthem marine element

Sea, sun, foam splashing waves, sea small pebbles and seashells, thrown on Golden Sand. What a joyful feeling gives birth free maritime element! She is truly magnificent in his beauty.

Only being in the gentle arms of sea waves, you can reset the burden of everyday worries and gain complete freedom, such a messy and inaccessible.

I like to sit by the sea and look at his waves, gently crashing about this beach, wash with salty splashes, inhale the smell of the sea, listen to his singing. The pleasure that I would allow me to last forever, if it were not related to the temporary framework (and the timing of a tourism visa). As the young lady, the art of poetic vision of nature, I completely collapsed, you can already start writing paintings by oil.

On the last day, the weather prepared us a small surprise.

Was bright, sunny day. Suddenly … what is it? Fucking suddenly the wind, rushed along the embankment, the edge of the rippers umbrellas and the lightweights of beach utensils in the sand; The air fell: I’m not thunder?

The sun shines more brightly, and the people are still in a hurry to go ashore. Cloud grows; She is slow, but right, tightening the sky, moves to us. The wind is amplified. Suddenly all darkened. More! Having gathered in an oakha thing, we begin the competition in running already with a squall wind and began to shower.

We dress in a cafe, the waiter brings us hot coffee and fresh, still warm buns. Watching the raging elements through the "viewing" glass of the cafe – true pleasure. And passions outside the window boil the towels, balls, clothes left on the beach careless holidaymakers, sun beds and umbrellas, broken masts, "Fucking" from the place of permanent dislocation Tables and chairs. No, cafe staff, of course, did not inactive, periodically they still tried to catch a flying inventory, then caught them ..

But the main thing in all this "lyrical" landscape was the sea: powerful, storm, multicolored. Do not break down and almost not blinking, I observe how high waves are broken down on the shore, as the bright lightning arrows drown in the underground, as the sea greedily swallows water, as if from the horns of abundance, pours. But in this non-pie landscape, obviously something lacked.

"Sinking raft" appeared unexpectedly, having attacked even those whom the element was not at all interested. The fact that Fortuna turned away from a small boat with people on board was obvious. Looking at desperate resistance, it begins to seem that the walking boat who quit the challenge of marine elements does not intend to retreat to temporary difficulties. For a moment, I, as, in fact, and all observed, it seemed that I barely kept afloat, losing the balance, breaks about the pier. But no, now fate did not want his death, the boat was rapidly worn into the sea.

Watching the indomitable element, I was ready to merge with her together, giving my own soul in her arms. Completely blocked all the instincts of self-preservation, under the torrential rain, covering the lens of a small camera with hand, every time shuddering from the strongest roller zipper, trying to make several "historical" pictures. Wet sand raised in the air with a hurricane wind painfully hits the legs, hands, face. Mocked clothes disgusting to the body. Frame, still a frame … No, a simple camera, called the "Digital Soap Digital", it is impossible to catch an interesting moment, pitching, he is late for a fraction of seconds: a high wave gone, and lightning again "flew" by. Droping a couple of years ago in the cold waters of the Atlantic’s favorite camera with three thousand pictures not yet completed travel, more "good" technique on trips I try not to take, albeit good ("correct-quality") pictures since then I do not bring. There is another way: you can convey the various states of the sea – sunrises, sunsets, sewed or terrible storms. But I don’t even try to do this, I know, not enough vocabulary stock.

Thunderstorm passed. Sun began to play again. Multicolored rainbow decorated the coast. Sea slowly came into consciousness.

Saying goodbye to him, thank him for those moments of joy and peace, which it gave us. We throw coins and make a desire … We will definitely come back, wait!

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