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High in the mountains, among the pines and other trees, where the air is clean and transparent, where it smells a mustache, and the spirit of the panoramic species and the sea is capturing the spirit, there is a small corner of happiness for people of all ages. At the same second, as soon as the bus will make its last circle before the final stop, it becomes clear – this is the territory of happy kids. At a fairly large platform, a children’s corner is located: Swing-carousels, inflatable balls and cars, trainings and railways, ice cream and other goodies. Nearby parking, designed for about three dozen.

We go to the gate of the park and get to another dimension.

First about the park design. This is the work of landscape designers – excellent students. Surprisingly, how skillfully they could use mountain relief of the locality, "sharpening" him under different continents. For example, the "Japanese corner" will be recognizable immediately: with a garden of stones, arbor among the "Japanese" curved pines, waterfalls. In this idealistic landscape lacked only the rising sun and dancing cranes.

Numerous paths laid out of stone always end with a seating area: a comfortable arbor or "rustic set": wooden tables and benches. Many benars with panoramic views on beautifully decorated glads, waterfalls or enclosures with animals. Decoratively decorated bridges through "mountain rivers" hiding in the shadow of branchy trees. Everywhere stylized under ancient drinking (working) fountains. Little green paradise. By the way, all the alleys and paths of the park are adapted for light descent / lifting visitors-wheelchairs or parents walking in the park with children’s wheelchairs.

On the stone tracks "Raskidan" of the needles and bumps, which, of course, adds to the landscape of naturalness and serenity. The air is so clean that it seems impossible to impass. The "curvature" of the tracks is designed in such a way that, walking along the path, you are already 5-10 meters away you see ahead of a walking family, only hear enthusiastic children’s voices. On the territory of the park there is a museum, cafe and separate toilets.

Animals. At the entrance to the Park we met a goose-swan-melting family. What delight! The genetic memory of the distant past returned in full. We, as enchanted, looked at the life of "in captivity" of ordinary geese, ducks, swans, pelicans … On the water area of ​​one artificial lake, almost the whole "collection" of domestic birds was collected. They have their own life with their concerns: someone sunbatches, someone bathes, someone "learns" to dive, someone eats, someone poses … In the complex everything looks amazingly beautiful: the water "from the mountains" flows The plain and flows into this the most lake, and in it there are fascinated geese, ducks, spleen and, graceful swans, couples dissect water.

Raise above. Us meets a couple of brown bears. Funny guys. Wolter are just a huge, with caves. Take photos of the bears do not like – this is a fact: hiding in caves, gorges, just stones. As soon as you remove the camera, the bears come out of their shelter, starting to pose. As if they know what the device smells and how it smells.

Further met the mountain goat, see, special breed. He lives in a cage completely alone and sad on this day and night. His neighbor is a deer, also not in sports. Sitting in a shine, eyes closed, not otherwise the fate of Greece thinks, we decided, and went on.

And then – in a huge territory, the family of deer is grazing. Sokach – Majestic and Statthen. The chapter of the family does not confuse. Small deer splices were so moloring almost to tears. On the legs are badly still held, and already I feed.

Mountain goats and mountain rams of all kinds in one aviary live together. Noise from them to the whole park. Mee-mee, what do they want, do not know. By the way, the most fading aviary, but not deadly. Already in a pair of meters you can glut fresh air again.

Wolves were the fun. Lying in the aviary and do not behave. "Well, at least we got up, soften, or". Whether the wolves heard the request, whether the thoughts materialized, but one of them, the youngest, nevertheless got up, stretched like a homemade kitty, described the circle of honor around the basin with water, yawned and … "Zhemestvo" fell from fatigue. His senior comrades, and without realizing where and why he "walked," continued to Seste, shifting the face to other paws.

Many birds. The cells are large, they fly freely in them. Seen parrots, dehydra, dinds, falcons, hawks, peacocks. Peacocks – so the whole "kingdom-state" rebuilt. Swing in their cells, houses individual, palaces. Sorry to photograph bad. Eyes between bushes All this magnificence see, and the photo "does not cling".

"Petushin kingdom". Chickens and roosters on one territory gathered, in "houses" air conditioners put, territory, for some reason, only a double grid was stitched (probably they do not exchange air conditioning on something less useful). Petushki – Oh, what kind of cute appetizing! Tasp, silk … I’m not hungry, if that, and they really look very appetizing – "the light of the nation", not otherwise.

Turtles colonies live, on the "mountain" rivers float. Again, the terrain is successfully used. From visitors, they separate glass, about meter height. Therefore, for the life of red-powered waterfowl can be observed for hours.

About rabbits forgot! That’s where everyone has fun without exception. They are in free "flight". Wearing where they want. All the territory of the park in their conduct. Run behind them with a camera to spend a small photo session, it was funny, and of course having fun.

Park is open from 9.00 to 20.00. the entrance is free. Of course, the zoo, in the literal sense of the word, this place is difficult to call. For zoo, very few animals and birds. But precisely because of this, the park turned out to be cozy, hospitable and not overloaded. Relax Park. What could be better than sitting on the "peasant" table, sandwiches of tea or coffee drink and listen to nature: replicating important geese, gossiping ducks or whispering of ubiquitous rabbits? Where else can you listen to the songs of "paradise" birds or listen to how the woodpecker worker works.

"Perhaps God and created the desert so that the person smiles to the trees"

Zoo in thessaloniki, of course, the place is cultural, leaving a lot of positive emotions. And, perhaps, this is the only material that I copied completely, without changes and additions from my diary, who led on a trip, daily and scrupulously recording the events of the past day.

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Multifunctional complex "Diaplace"

Kesena across thessalonikov in search of new discoveries, accidentally stumbled upon a new park, immediately deciding that it is necessary to visit it and now: because of the high fence on the roadway "swore" bloodthirsty dinosaur. Museum of dinosaurs under the open sky, we decided and … almost guess.

Real Park of the Jurassic Period: ichthyozavra, Iguanodones, Tirannozavra, Brachiosaurs, who lived millions of years ago. And dozens of traces of these ancient reptiles who wander around the Mesozoic Tropical Forest in search of a vod. Severe but quite friendly mammoths.

But, as it turned out, the Park of Dinosaurs and the Mammoth Museum is just a small part of a huge themed multifunctional complex of culture and education.

One of the thematic parks – Power park "Ancient Greek estate".

Unobtrusively, in a very affordable form, understood even for the smallest visitors, listened and looked at how people lived in ancient Greece: what they did, how they prepared and baked bread, cheese and olive oil. And how it all stored. By the way, if you wish, try to prepare bread with your own hands, when using prehistoric technologies, quite real.

Acquaintance with herbs grown in a huge greenhouse ended for me a terrible attack of allergies. The greenhouse also has a thematic shade. It presents almost all healing herbs used by the famous hippocratic. I could not have received information about their useful properties for the human body, I had to be reted urgently. But for young nerds, visiting the "green pantry" can be the best gift on the trip – I’m sure of all 100!

And even this is not all! Remember the winged expression "Do not tear off for your ears". In the Interactive Museum of the Park, this expression acquires real meaning. Museum of traditional Greek games. Its exhibits – directly the game, "living" with ancient antiquity and no less popular to this day. In the creative workshop of the museum, some special spirit reigns, it is taught not only to play, but also make toys do it yourself. Sitting on children’s benches, adults are no less enthusiastic "pusy" crafts, caustic before children with their achievements and talents. About time, naturally, no one thinks. Therefore, by paying for the entrance little money, get ready in the park all day.

Axioma: Diaplacy complex – children’s territory. They also need to once be resting from the shopping of parents and from "adult" attractions. Give them their children’s holiday.

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