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The question of where to go to the wedding trip, I did not stand at me – only Paris. In this city, I was once again, but I traveled alone, and therefore the whole romance of the French capital then pressed the heavy pile of the eifelph tower on me.
However, friends in Travel agency Choir persuaded to go with a new husband in Prague. "First, they said," you were already in Paris. Secondly, the trip to Prague will cost an order cheaper. This, by the way, concerns all spending, because the Czech Republic, thank God, does not enter the euro zone. Thirdly, – assured friends. – Prague Stunning City ».
As a result, all the arguments have faced the effect, and we booked a weekly tour to the capital of the Czech Republic.

We were lucky. We stayed at the Victor Hotel (Husitska, 72, Prague-3). Now I recommend this place to everyone who is going to Prague. Although the hotel is small, and "catch" a free number in it is not so easy, still worth trying. And that is, there are several quite objective reasons.
This hotel is not quite expensive, given his good location (just 15 minutes walk from the center itself). Just need to know the road, because otherwise (as happened to us on the first day) you can get to the center of minutes forty. So, I strongly recommend it more precisely asked the administrator on how to get to the center, where to collapse, where it is better to go through the driving part.
By the way, all hotel workers are Russians, which makes stay here very comfortable.
Small clean rooms with high ceilings, comfortable beds, polite staff, beautiful breakfast. However, at the last point I want to stop separately.

A restaurant
The thing is that in the neighborhood (namely, behind the next door from the hotel) is a wonderful restaurant in Pivovarsky Dvur, which provides all hotel guests of the Victor beautiful breakfasts (which, by the way, you will not find in Paris in hotels in this category).
In this small cozy restaurant (the chef and the owner of which, by the way, the Russian emigrant and will gladly replete with you a couple of words) not only serve beautiful beer (bright, sexual and dark), but also excellent Czech dishes. In addition to the traditional weeping of the knee and many national meat snacks, I strongly recommend trying the ribs with the branded sauce (the recipe of which was developed for ten years and keeps in the strictest mystery). In general, these ribs are so beautiful that only for them is to get to this little restaurant.

U Flekũ
Of course, in no case should be neglected and all famous restaurants, such as the famous U Flekũ (Křemencova, 11, Prague-1). It is located in the center and is in many guidebooks. However, even if it did not turn him out in your travel handbook, ask any seller or distributing advertising leaflets on a man street, and you will explain in detail in detail.
In this oldest institution of Prague, everything is not as we used to see in large restaurants. Long tables and benches create an atmosphere of a medieval tavern. Here, without constraint, you can talk with the guests sitting nearby, treat the neighbors of beer, joke and discuss the beauty of Prague.
Chustry waiters driving with trays forced by beer circles, be sure to "divorce" you to a glass-other beherring. You just can not refuse!

Magic Prague. Part 1. Prague, Czech Republic Blogs and travel notes of tourists by Prague on the turmon

On the first day it became clear that the gloomy medieval Prague left far behind the sparkling pathoral Paris.
I do not know what they show on sightseeing excursions, and where local guides lead tourists, but I am sure that much more interesting can be seen by going to wander through Prague yourself.
Tyn Church, Town Hall – in the center, St. Cathedral. Vita – in Prague Country. But do not be lazy to take advantage of the subway and drive a little further from the center to the village of Voshisegd. Here is the Cathedral of St. Perth and Paul, who is not inferior in beauty and mysteriousness to his fellows. Yes, and souvenirs, by the way, it is better to buy here, because prices for the symbols of Prague in this remote area are much lower.
Be sure to visit the Torture Museum, which is located next to McDonalds on the way to Prague Castle, before Karlovy Bridge. Naturally, this tour is only for people with a strong psyche, because three floors of medieval tools with a detailed description, such as what and for what was used, to withstand can not be able to withstand.
******************* Dostoi and Prague Zoo. At the visit of this place costs, believe me, spend all day. At once, at the entrance, I advise you to get acquainted with the timing of animal feeding, because it is at this time in the Valiers that the most real show programs can be seen with marine quotes, elephants, giraffes and other inhabitants of the zoo.

And then there were even amazing journeys around the Czech Republic – by car and on trains. Then there were still many impressions and discoveries, but about it next time.

Magic Prague. Part 1. Prague, Czech Republic Blogs and travel notes of tourists by Prague on the turmon

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