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So, I continue my story about how we perfectly conducted a "honeymoon" in Prague. But now I want to distract from the capital of the Czech Republic, since he examines the sights, we decided to go beyond the borders of the city. Yes, we decided to visit the castles and other distant interesting places.

By train
So, having studied the proposals that are crowded with hotels, we just shocked our heads – all this was to put it mildly expensive. On average, 30-40 euros per person. What makes a smart tourist to save and at the same time provide yourself to unforgettable impressions? Right, first opens the guidebook. It is brief – for three minutes to determine the destination and the way to achieve it.
Our look fell on the beautiful and scale temple of St. Barbarians, which is in the town with the strange Czech name Kutna Hora (Kutna Mountain). By the way, here the famous Kostnice (chapel of human bones) is not far away.
The town is located 70 km from Prague. Get there on your own very easy. Electrics leave from Central, Masarikov and Golesovitsky Station. Not curly slyly, we went to the central.
The main advice to those who decided to travel independently from Prague by train: do not be afraid. Yes, not all cashiers even speak English at the central station, but in the extreme case, they can simply show the photo of the church of St. Barbarians (or any other attractions) and they quickly print you on the printer Traffic schedule.
Ticket there is a back cost 144 crowns and valid throughout the day, so save the schedule and follow the time. Needless to keep in mind that trains in the Czech Republic go strictly on schedule. But even if you have to make a transplant, five minutes will be enough for it, believe me.

In the village
Immediately at the station we found that we would have to go to the famous Temple through the whole city. But, in the end, it turned out not so long. In addition, it is a great opportunity to enjoy local flavor. If you are still afraid to get lost, look at my feet. Right on the asphalt are drawn simple and understandable arrows with the inscription "in the center".
Temple of St. Barbarians are really impressive! Yes, it is worth seeing at least one day. Inside there is an art gallery, and from the observation deck in front of the temple opens an amazing view of the city.
Back we returned on foot, although you can use local buses. The main thing – follow the brown tourist indexes.
At the church of St. Mary We turned left and soon found themselves in the very, the creepy place of the Czech Republic.

On Kostya
As indicated in many guidebooks, the Kuznitsa is located in the sideline, which can confuse tourists. In fact, the saddle is just a suburb of the town of Kutna Mountain.
Here, in a small chapel, everything is made of human bones. Of these human bones treated with a special solution. This is how some designer decided to streamline the burial victims of the plague.
Talk about this place is useless. Yes, and photos do not reflect a terrible atmosphere, reigning there. Do not be lazy and take a printout in Russian at the checkout. From it you can learn a lot of interesting things. Entrance ticket for one person costs 50 kroons.

Magic Prague. Part 2 - Prague, Czech Republic Blogs and travel notes of tourists by Prague on the turmon

What else was remembered to us in this glorious little town? Perhaps, indecent cheap beer, which in local bars is in translated into Russian money 22 rubles per mug. And keep in mind that this is not some kind of relax drink. This is the most present Czech beer! Yes, and snacks here much cheaper than in Prague, so we decided to stay in this nice town and left on the last train.

Do not expect something supernatural from the Little Stations of the Czech Republic. There are no buffets, cafe and whatever service. For example, at Kutna Mountain station to use the toilet, you have to ask the cashier to give you keys. It’s not a problem. Here it is, rather, the usual position of things, the simple stroke of the village life.
Yes, the provincial stations are dirty, broken and look like scenery to the apocalyptic film, but still there is something cute and warm. In the shabby stall you can buy beer and an excellent sandwich (or burger). By the way, all the products are very fresh and tasty, so it’s not worth afraid again.

In the same way, we got to Krivoklat Castle (Krivoclatal). Trains go from Smukhov Station (45 km from Prague). Entrance ticket – 100 kroons. It was here, by the way, they shot some of the episodes of the film "Particularly dangerous".
And then, sitting in a wonderful restaurant near our hotel, we overheard the conversations of other tourists and advised them not to spend more than 40 euros for tourist excursions. In addition, with a group and guide, you will always see a little less than if you go on a journey yourself.

Magic Prague. Part 2 - Prague, Czech Republic Blogs and travel notes of tourists by Prague on the turmon

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