Egypt’s magic symbols: what they denote

There were no written sources in those days, so the Egyptians have come up with special symbols that have increasing the meaning of life and death, power, culture, love and friendship.
To this day, these mysterious signs are expanding the minds of people. Let’s try to figure out what denotes the main symbols of Egypt.

The main symbol of Egyptian civilization

Ankh, carrying the cult meaning of life and immortality, was the most important amulet of ancient Egypt. Externally, the symbol combines a cross and a vicious circle that is a combination of life and infinity. Therefore, ankh most often portrayed on the tips. However, the symbol was often applied to the walls of the channels: the Egyptians believed that the sign of the sign would stop even the strongest flood.
Nowadays, the mysterious ANKH has not lost its value, it will come in handy the owner during rituals and magical rites. And the talisman with the image of this symbol can bring health, wisdom and happiness.

Symbols of God Mount

The god of the sky and the sun in the appearance of the falcon called the mountain and was at a special account of the ancient Egyptians. They considered him the patron saint of the royal house, and every Pharaoh represented the living embodiment of this deity.
Changing and the winged sun to this day are two most popular Egyptian symbols, closely related to the personality of a light mountain. They were considered strong overalls for all those who wears or depicts on the walls of their dwellings.

Rent &# 8211; it is a left falconian eye mountain

Ancient Egyptian symbol who is still found almost in every Egyptian house. It is an image of an eye with a bright makeup, for which he got his nickname ; all-seeing eye ;.
Myths inform you &# 8211; This is the left falconian eye of the Mountain, which was knocked out in a fight with God Seth. Later he was healed by the one, thanks to which he became a powerful amulet, without any Pharaoh Egypt did not affect. The obligatory element of the Wadget is a spiral, personifying a constant movement for the better and endless stock of vital energy.

Winged sun

Legends say that during the battle with evil forces, the mountain had to take the kind of sun with wings. Therefore, the Egyptians believed that the winged guard was able to save evil. It was used over the entrance to the tomb of Pharaoh, often adding such an amulet to the image of the snakes placed on the sides of the Sun Circle. They symbolized the eternal equilibrium of the struggle of good with evil.

Symbols of Egypt &# 8211; Obragi

All Egyptian characters can perform chambers for their owners. Some of them are made individually and become personal amulets. Usually, the following characters are:

  1. Shenu. A miniature guarding mascot, more similar to the elongated oval with hieroglyphs inside. As a rule, the inscription meant the name of the owner of the Oberega. A special mission was imposed on the amulet: to watch the closest thing. However, sometimes the Egyptians wore them on her neck and hand in the form of suspension, bracelet or necklaces to protect themselves from unkind thoughts and actions.
  2. Seeds. This charm is a symbolic image of a lotus flower, the meaning of which is in revival: the plant during each sunset hides, and with the sunrise bloom again. Egyptian legends say that even the luminais itself arose in the sky from a similar flower. Because of this, the amulet most often worn creative people.
  3. Pen Mat. This amulet personified the truth, justice and harmony. The fact is that the goddess Maat was the daughter of the God of the Sun of the Republic of Armenia, so her mission was good and light to people. In addition, it was Mat who participated in the creation of the world. It was believed that a large feather had always been on the head &# 8211; Her personal mascot, who also meant the presence of writing from Egyptians.
Magic symbols of Egypt that they denote

Symbols of animal world

In ancient Egypt, many animals were revered on a par with the gods, their symbolic images captured on the walls of housing, clothes, tombs and objects of life. The main sacred creatures of the Egyptian civilization were scarab, cat, heron and ibis.

Scarab beetle

The main sacred creature of Egypt at all times was a scarab beard: his symbolic images can be seen on many ancient figurines, drawings and seals &# 8211; special figures accompanying the spirits in the afterlife, since, first of all, the beetle meant immortality. Sometimes he was even planted on the heart of the deceased, accompanying charm by sacral letters.

To this day, scarab meets almost all Egyptian household subjects, decorations and souvenirs. Such a popularity of the scarab is explained by the fact that the ancient inhabitants of Egypt saw the similarity between the God of RA and Zhukov: only the first is the first to eat the sun, and the second one also simply rolled on earth the balls of manure.


The second most importantly, the Egyptian sacred animal was a cat, to which they treated in deep respect. For killing the beast punishment. And after leaving the world of other cats, they were embarrassed and buried in special tips, giving them all possible honors.

Such affection for animals was not an accident. Egyptians believed that the goddess of beauty and family comfort Bastete lives in the human world in the form of a cat. Therefore, the beasts were also identified with the defenders of women and the custodians of the family hearth. The elongated cat figures were installed in the homes to protect the dwellings from hostile forces.

The sacred bird of ancient Egypt was considered IBIS because he personified with God &# 8211; by the patron of science. Talismans with the symbolic image of the bird preferred to wear scientific figures, as well as other representatives of intellectual professions.

And the tota called the patron saint of the Moon, so that he was a gifted God endowed with magical abilities. Therefore, everyone who used the Mascot Ibis could also qualify for the magic abilities that had to go to him along with the faith.

Mysterious Ancient Egyptian culture left behind a large number of bizarre artifacts, many of which are endowed with a special meaning and have wonderful properties. Some characters are not losing popularity to this day, they are often used to manufacture various mascots, symbolizing the incredible human abilities or protection against unkind forces. However, fonding the values ​​of the symbols, remember that no matter how much the power of secret signs, our life is not created, but only we ourselves.

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