Magic villages Mexico

Tourists are usually transplanted from an airplane by a plane in megalopolis, sometimes visit the pyramids on the way to the resort "All Inclusive". Error. After several years of life in Mexico, I can say exactly: the soul of this country – in the village, where Catholicism and Indian cults are mixed, magic and realism. But magic is still more.

I woke up in the morning and a few minutes sat in the dark, examined the light strips on the floor. Then he remembered that the shutters are closed, and so quiet, because I’m in the village. Not in simple, but in magic. So I decided not, and the Ministry of Tourism of Mexico. These people drove along the country’s towns, measured the level of magic in the air and assigned the title "Magic Village" only 83 settlements. Jerez was in the thirty first.

The Commission decided that, despite the well-preserved colonial houses and churches, the Indian spirit still lives in the city, Indian customs have been preserved. This means that the level of the mixture of Indian and Spanish is exactly the same as a few centuries ago, when Mexico was also called New Spain. Together with the assignment of status, the employees of the Ministry of Tourism ordered to change the signs, maps and make a memorable monument, which were placed on the main square. The status of the "Magic Village" – a gift for any settlement: it instantly enters special guidebooks and applications for travelers for such villages. New hotels are built, restaurants come to life, guides again begin to work in the specialty.

I left the bus on the day before and could not see anything in the light of the lanterns, but I felt the smell of oranges and dry land, and even for a moment it seemed … But the Indian skills of the taxi driver dispelled the illusion of Africa.

– Take me to a good hotel, Senor.

And here on the windows of Tulle in the hole – in each you can enjoy your finger. On the screen of the bed and floor it is easy to guess that they are one age. Neither the Internet, nor TV – and the truth is a good hotel. Breakfast for me, the only guest, covered on the table. The cook looks into the eyes and is interested, whether strong coffee is enough. I ask where such a jam from Tuna is sold – a fruit that grows on cactus. The taste of juice is no longer a secret for me – I understood yesterday that the whole city was planted with orange trees.

Magic villages Mexico

With the address and drawn on a notebook list I go out into the street and immediately return to the room for the dark glasses. One-story Mexico, city in the middle of the plain. Next to sherry there are no mountains, high houses and tall trees to cover the saving shadow at least a quarter. I understand why the glasses of all machines and buses are sealed with a dark film, why women walk under umbrellas and why need shutters in my room.

I go on the drawn map. Bikes and saddles on special frames are pressed at the entrance to the walls of the walls. While the cowboy for a glass of beer recognizes the fresh news, the horse with his veil spirits walks along the paved streets and shoves the face in the windows in search of fruits on the windowsill.

Sherry half a thousand years old, and from the moment of founding it did not change very much. The beginning of him put several families from the Spanish province of Andalusia, and no need to open a history textbook to find out this: architecture speaks for himself.

Tosca on the shadow is felt in everything. Even the main square is a garden with four fountains, forged shops and a gazebo called "Kiosk Morisko". On both sides, the main garden is framed by antique arched facades, under which all life occurs. The seller of ice cream, which here is called snow, no half of the teeth, but it does not prevent him from smiling to all buyers. He generously wipes my snow with syrup and does not know what’s where I come from, for eating snow you could get great from mom. Next to the ice cream, I notice a tent with silver products, to which local edges are incredibly rich. Thanks to silver, the neighboring city of Sakatecas entered the list of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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