Maiden Tower in Istanbul

What is interesting for tourists a maiden tower in Istanbul? What romantic legends with it are connected? How to get here to watch? How much is worth dinner, breakfast and dine in the tower? Read the answers in our article.

As of June 2021, on the Maiden Tower in Istanbul, you can see only outside. Inside not yet allowed due to coronavirus. We hope for a quick discovery. But it’s outside what to see what we will talk about in detail in this article.

Brief description of the sights

The maiden tower of 18 meters high is on a tiny island 200 meters from the Ostochydar embankment (&# 220; SK&# 252; Dar) in the Asian part of Istanbul. Title on Turkish "k&# 305; Z kulesi "(" Kyzouxi "). Sounds a little rude, but in Turkish "Kyz" – "Girl".

This stone tower was built in 1763, reconstructed in 1832, 1945 and 1998. The building is ancient, but large historical, cultural or architectural value it does not have. Some beautiful and romantic legends are connected with the maiden tower, hence her "promotion" from tourists.

Now this is a popular tourist. You can walk along the embankment, feed the chaps, sit on the benches and drink tea with delivery. Can be fused on the boat and visit the tower itself. There is an observation deck at an altitude of 9 meters, a bar overlooking the Bosphorus and Asian Istanbul, an outdoor restaurant at the base of the tower.

But first things first.

How to get

Cheaper than the metro station Istanbul. Need to get to the station "&# 220; SK&# 252; Dar iStasyonu "on the marmaray branch. Recall that on the marmaray branch a special payment system for the number of stations, do not forget to make a refund on Istanbulkart card. See the lines scheme, read about prices, tickets and features in our detailed article "Metro Istanbul".

After exiting the subway, you will see the embankment. Go on the embankment to the left and after 700 meters will see the Maiden Tower on the island 200 meters from the coast. Go further, see a small pier and a strawber, where you can buy a boat ticket to Tower. See photo of this stall below, click on the photo to enlarge.

More convenient to take a taxi, but it is difficult to predict the cost of a trip. It all depends on the distance, official tariffs see our article "Taxi in Turkey". Tell the taxi driver the phrase "Kyz Kulesi", he will understand exactly.

Opening hours

From 9-00 to 19-00 daily.

Boats depart every 15 minutes. In the summer season can be big queues.

Ticket price

Ticket price – 40 Turkish lir. Actual course, see our article "Currency of Turkey".

Cash regulations accept credit cards. Since the maiden tower belongs to a private company, the majority of museum maps do not take here.

On the official site do not sell online tickets. But on the official site you can reserve a table in the bar and restaurant.

Breakfast in the restaurant passes from 9-00 to 13-00, costs 90 lire. Drinks are always paid separately.

Lunch in the restaurant passes from 13-00 to closure, prepare about 200 lire.

Dinner in the restaurant runs from 19-30 and until midnight, prepare about 300 lire. For dinner requires pre-redundancy.

How to reserve a table

Attention! Restaurant for some days can be closed for weddings or corporate events.

Attention! Children under 7 years old are not allowed. Also cannot come to dinner in slags or shorts.

On weekdays, the reserve is hardly needed, everything is free. But on weekends and holidays it is better to reinforce and make a reserve. Festive days schedule, see the article "Holidays in Turkey". You can reserve a table in a restaurant for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in the Kuledebar bar without schedule.

1. Through the form at kizkulesi.Com.TR / Page / Online-Rezervasyon / Rezervasyon-Formu

2. By phone +90 (216) 342 47 47

3. Through WhatsApp 0533 476 58 06

4. Email Reservation @

At the time of the last update of this article, they are responsible in Russian. But very illiterately, probably use Google-translator. However, this is enough to reserve a table.

The legends of the Girl Tower

There are two legends about the Great Tower, and one more beautiful than another.

First Legend. One of the emperors of Byzantium received a prediction that his favorite daughter will die from the bite of the snake in 18 years. Naturally, the emperor decided to deceive fate. He settled his daughter to the tower on the island, where the snake is not and can not be. Only he personally had the right to visit the island.

In her 18th birthday, the emperor came to her with a basket of fruit. Gaduka penetrated to the basket, which bit the princess. She died on his father’s hands. Hence the name "Maiden Tower".

Second legend. Hero settled on the island, Priestess Goddess Aphrodite. She loved the young man Leandr. He sailed every night to her to be together. And the hero lit the lamp on the top of the tower, so that Leandr found the way on the bay.

However, Hero as a priestess could not be married and was obliged to remain a virgin. Next, different antique authors give different versions of events. According to one version, the hero remained a virgin, on the other she lost her with Leandre, on the third lovers secretly got married.

In one of the nights, the wind blew the lamp in the hands of the hero, and Leandr lost the direction and drowned. In the morning his body threw out to the shore of the island. Hero saw the bold corpse and rushed from the tower.

This legend from ancient Greece, but in the original legend of the tower on the island is not mentioned. The legend found many reflections both in the ancient literature and in the visual arts. On the photo next to Ferdinand Keller Pattern.

Real History of the Girl Tower

Maiden Tower in Istanbul

She is boring, legends clearly more interesting. Presumably, the first building on the island in the Bosphorus Strait appeared in the 4th century to our era. Greeks used an island for servicing ships from (c) of the Black Sea. In 1110, the Byzantine Emperor Alexey Komnet built a wooden tower, which was connected to the mainland stone bridge. This bridge no longer exists, but its remnants can be seen in the water, if you look close.

Turks captured Constantinople (Byzantium) in 1453, they also used the tower as a watchdog post. In 1763, the Turks built the stone tower, which we see to this day. Most of the time she was a lighthouse and an observation point. In 1829, the tower was temporarily recharged to the quarantine point during the cholera epidemic in Istanbul.

Last restoration was held in 1998-2000. Maiden Tower opened for tourists. Upstairs were equipped with an observation platform and bar. Bottom organized a restaurant. Over time, the embankment also changed in favor of tourists. Cafe opened here, which began to serve tourists on the steps of the embankment.

What to look – ships in the Bosphorus

Along the embankment the binoculars were installed to watch the ship in the Bosphorus Strait. Pleasure price – just 1 Turkish Lira. Nice and cheap. Watch photo on the right, click on the photo to enlarge.

What to do – Benches on the embankment

Rights for vacationers are installed right near the water, although correctly these designs are called the word "tribune". Here you can sit, look at the Maiden Tower, Couples and Ships, Raise Fresh Sea Air. Restaurants in the district serve these benches. That is, the waiter will bring tea, coffee and snacks right here. Very comfortably.

September 23, 2020 was an unpleasant incident. Employees of the municipality with the police arrived on the embankment and demolished two stalls where tea and snacks were prepared. But now tourists tell us that the service is already restored.

What to do – feed chap

Seagulls on the embankment very prompt. They manage to grab food right in the air. Visitors Embankment has a good entertainment – throwing pieces of bread in the air, seagulls catch. Want to try, then reserve Bathon Bread in advance, read prices in our article "Product prices in Turkey". Of course, it is possible to buy a bagel "Semit" right on the waterfront, but it is small and worth 2 lira.

Ride to the Girl Tower

Inside will not see anything extraordinary. Many tourists are asked: "And whether this trip 40 lira cost"?

The observation deck is located in a modest altitude of 9 meters. Hence nothing particularly interesting. What does the observation deck look like, look at this photo. By the way, on the background in the photo the second famous Istanbul Tower – the Galat Tower, and with her kinds much more interesting.

Prices in the restaurant and bar are very high, and does it make sense to order something? Indeed, in any restaurant on the embankment, you can eat 3 times cheaper.

Let’s say easier. If you are desperately lacking romance, then the trip on the Tower will be interesting. In other cases, do not wait for strong impressions.

Important advice

– In Maiden Tower, it is forbidden to carry my food and drinks. Pets are also prohibited;

– For lunch and dinner are served in advance set of dishes (comprehensive lunch or dinner). Unfortunately, choose the dish itself will not work. And no longer serve Turkish, but international cuisine. But still read our interesting article "The best dishes of Turkish cuisine";

– Consider the lower restaurant is outdoors. Winter here can be very cold in the evening. About the wardrobe for a trip to Istanbul we talked in the article "What to take with you to Turkey".

A pleasant walk along the Echochdar embankment and an interesting visit to the Maiden Tower, and read our useful tourists and interesting articles about Istanbul and Turkey (List of articles below).

Maiden Tower in Istanbul

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