Main embankment Helsinki

Guests of the capital of Finland often ask what to see in Helsinki? There are many interesting places in this city, but one of them should visit every self-respecting traveler – Helsinki embankment with a famous market square. We visited and made an interesting photo report.

Helsinki – sea city located on the peninsulas and islands washed by the Baltic Sea Bay. Not surprisingly, the Helsinki is full of embankments.

But the main one in the heart of the city, in the bay of the southern port. It is from here that the famous liners are sent to their cruises from the southern bay – Silja and Viking.

Here Viking awaits its guests, hiding behind Valko Island.

But the Giant Silja prepared to go to Sweden, closing the view of the center of Helsinki. But the embankment can be seen, even the tents of trading space are visible.

Everything is ready for departure. Who is interested, you can see a report about Silja Line

Favorite tourist destination! After all, it is here, on a market square, you can buy and try all the Finnish.

Market area or shopping area as convenient – most popular place in Helsinki!

In the middle of the trading area, the monument – Obelisk Empress with a double-headed eagle!

The monument was established in honor of the visit to Helsinki of the Russian Empress Alexandra Fedorovna in 1835. Then Obelisk was demolished after finding Independence Finland, but, in 1971, he was restored at the request of citizens. Here is a double-headed eagle.

And here are one-eyed seagulls that very truly fly over the square and tents, waiting for how to get started.

Immediately, in tents, there are snack bars with National Finnish cuisine. O! Famous and so Favorite Russian tourists Salmon soup for 7 euros!

Pea and vegetable soups are already cheaper!

Famous fried in oil rippush, dish with salmon. Perhaps it will choose it, and in one and compare the real portion with a portion, which is in the picture.

Everything is OK with a side dish, but there is salmon – it is noticeably less! A-I-Yai! But what can you do? Tourist place is a tourist place even in Finland.

Although very good coffee can be enjoyed by this chela.

Not only tourists, but also the inhabitants of the city make shopping here. Why tourists such flowers and vegetables?

But the uncle drove on a wooden bike and buys something. Have you ever traveled on a wooden bike?

Magnets, postcards, different souvenirs on Finland – How without them?

Saw the branch, burning on each piece of deer – that’s souvenir.

In the summer, thousands of berries collectors come for seasonal work in Finland and here – 12 Euro jar of cloudberries, but without sugar!

Many young people, probably, schoolchildren from some provincial town of Finland arrived visiting their capital.

That’s right, what to sit at the station?

Finnish flags solve on tents.

By the way, it is from here, with the embankment of trading space, small ferries depart to the main island sights of Helsinki.

Main embankment Helsinki

This one went to the fortress of Suomenlinna.

And this brought a bunch of kids and their parents in Zoo Corkaceasaari.

There are such ships here.

On the square it turns out its facade and the presidential palace. Very modest!

The Presidential Standard of Finland is relevant above the palace!

Consider it closer – Beautiful flag!

Not far from the Square Cathedral, built in 1868 on the draft Russian architect A. M. Gornostayev.

Next to the Cathedral of the building, built already, probably, on the project of some Soviet architect, it hurts in the Soviet style.

On the other hand, the famous monument of some kind of Havis Amanda, whose buttocks directly indicate the presidential palace.

Around the monument fountain, very original.

Someone stopped to photograph something on the bridge.

Well, of course! Castle! Even bicycle is already hanging!

And code! I wonder what code to a loving capital to the Finnish heart?

Main embankment Helsinki

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