Main events of 2014

Looking around the outgoing year by tradition, I want to remember key events and sum up some results. 2014 was unusual and rich events. He taught us that everything is changeable and chanting, plans for the future – this is good, but if they do not come true or radically change – it is also wonderful, it means that new opportunities will appear, you can find positive parties. Sometimes I did not even have time to follow the new changes to see at least some certainty. In 2014, it was useful to learn how to let the grandfather stereotypes about stability and live not the ridge of the rapidly changing wave of life, passing their plans and desires.

In 2014, I was planning a trip not only on SOU, which for one reason or another had to be transferred to the future. But the time was vacated for my YouTube channel, the idea came to describe all my travels in a separate Travel Blog. Phuket Phuket, but I really want to share other countries of South, koi for 11 years there was a lot. Nedly truncated a little anniversary – 5 years at the site rino4ka.Ru. In my opinion, it is exactly the time when you need to go beyond the limits of the island and tell you about other, no less interesting places that do not fit into the site concept. See My YouTube Channel, subscribe to Instagram and read Travel Blog.

This year I wrote a useful course "Vacation in Thailand 100%", which will come in handy both for independent travelers and for those who wish to diversify rest, arriving with a travel agency, find out how to choose a hotel, how to save, how to communicate with locals, absolutely not knowing English, what nuances will help you create holidays dreams.

In the beginning of the year, winter was pretty severe in all Thailand, although this happens at a periodicity every 2-3 years. January 23, 2014, on Phuket, the temperature dropped to +19 degrees, which was not already five years old.

In the New 2014, Thailand entered a somewhat suspended in terms of political situation. We even met the holiday in the park, where oppositionists were usually gathered. The eternal detention of power is so tired of residents and guests of Thailand, that everyone dreamed of any certainty. In May, the situation has changed dramatically, the military came to power, martial law was introduced and the curfew. It was a bit uncomfortable, because all the shops and restaurants were closed at 10 pm, and it was necessary to stay at home until the next morning, and the rest of the way did not change.

Military authorities began to restore order in all spheres. At first in July on Phuket spent stripping beaches from illegal business. So on the beaches disappeared lounge chairs, umbrellas, most cafes and massages right on the sand. Many guests of Phuket Island were outraged by such a situation. At the moment, the situation has not changed, but on some beaches there are beach clubs with pillows and mattresses, umbrellas can be brought. The territory of the beaches is removed due to cafes and volunteers owners. In tourist sites and large shopping centers sell mats, umbrellas and beach tents. Also because of the liquidation of cafes and massages on the coastal lines more space appeared in the shade. In some places, the umbrella and sun bed can even be rented.

Military slightly stealing taxi drivers. For example, in Bangkok, they include a meter without question, can not even think to speak an overestimated fixed price. On Khao San Street, the market was removed, because of which it was impossible to pass. Now there is a real backpacker street, which was in the early 2000s, watch the video from there.

The second radical change was the abolition of Border-Wounds, when you can go from Thailand, immediately enter the back and get another visa-free stamp for 30 days. If you decide to stay in the kingdom for more than a month, be sure to make a tourist visa. Citizens of 49 countries were allowed to extend a visa-free stamp for 30 days in the immigration office, but this rule did not affect Russian citizens. For the rest of the citizens of the CIS countries, visa rules remained unchanged: either visa on arrival for 15 days, or a tourist visa at the Thailand Consulate.

The epic event of March 2014 for Phuket has become the opening of the Nikki Beach beach club on the beach of Bangtao. Everything is held at a high level in the style of Saint-Tropez beach clubs, Miami and Majorca: design in bright colors, comfortable beds, fashionable music, incendiary parties, exquisite seafood dishes and great sunsets. Jean-Claude Van Damm and Kellan Lats came to the opening party.

More from world stars Phuket visited Jason Statham, Jessica Alba and Lee Jones for filming "Mechanic: Return". And before Merry Christmas to Phuket, Beyonce came with Jay-Z husband and her daughter, which caused an excitement in the press.

Summer 2014 in shopping centers and airports of Thailand began to appear special female parking lots. Fans of misogical jokes and jokes about blondes may not deception, because such zones are designed to protect the lonely women and women with children from violence from men. So in neighboring Malaysia, there are no long ago there are not only individual parking for women without maintaining men, but also special cars in the subway.

A pleasant surprise for guests of Thailand, who are not the first year come to the kingdom, has become an updated bill in 500 baht. In previous years, 20 and 50 baht of the new 16th series were released, where His Majesty King Rama IX is shown already in a more mature age. On the turnover of 500 baht bills, you will see a monument to King Rama I, the famous Wat Pho and Ford Phra Sumen in Bangkok.

Main Events 2014 in Thailand - Military Coup, Asian Games, Mystery Room, Cat

In November, the Asian Games were held at Phuket. According to the results, the first place was taken by the Thailand team, winning 56 gold medals. I am glad that the top 6th team included the team of Kazakhstan, and the 12th were the guys from Uzbekistan.

The most impressive Thai event in 2014 was a new achievement recorded in the Guinness Book of Records. Almost 1800 Christmas elves in red-green costumes and false elven ears gathered on Siam Square in Bangkok. Thai schoolchildren of middle classes became small assistants of Santa. Despite the fact that Thailand is far from snow-covered European countries, and 95% of the population professes Buddhism, and Christmas is not at all their holiday, such events show once again, as Thais love to have fun and establish new records.

An excellent news for all travelers has become an opportunity to receive electronic visas in Myanmar and India. If last year it was possible to get a visa to Myanmar through private desks, and in general it looked like sending payment for a visa to the grandfather’s village, then this year everything is performed at the state level. While the mass tourism did not come to Myanmar, I would definitely recommend you to visit her. I will tell about your journey in my concern. This year I planned for Diwari to go to India, but for the holiday, electronic visas did not arrive. Well, I will go next year. Oh, still forgot about South Korea, who made a visa-free entry for Russians.

For guests of the island in 2014, two new attractions opened – "Chamber of Secrets" and "Inverted house". And now you can visit the first Cat Cafe Cat Cafe in Phuket. And soon, soon, finally, the construction of the tunnel near the Central Festival shopping center will end, and traffic jams will be slightly less.

Such a wonderful 2014 was in Thailand and Phuket. Plans for the future, as usual, bully. One of my main ideas is the opening of a clothing store hand-filled. And I will continue to run the site, Travel Blog and Youtube Channel. From traveling I really want to go to Europe, Spain – my love, literally, from childhood, and I have not been there 11 years. Vacation in Asia is good, but sometimes you want to change the picture on the European architecture, bridges made of cobblestone, visual sublineacy and absence of ordered chaos. So, europe, wait for me!

I wish you in the new 2015 unrestrained happiness, the incarnation of all the desires and ideas. Dream bolder and more confident – and everything will turn out! Happy New Year!

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