Main events of 2015

For Thailand, every year the holiday and extravagancies of events: and meteorites fall, and multiple rewards are awarded, and new attractions open. In tourism, of course, everything is not so smooth, as if I would like to Thais, but they do not lose. After all, Russian National Geographic Traveler called Thailand "Best beach area" By survey readers. For me, 2015 was a crazy year, under the urban with filled events. What can be incredible than to make a mistake in booking and make a sudden trip to South Thailand. Let’s remember everything that happened in the kingdom in 2015.

Hot island gossip

As usual, our luxury island pleased with their presence world stars. New Year’s holidays here held Beyonce and Jay-Z with daughter. In February, Jason Statham, Tommy Lee Jones and Jessica Alba worked on Phuket over a new film, which will be released next year. Spring on the beach Patong on Bangla Street was noticed by Zayn and Louis from Babe Band One Direction. Summer in the beachclub Xana was a taboo from the Black Eyed PEAS group. In the fall, Maroon 5 was brought to rest for a few days before the concert in Bangkok, and a couple of months ago, the Grand Mercure Phuket Hotel on Patong published a photo with refumen from Lmfao. Also on Phuket, well-known DJs, the stars of formula 1 and other world celebrities were resting and worked. And literally on the last weekend, Angelina Jolie with his son was seen in the Central Festival shopping center. Many Russian stars visited Phuket: Anastasia Volochkova, Vera Brezhnev, Lera Kudryavtseva, Nikolay Baskov and those whom I can’t mention.

Coming of sun beds on the beaches of Phuket. Start

In Phuket, finally, figured out the burning theme of the beach infrastructure and allowed 10% of the beach to rent Umbrellas and mattresses. The cost of a set of umbrella and two mattresses is 200 baht. Anyone who wants to sunbathe can also come with their mattresses, beach chairs or inflatable mattresses, settled in the shade of trees or rent an umbrella for 100 baht.

Phuket’s new proprietary dish

As for the gastronomic news, the corporate dish was chosen on Phuket, and a new delicacy from insects appeared in Thailand. The island is famous for its culture and culinary masterpieces that came together with Chinese immigrants. Peraanacan cuisine, with which I get acquainted with little to you, is different from Thai. In my plans for 2016, describe local restaurants where everything you can try. At Andaman Hotelier, Phuket was chosen a corporate dish – Curry with Lobster and Noodles Khan Jin. A few years ago, a loba and some other dishes were put forward as a gastronomic symbol, but only Carry with Lobster opened the Phuket door to the official list "Creative cities of UNESCO". Yes, now Phuket is officially recognized as a gastronomic masterpiece of Thailand.

The best yummy years from mini markets

Family Mart mini markets and some other stores appeared factory packaging with roasted insects: crickets and larvae of a tute silkworm with a barbecue taste, nori algae and cheese. And the brand producing these disasses is called High-So that with Thai translates as "Higher Society". Now Ceboribriti can also be touched by grasshoppers, and you can take an exotic gift for friends or relatives.

Phuket on world stage

Not counting on the list "Creative cities of UNESCO" In the nomination Gastronomy, Phuket and Thailand this year were awarded several awards. Phuket made to the sheet "Best directions for newlyweds" According to the travel portal Fodors.COM, and the kingdom was recognized as the best romantic direction on the voting of readers Recommend Magazine, a popular American magazine.

Innovations of Pilly and Mobile Company. Now Thai SIM cards can only be purchased by passport. They are still available in mini markets 7-11 and Family Mart, communication salons and mobile phone stores.

Cinema of the Year in Thailand

The big film of the year in Thailand was another film "King Nareuan 6". If you have never watched Thai movies, then the legend about the Great Nakedaan you will accurately like: beautiful costumes, spectacular battles on elephants and magnificent history frames. The first films are already translated into Russian and are present on the Internet.

The funniest story of the year

One of the most funny stories happened in Isan: the inhabitants of one village found the chick of Garuda. This is a mythical bird, which is depicted on the coat of arms of Thailand, is present in the seals of official documents and in the form of statues in the temples. In Hinduism, Garuda is the riding bird of God Vishnu, exterminating snakes. That is, the Garuda looks more like a fire-bird or dragons from Harry Potter. Residents of the Isansky village weekly rejoiced and reinforced such a find until they disappointed them that it was just a cholesterh eagle chick.

New banknotes

In 2015, two were released in Thailand New banknotes The advantage of 100 and 1000 baht. A hundredth banking is devoted to the King Taxin Great, Siam’s liberator from the Burmese invaders, who moved the capital from Ayutthei to Thonburi (modern Bangkok). Thousands of bills in addition to the traditional portrait of the IX frame on the front side represents the Grand Reformed Rama V.

Main Events 2015 - Dolphinarium, Duty Free, Gastronomy City Guide to Phuket

In August and December, two were held throughout the country Bikeball, Dedicated to the birthdays of Queen Sirikit and King Rama IX. A few hundred thousand people in dozens of kingdom cities, including the Crown Prince of Vachiralongcon, Prime Minister Prauta Chan-Foci and other government members, took part in the bike robes.

We waited so long!

And, of course, 2015 did not cost without discovering new attractions in Phuket. The tunnel was discovered near the Central Festival shopping center, the construction of a tunnel near the TESCO Lotus shopping center should be completed, and the Giant Project on the Chalong ring has already begun.

New Attractions Phuket

At the beginning of the year, the observation deck was built on Mount Rank. Now the white tower and nearby restaurants became a romantic symbol of the city, where they love to come in love.

A joyful event for shopping lovers was the opening of a new Fair at the Lighthouse in Marina Boat Lagoon – The Lighthouse Market. In the summer they went to vacation because of the rain, and with the onset of the new season, the work of the fair became chaotic, I hope next year they streaml. Follow the news in VKontakte and Facebook groups. In addition to the Fair at the Mayak, in Phuket Town, on Dibuk Street, has opened a new Shopping Center Limelight Avenue. It is not too tourist, more suitable for local, but you can combine his visit with a walk through the Indi-Market.

On the joy of all guests of Phuket Island in November opened Dolphinarium, Where every day there are watch shows, and you can swim with dolphins.

Shops and shopping centers

For Shopaholikov, two new stores appeared on Phuket – IKEA and Duty Fri King Power. IKEA Phuket is not a completely shopping center, and the service order service, where in directories you can choose the goods you like and take a few days. It is located near the outdoor house on the Street Bypass. King Power Duty Free is open to the amenities of the island on Chaofa West Street near Dibuk Hospital. Shop duty-free trade More standard Duty Friend at Phuket Airport, Items here You can buy goods here if you have an international ticket from Thailand, and to pick up already when you depart after passport control. For the inhabitants of Phuket there is an opportunity to issue a map in the presence of a passport with a non-cereal visa and acquire some products of Thai production. Next year I will tell you more about King Power Duty Free.

That was this 2015, when it was worth reconsidering my current priorities and discover new horizons. So, we launched a new online project for English-speaking tourists, which will continue to develop next year. Of course, my site will not go anywhere, I will continue to acquaint you with Phuket and Thailand, shoot new videos about attractions, describe travels to other countries, shares recipes and reviews of Thai cosmetics, negotiate new discounts in restaurants and shops. From learning I plan to engage in the Ebru painting technique – this is an ancient art of painting on water. I am sure that the new 2016 will be 500 times better than the previous one, so make a desire and dream of boldly. Happy New Year!

Main Events 2015 - Dolphinarium, Duty Free, Gastronomy City Guide to Phuket

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