Main events of 2011

Already at the formative tradition, we bring the results of the outgoing year and make a desire, I build plans for the next year. 2011 was generous for joyful events. Especially this happiness felt the island of Phuket. We have opened so many attractions, interesting not only to tourists, but also expathers. In general, 2011 for me passed under the flag of theater, music, dance and art: Concerts of the Korean groups Super Junior, Wonder Girls, Rain’s singer, "Swan Lake on Ice" In Bangkok, organ concert in Moscow, the production of Kaos in Manila and much more.

Moving to the mainland on a new wide bridge of Thapkasattree, you can observe a leisurely life of the fishermen of the bay of Saracin. But the main attraction of the north of the island has become a 378-MILION project of a pedestrian promenade with a listing platform 655 meters long, uncomply called Sissunthon or Saracin 2. No long ago there was no message between the island and the mainland besides boats and ferries. The very first Saracin Bridge, named after the official who has allocated a budget for its construction, was built in 1967. To admire the new attraction can be fully: there is parking for cars and motorbikes, for those who wish to refresh the drinks – everything is created for your convenience.

The second discovery on the island of Phuket was the magic show Joe Conrad Magic Show. American illusionist Joe Conrad brought his theater to Phuket and was quite comfortable for visiting: on the third floor of a Jung Ceylon shopping center on Patong. From the age of 13 he is engaged in magic to the joy of viewers. After graduating from the famous College of Magic Chavez in California Joe spoke around the world. In the past 10 years, he lives in Thailand and happy that, finally, opened his magic show on Phuket Island. Be sure to tell in detail about him a little later in a separate article.

On this magic of the island of Phuket did not end. Swedish magician and illusionist Joe Labero opened his show Genesis by Danze Fantasy right on Bangla Street. You do not seem strange that both wizards name Joe? There’s something about it. His career was found for another 12 years, then parents gave him the first magic box. The winner of many Competitions of Magic, Joe, represents its new show on Phuket, where music, dancing and illusionism are combined with a mysterious manner. Don’t miss, and I will tell you in detail in detail.

Another opening of Phuket has become new show-transvestites Aphrodite Cabaret Show. The theater is located opposite the Tesco Lotus large shopping center in the building of the former Phuket brewery and is positioned as the biggest show of transvestites in the world. Stars, musical, farce, water-mounted – everything was intertwined in the new show transvestites. And now there has been a worthy alternative to show transvestites Simon Cabaret. Until I wrote about this show, but I will definitely tell you next year.

From the most recent events of Phuket, it is worth noting the opening of the evening show Siam Niramit (Siam Niramit). Alternative to Phuket Fantasea from Bangkok opened last week on the road from Phuket Town to the airport. I haven’t been there yet, so I will say modestly, but soon I will definitely tell you everything about him.

And if we touched on the topic of Bangkok, it is worth talking about the opening of the Korean Nanta Theater. To be honest, in Bangkok I have not watched him yet, but the Seoul production made such a big impression that I can now feel free to recommend it to everyone. A non-verbal culinary show with stunning percussion and enclosures of humor make Cookin ‘Nanta unforgettable. Every year in Seoul, Busan and other cities of the world, a performance collects hundreds of thousands of spectators. And in Seoul Show recognized as one of the ten best attractions of the city. Nanta Theater is comfortably located in the heart of Bangkok, in the Bigc Rajdamri shopping center opposite the Central World Shopping Center.

And one more event in Phuket is the discovery of the first Orthodox parish on the island. Prior to this existing Orthodox churches in Thailand, there were three: in Bangkok, Pattaya and in Ratchaburi province. The discovery in the Church of the Holy and Life-giving Trinity took place on December 18, but the first service was held on December 17. The temple is located in the Tagange on Nanaai Street, in the region of the Buddhist temple Prathong.

From the more secular news it is worth noting the opening of another SPICE House restaurant in the shopping center Central Festival in Phuket Town. The design of the restaurant is slightly different from the two previous ones, but constant Cheburashka, attracting both adults and children, and asks to go to the restaurant to enjoy Russian and Thai cuisine. A huge plus, in my opinion, in the new house of the spices serves live music, which every evening plays under the dome of the shopping center. It is not only pleasant here to dine, but also rest after tiring shopping, drinking a cocktail and listening to pleasant European compositions.

Another restaurant of Russian cuisine Veranda opened on Karon Beach, on the first floor of the Simplitel Hotel. Cozy atmosphere, dishes of Russian cuisine, cooked homemade, meat on fire, a real kebab from lamb, Korean, Lulle-kebab, dietary seafood, cooked for a pair or on fire, as well as exotic Crocodile and ostrich, – All this is waiting for you in the new restaurant Veranda on Karon Beach.

In December, opened its doors of the new Botanical Garden on Phuket. I have not yet been there, but I will definitely tell you after the visit.

Main Events of 2011 - Bridge Saracin, Siam Niramit, Aphrodite Show Guide to Phuket

Turning to global Thai news it is impossible not to remember the election of the new Prime Minister. For the first time in the history of Thailand, they became a woman – Jingang Chinovat. But not a simple woman, and the native sister of the Opt former Prime Minister Tracin Chinovat. It is still difficult to say that the policy of the new government promises, but I’m just sure that everything will be fine and even better than you can imagine. To be honest, the policy in Russia and Thailand is not at all my luck, so I can discuss it only in a narrow circle of friends, but in no way on my site.

Better tell you about free Wi-Fi. The administration of Phuket Island decided to support the introduction of modern technologies, and in many parks now there is free Wi-Fi. In addition, the 3G-Internet came to Phuket from AIS. Now not only DTAC and True Move can boast of their latest developments.

Another global Thai news should note the formation of a new province of Bung Kan. She has become 77 in the account in the kingdom. She was separated from the northeastern province of Nong Khai, at the moment consists of seven regions and borders with Laos. The new province is famous for its waterfalls, caves and other natural attractions.

The shocking of this year in Thailand can be considered global flooding of the outskirts of Bangkok and neighboring provinces. The whole country, including exports and guests of the kingdom, was very worried about this. Phuket has organized donation points for victims, in the company, where I work, gathered money, food, clothes and other very necessary flood victims. In the Spice House restaurant, donations were organized, so Russian-speaking residents of Thailand could also contribute to improving the situation. To date, it should be noted that everything is normalized, but the government will have global work in the future.

And in order not to finish on such a sad note, I will tell you that the Thais once again entered the Guinness Book of Records. For Valentine’s Day, a traditional competition for the longest kiss took place. It was forbidden to participants, it was allowed to visit the toilet once every three hours, and the water could only be drunk from the tube at the moment of a kiss. And what do you think? For more than 46 hours, Thai couple lasted! I think if they were allowed to eat for a couple of minutes, they could kiss for another week.

This year was successful for us in every sense, I am sure that the coming will be ten times better. I have noticed a lot for the next year. For the site I plan to write more reviews about cosmetics, Thai dishes, souvenirs, excursions and finally decided to write about Beaches Phuket. And in the personal list – a trip to Nepal with my beloved mommy, cultural development through some concerts and performances in Bangkok, the study of all new and interesting, jazz seishns on Saw Rommani and very-very personal plans. Happy New Year!

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