Maja Esna City – Non-Russian Pyramids Mexico

Peninsula Yucatan – The most beloved tourists part of Mexico, because here you can see and pretty bright cities, for example, Campeche, and soak on the magnificent beaches of Maja Riviera, and will get acquainted with the most famous mexican pyramids. The pyramids in Mexico are really a lot, because it was on its territory that the Great Maja civilization was once dominated, which remained such a bright mark in the history of the country.

Today we are going to get acquainted with the ruins of another Ancient Mayan city – Etsna (EDZNA) that in Campeche.

You know what these pyramids differ from all the others who have seen by us, and, and, I think, from many others? The fact that they do not know the attention of the huge crowd of tourists, but with pleasure they take a few curious visitors. Summary non-cerestic pyramids Mexico, on which it is not necessary to wait for half an hour to make a good frame without someone’s cap or not fit into the composition of Red T-shirts. Like that! You dreams?

Early in the morning, not too hot, sit in the minibus. An hour later, she carefully unloads us at the entrance to Archaeological zone (Edzna Zona Arqueológica).

Attractions in Esna

By paying for its curiosity the established price, we go to meet new impressions. After a few steps, we turn out in a small round house with a roof of palm branches. Under this roof, steles and stoves with bas-reliefs are stored, once skillfully made masters of the city of ETSN. Art in the Mayan empire was very highly developed, because each ruler was eager to perpetuate his name, at least in stone.

We go further and get on a path going through the forest. I wanted to write that there is silence and calm, but no. Silence disrupts a deafening cicade dictator, and calm – Migrating under the legs of Iguanas and Varana. So try, say that the city is empty.

Soon the track displays us to ruins. The gaze appears small buildings, and the platform with columns is rushed immediately. Immediately in the head pops up the image of Turkish caunos – was there like a colonnade.

And you know what is the most amazing? Not a single person around! I, of course, read that ETSN – not the most visited ruins, as few of the tourists drivers to the town of Campeche, but not the soul – it is undoubtedly just a gift to heaven. Well, feel yourself with discovers))

Ah, nevertheless we are not alone! On the stones perfectly on the hosts ruled on the Sun Iguana. Obviously they are not often bother. I would be closer… Eh, escassed. Yes how fast runs, not to catch up with.

Oh, who is there? Surely tourists? For sure, colleagues pulled up. Well, okay, three people do not interfere, especially since places more than enough. Exchanged greetings and diverged like in the sea ships. While they scramble to the most important pyramid, we go in the opposite direction – Let’s leave the most interesting for later.

What about, and climb on the stones we love. It is already standing at the top of a long structure, and more precisely we walk on it and inspect possessions, feeling almost the rulers of the ancient city. To be honest, it is difficult to even imagine that there is no time in this city in the middle of the jungle.

Go down and go further. And then we meet a small cozy pyramid of unknown destination.

For her – Ball Playground. In almost every Mayan city there is such a common game. So far, we saw the most impressive platform in Monte Alban. It is concerned that the game is often combined with rituals, and sometimes with human sacrifices. Oh, these bloodthirsty Indians.

The farther, the more interesting. After a few steps, we are encountered by the pyramid, at the base of which the perfectly preserved bas-relief of the God of the Sun, more precisely, there are two such two, symbolizing the dawn and sunset. So I want to pull this god for the nose, but it is impossible, everything is fenced, and even the guard from somewhere appeared, watches from afar that we do there.

How hot, even the shadow from the trees does not save, though, without it it would be much worse. Trees in Etsna Higher, juvenile juicy and some kind of vivid. Somehow, Maya managed to subordinate the nature of their interests, for sure, after all, much effort went to fight the jungle.

Some trees grow, giving up right in the body of the pyramids. Something similar we saw in Camibine, in Angkor temples and Beng Melia. Still, nature is stronger than the hands of human hands.

So, I haven’t climbed anywhere. Just the pyramid appropriate. Once step, two steps, twenty-two and we are already on top, we admire the face of a small acropolis panorama. Yes yes, there is also big, more precisely, the Great, it is left for the dessert, so do not lag.

Turn one hundred eighty degrees and see the very pyramid that teased us the nose of the Sun God.

So, go, go, and so far and not imprinted against the background of some kind of cute pyramid. It is necessary to leave something to descendant to leave something, and then prove then that was in Ezna in the midst of Mexico))

Just sat on the grass, as something strange hit in sight – some black lump. What do you think it was? Big spider! I think this meeting could be for someone’s fatal if the shaggy friend was alive. Although it’s not good to disturb the departed, but we decided to make a posthumous photo, carefully moved by the calf on the pyramid. There he was left on joy or horror to other tourists.

And here is the apogee of today’s walk – Great Acropolis, the same tight. I will not paint as it is beautiful and wonderful, look at yourself. That before us, so we stayed in delight. A lot of things contributed to the excellent weather, who gave us picturesque clouds.

Business card ETSNA and the most beautiful local temple – Five-story building (yes – yes, such an uncomplicated name came up with archaeologists). Really cute construction, air and mounted. In dreams, we are already climbing at his steps to look at the opening panorama of the ETSN and the surrounding area. But it was not there, it turns out that it is impossible to climb him… Oops!

A little disappointed and discouraged go on. Where to ask you, because everyone looked, dessert is eaten? In general, yes, but at the entrance they got the path, which is coming to the right, somewhere in the jungle, here and go there.

On the way there are poorly preserved, overgrown with cacti pyramids.

We go on a path, more precisely, even the road, for it is too holing and confident, it means that it leads exactly somewhere. Cheering ahead, scattering the locals of the jungle and admiring the intricacies of nature.

We pass past the ruins of a small structure, on which, if not the columns, would not even pay attention to. So, stop, and why not have lunch here? Food stocks are available, a secluded place too. Now, just let’s see where the track leads. We go, go, nothing changes, just a path in the middle of the forest, most likely, just on the road. It means to go on there is no point.

Do not do goodbye, enjoying the meal in the fresh air and fighting ants for the place under the sun.

That’s it seems to be everything, we are going to go back to the city. Only at home, tieting photos to the map, Andrews noted that at the end of the track there were still Pyramids, which we called «Secret» for hidden from us.

Having led back to the ruins and see that while we were absent, a lot has changed. No, no, the pyramids remained on the spot, but the lighting became completely different. Those who understand what speech was already guessed that the pyramids began to look quite different.

After lunch, a second breathing was opened, or rather, the vision was aggravated, because the steps were immediately seen for which they had not yet been closed. Think, passed by? Nothing like this!

Overcome the steps and find yourself in the patio – little courtyard. And from there, straight go to the already familiar position with which the panorama of the Acropolis opens.

Here’s another: then here, then there, on the territory of the complex there are stones on which the remnants of red paint are preserved. It turns out that the pyramids used to look completely different, as they were bright red. This color, allegedly, absorbed the sunlight. It is difficult to imagine how it looked, though?

Now, perhaps, you can put a point in our acquaintance with ETS. Hug her a farewell look and go to the exit.

Is it worth spending time to visit the ETS?

I think you already understood what it costs, yes. Where else can you find full privacy among antiquities? For the pyramids, this is a big rarity. So if there is an opportunity, do not miss such a chance.

Maja Esna City - Non-Russian Pyramids Mexico

By the way, if curious, in the photoblog you can find the names of the pyramids and temples of the ETSNA and the description of the appointment of some of them.

Pleasant to you walks on the ruins of ETSNY, Dear readers!

Sheboldasik and Andrews

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How to get to Esna from Campch

Getting from Campeche to Ruins Etsna is simpler simple. For this simple case, you need to use a minibus (Combi), departing from Chihuahua Street (Calle Chihuahua), a little away from its intersection with Nicaragua Street (Calle Nicaragua). As a landmark you can use the principal market (Mercado Principal), it is there quite near. If you are lost, I think any seller in this market will tell you where to go.

Pursuit of minibuses from 7 am, to the question, what time is the last one leaves from Esna in Campeche, the driver replied that at 15:30. It seemed to me strange, since the complex works up to five hours.

Travel costs 35 pesos, go minutes fifty, maximum hour.

Along the way, the minibus will reach right before the entrance to the complex, but the opposite will have to catch no longer at the exit, but on the road, at the intersection of ETSN-Campeche (go to it quite close, literally 300 meters).

Prices and useful information

How much is the entrance ticket to the ETSN complex: 48 Peso

Archaeological zone hours: daily from 8:00 to 17:00

What time is it necessary to inspect: We coped in 2.5 hours, you can manage and quickly manage if time presses

How much we spent money for visiting Ruins in Ezna: 236 pesos for two (entrance tickets and road therea-back)

Recommendation: In my opinion, the ruins are better to visit in the afternoon, approximately after hours-two, because at this time there is very beautiful light, and the pyramids look especially beautiful

Where we lived in Campeche

About where we lived in Campeche city, I wrote in detail in the article about this wonderful city.

If you do not know which party to approach the issue of finding housing, I recommend to read the article on how to find housing in the journey.

Maja Esna City - Non-Russian Pyramids Mexico

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