The main attractions of Venice &# 8211; What to look for 1 day?

From autumn, crowds of tourists, and heat, and prices are already falling in the popular cities of Europe. And this week we will talk about my favorite city in Italy – Venice. I love her for the fact that it does not look like any city in the world. City on the water where you can move only on foot or water transport. And no cars!

What does Venice attract to ITALY?

Okay, if Venice would simply be a common tourist attraction,
where we sent tourists to look at how the medieval residents lived.
And for the night there would be everything there, as a museum. But no. This is the real city that lives now. In the very historical part on the water, 60 thousand people still live.

How cool to wander around the streets of Venice away from tourist threads,
see ordinary residential buildings, watch their inhabitants and reflect on thus lifestyle. It’s just another universe! For this Venice love I.

And millions of tourists also appreciate Venice for magnificent architecture and true masterpieces of art stored in numerous museums, palaces and churches. And completely deserved! Especially when you understand that it’s all built on water. It is beautiful, romantic, interesting, and walks, it seems you can devote a lifetime &# 8211; And even this time will be little. But let’s leave the lyrics and turn to the practical part &# 8211; those places that I recommend to examine in Venice, where, I guarantee, you will like 100%.

Sights of Venice in one day &# 8211; what to see?

In fact, per day to inspect even the tenth of interesting places in Venice will not work &# 8211; Dedote excursions at least 3-4 days, and better &# 8211; full week, then the impressions will be much more. The most colorful sights of Venice are:

  1. San Marco Square &# 8211; The heart of the city, his center, where the creations of the Architects of the Renaissance are located. And here there is an observation zone with panoramic views of the vintage streets.
  2. Palace of the Doge &# 8211; This attraction impresses its style in which Italian and oriental motives are present. Especially beautiful facade in the evening, when lights are lit. Ticket inside costs 20 euros.
  3. San Marco Cathedral &# 8211; Surprise with dimensions and pompousness, the beginning of construction is laid in the 9th century. Be sure to inspect the local altar &# 8211; This is the most valuable relics of the whole Christian world, created by the 5th centuries. In the Basilica, the entrance is free, in the museum &# 8211; 2 euros, in the treasury &# 8211; 5 Euro.
  4. Gallery of the Academy &# 8211; Museum, which is worth a visit to lovers of art and painting. Hundreds of cloths of famous artists are collected, the collection is extensive and unique. The ticket costs 12 euros, get ready to spend at least 3 hours to inspect.
  5. Major sights of Venice; What to look for 1 day
  6. Grand Canal &# 8211; The central artery of the city, here you can swim on the gondola or the tram and inspect almost the whole city, if the time is limited. I advise you to do it in the evening, there are stunning views.

Actually, this is only a small proportion of what I recommend to see in Venice. Visit B Venetian Laguna, Wait W Sigh bridge and Rialto, Go to the Cathedral Santa Maria della Salute and local Arsenal shipbuilding. What is there &# 8211; in Venice do not need to go somewhere to see the attractions, they are here at every step, and they surround around, you just need to stretch your hand to touch.

5 tourist errors in Venice and local residents

Once I myself was an inexperienced traveler and performed banal mistakes. As for Venice, I managed to get acquainted with the locals, who told about the most typical promasses of tourists. What you do not need to do in Venice?

  • spend 50-120 euros for a walk on the gondola, use ferries, you will be taken over 1 euro, however, a little faster and without pathos;
  • save and rent a hotel in the suburbs of Mestre &# 8211; There are no attractions, look for inexpensive options in the center, for 60-70 euros you can remove a good number;
  • Attend steep and advertised restaurants &# 8211; Go to where Venetians eat, try pasta and fish dishes, in the evening there are discounts;
  • Order group excursions &# 8211; It is expensive and boring, I will not really see anything really, it is better to travel on your own or use individual services of guides;
  • visit boutiques and shops &# 8211; Remember that Venice is not Milan, for shopping there are few opportunities.

And one more advice &# 8211; Never go beyond the crowd, Try to choose your own route in order not to push among the same tourists. Explore inconspicuous streets, enjoy walks in the morning, meet sunsets &# 8211; will be fascinating and incredibly interesting!

When it is better to go to Venice + weather by month

In Venice are not going for a beach holiday, so the selection of the season is not so principled &# 8211; here is cool all year round, although there is also their specificity. So, I will tell you more about each season in Venice:

  • Summer &# 8211; Perhaps the worst time for traveling, which can only be represented. Minuses Kucha &# 8211; Huge queues, breeding prices in hotels, exhausting heat. In general, the nightmare of the tourist, but the guests do not become less.
  • Autumn &# 8211; Time when you can visit the Venetian Film Festival, the historical regatta. Weather in October still comfort, but tourists get less, November is no longer happy with sunny days, although there is also its own charm.
  • Winter &# 8211; A good season for visiting Venice, at the end of December and early January tourists more, the city is decorated, the fairs are held. Winter you can see the snow-covered streets. Dress up warmer, Italian +5 heat may seem colder than Russian 10 below zero, the whole thing in high humidity and wind.
  • Spring &# 8211; In March, you can visit the Venetian carnival, in April it becomes warm already, and the crowd of travelers will sleep in May. You can definitely ride, but frequent become flood.

In general, a lot of festivals are held in Venice, so push the dates of the trip so as to visit at least one of them &# 8211; The spectacle will have curious.

Venice &# 8211; It is no coincidence that is my favorite city of Italy. Here beautifully, art objects are found at every turn, the atmosphere is mysterious and mysterious. I am sure you will like it here &# 8211; Do not forget to take a good camera with you to make hundreds of pictures, leave a bunch of impressions. And do not spare time on excursions and ballot walks in the city &# 8211; This has its own special charm.

Major sights of Venice; What to look for 1 day

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