Makashnitsa in Thailand – instructions for use

Eating in Thailand anywhere, when you like and a lot of delicious. A variety of food dots confirms Thai food cult. Phuket offers restaurants, homemade cafe, takeaway and mobile kitchens. Perhaps about restaurants and cafes Talk to the next time. And today I want to tell you about Makashniki. So called any manifestation of street cuisine.

Where did the word come from "Makashnitsa"?

Nobody will not be absolutely to say from where the word Makashnitsa came in Russian. Most likely this term came up with the first expats and tourists. You can draw an analogy with the word "there is" Malaysky – Makan (Makan). Compare with small cafes in China, which are called "Chifanka" from "Chi Fan" – "there is".

Why Makashnitsa? Some talk from the word "dunk" In the sauce or oil in front of hot, others conduct an analogy with Fast Food McDonalds – Mac – Mak-Ashnitsa.

Thais themselves about the word "Makashnitsa" do not even guess. They call them "Roth-Khen", What is literally translated as "vehicle that pushes". But the word "Makashnitsa" Russian has a wider sense.

What "Makashnitsa"?

So usually call mobile kitchers in Thailand and throughout Southeast Asia. You can draw an analogy with a stray skewer, walking cave, restaurant with wheels. What is cooking on the ecashnitsy? Anything: soups, chicken, chicken hebkers, insects, seafood, pancakes, fruits and even sell drinks. They are taken as trolley, trailers to motorbikes or bicycles – On the streets of Thailand, you can see various variations of mobile mucashnits.

But on this the value of the term in Russian is not limited to. In Phuket, there are stationary kiosks with tables and chairs, and seeing mini-restaurants without a roof. Their Russians are also called Makashniks, like mini-table, where there are trays with food, but there are no tables there. You can come to buy several dishes immediately, you all carefully spin in plastic bags or plastic containers. Of course, in Thai and mini-canteens, and kiosks are called otherwise. Some of the kiosks are opening in frashnis. For example, Five Star Chicken, where the fried chicken is prepared. Or Makashnitsy specializing in a noodles soup – Chysee Mee Kiew (ชาย สี่ บะหมี่ เกี๊ยว). Their kiosks are easy to learn from digitize 4 in a green plate on a yellow background.

Street kitchen in Thailand

The line between the muffin and the cafe is very thin. In Bangkok, many family restaurants started with street trays. And now they have appropriated awards Michelin, and Some says Gordon Ramsi himself. In addition to Makashnitz, you can eat at home cafes, where the tables are located under the roofs, restaurants and bars. And, of course, shops selling ready-made food can not be called Makashnice. Also concerns the sellers who brag food from their huge baskets. Here is such a subtle Russian Thai;)

Makashnitsa in Thailand - How to eat from Makashnitsa, Thai food on the streets of the Phuket Guide

What is sold on the Makashniki?

Each Makashnitsa specializes in some one kind of dishes. For example, noodles: Pat-Thai, bitch-yaks, soups with noodles and other. On Phuket there are separate restaurants and kiosks with Chicken Rice. It happens that on one Makashnice you will be served Pat-Tai and Omelet. The number of ingredients is always strictly limited. Many Makashnitz sell kebabs with sauces. And, of course, make delicious pancakes with bananas and other additives.

Makashnitsa with grasshoppers will never offer tom, and Muslim mini-restaurants or kiosks – pork. On some bananas in deep fryer, on others – chicken legs, on third, serve cut pineapples, guava and watermelons.

In the Phuket Country Club on golf courses there is a fun Makashnitsa, which is called Chicken Hole (Chicken Moon – is about golf and chicken, and not about what you thought!), it is easy to assume that they are preparing.

Be sure to try various goodies from Makashnitz. This is one way to feel a real Thailand. Parishnica prices are very very low, ranging from 5-10 baht for a kebab and ending 50-80 baht for a large praise soup or hot dishes. I can not say that you need only from the Makashnitsa, how to prohibit something trying either. The choice is yours. But if the feeling of squeamishness does not leave you, it is better not to try. Read a separate article how to save on food in Thailand, it will help you to navigate in prices and allotes.

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