Malaga. Cities of Spain

Small picturesque city Malaga (Malaga) In southern Spain is one of the most visited, attracting tourists with its extraordinary landscapes, warm climates, beautiful beaches and a rich history.


Malaga was founded by the Phoenicians about 1100 g. to N.NS. Since that time, the infrastructure of the city was constantly evolving. During the time of the rule of the Roman Empire, in III in. to N.NS., Malaga became one of the most important ports of Europe. And after the conquest of his Arabs in VIII in., The city developed the production of silk fabrics and T.D., It has become a significant Emirates Economic Center. And only in the XV. Castilian troops were walked to Malaga and joined her to Castile. In the time of war in Europe against the German fascist invaders in Malaga, there was an important strategic base of the fleet of Spain.

Today, Malaga is thriving resort town with picturesque natural landscapes, comfortable and attractive beaches and plenty of hotels on the Mediterranean coast. In addition, Malaga is famous for its wines and olive oil. She is the capital of Malaga Province and is considered one of the largest cities on Costa del Sol, Recently, its population exceeded half a million inhabitants.


The history of development Malaga Most of all was reflected in its architectural look. Despite the significant age of the city, which survived various era of art in Europe, you will not find here the palaces in the style of Baroque or Gothic temples and all that attracts us in other cultural centers of Europe. Malaga has always been a small city in which outdated buildings were simply demolished to build practical, new buildings in their place. And yet, some of the historical monuments have survived to the present day and are ready to tell tourists about the city development periods.

Among the most visited tourists sights of Malaga are Ruins of theater (Teatro Romano) of the time of the domination of ancient Rome, dated I – II BB. to N.NS., And close to the ruins (Alcazaba). The palace was erected at the place of the Roman Bastion during the period of the Board of Arabs, about XI in. This is the only palace that is striking tourists with its rich park area with an abundance of exotic flowers and palm trees and fancy fountains. A particularly unforgettable impression produce, it would seem that the endless labyrinths of the courtyards, which are fenced with high walls. On the territory of the Alcabas Palace there is a special transition by passing which you can get into Hibralfar Fortress (Castillo de Gibralfaro). The construction of this fortress began still the founders of Malaga – the Phoenicians, and the Arabs were already completed in the XIV., Giving it such a consonant and beautiful name, which translated into Russian means "Lighthouse on the cliff".

Malaga. Cities in Spain

The most extraordinary architectural building in Europe is truly Cathedral in Malaga (CateDral Y Museo Catedralicio). The unusualness of this building is determined by a mixture of styles that existed in Europe at different times. Its construction began at the beginning of the XVI in., After the liberation of Malaga from Arabs, and lasted until the XVIII century. The foundation of the structure is made in the Gothic style, its facades are made in the style of the Renaissance, and towers and vaults – in the style of Baroque.

And how many tourists attract The most unusual collection of plants, Which is B Botanical Garden (Jardin Botanico-Historico La Concepcion) in the center of Malaga. The collection of this botanical garden contains various plants from around the world. Here you can quietly wander around the veilsive alleys, enjoying the fabulous beauty of nature, watching ducks, measured by floating in the reservoirs, and throw a coin into a pond with goldfish, fading the most cherished desire.

In the center of Malaga, the whole pilgrimage of tourists visit the house in which the great cubist of the 20th century was born, a brilliant artist Pablo Picasso Fundacion Picasso Museo – Casa Natal). In 2003, the Museum dedicated to the Creativity of the Great Master was founded in this house. In addition to this museum, you can visit the unique Museum of Mechanical Art and Museum Miniature.

A B Torremolinos, which is located 15 km from Malaga itself, you can visit "Cooderles Park" (Crocodile Park), in which more than three hundred species of reptiles from all over the world are collected. In addition, the conditions for their natural habitat are recreated here.

Malaga. Cities in Spain

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