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Walking around the local farms, we easily found family business for the cultivation of strawberries, followed by the manufacture of Jema. We spent half a day with the eldest son. Studied the process of making jam and met with vertical strawberry growing systems. On the territory of one of the farms, they organized a cafe where tourists can enjoy strawberries, jams, chocolate and homemade cookies – all this is done here. Checki reporter read on the project site

Following two days we went to the tracking. This is great! Strengthening the body and spirit, we enjoyed landscapes and mowed a variety of plants. It is in this area that it is easy to meet the biggest flower in the world – Rafflese. The diameter of the flower is greater than a meter, and the weight of more than ten kilograms. True, during our visit there was no longer a season of flowering. If you find yourself in Cameron, do not hurry to buy a tracking with a guide, try to go on your own. On the streets of the city often there are kiosks "Topist information", Where you will absolutely tell you about all routes and their features, and will also give a photograph of the cards, and for 4 ringgit (about 40 rubles) you can buy a card.

We really liked the route # 1 (this is how it is indicated on all maps). It is the ascent of the mountain, offering stunning views of the valleys covered with forests and clouds. The descent is carried out on the opposite side, and if the rise was at a difficult forest, then the asphalt road leads to tea plantations. Tea is another of the advantages of Cameron. Here they grow, recycled and pack the most popular drink in the world. If there is a desire, for some amount you can look at production and see the whole process yourself.

Four days ran not noticeable and we took the course to Kuala Lumpur. Paying 350 rubles and driving 4 hours, we found themselves in the capital of Malaysia. After cooling of mountain air "Stone jungle" We had not in spirit, we were looking forward to departure to Bali. For two days of staying in Kuala Lumpur, we walked around the local market and, of course, looked at the Petronance towers from the Bar of the nearby hotel, located on the 33rd floor. To admire skyscrapers in this way, we advised our Irish friend Fintan. Indeed, the view from here is awesome: Gemini as on the palm, nothing lights up and does not interfere with viewing. So where to go? Look for Traders Hotel in the City Center area, right next to Petronance towers. Next rise to the 33 floor and from the elevator straight fall in Sky Bar!

To go to Kuala Lumpur Airport there are several ways: taxi, metro, bus. Aeroexpress goes to the main terminal – the cost of one ticket about 300 rubles. By taxi if you are four, the amount will be the same. But if you have a ticket for Air Asia, which has a separate terminal, that is, a pleasant bonus – from the Metro station Kl Central every half an hour is the bus for 8 ringgit (about 80 rubles) with a person, he will bring you straight to the Air Asia terminal. If you fly another airline is not scary, when landing in a bus, no one will ask you a plane ticket, so you can reach the airport on this bus. How far are the terminals from each other unknown to us, but the available transport is suitable between them.

Our flight was successful and we landed on Bali. At the airport, Denpasar was met by Stas – our friend and countryman. He helped to find us affordable housing and bikes, introduced to the cool guys and generally helped to quickly navigate on the island.

As for housing, options for Bali Mass – you can rent a villa, a room, a small house. For example, a large three-storey house with a swimming pool, hot water and air conditioning in the rooms will cost about 33.000 rubles per month. But living in it can up to six people, as a result, it turns out very beneficial. The room can be removed for 3.000 rubles per month. In general, there are many options for different taste and wallet. We settled in "Russian commune" With guys from Perm, Chelyabinsk and Moscow, removing cute rooms for 4500 rubles per month each. Even immediately at arrival on the island you need to rent a bike or car. Distances here are not small and if you want to ride around the neighborhood, see the sights, be mobile, then without personal transport. You can rent a bike or car near every corner. To take for a long time, of course, more profitable – the bike will reach about 1600 rubles for a month, and for rent about 130 rubles a day. The car per day will cost about 600 rubles.

What to do on the island? Of course surfing! Bali is famous for excellent satellis, excellent schools and, of course, waves! The main reason lies in the fact that the waves on Bali come 365 days a year, the ocean is almost always warm, and the number of surf spots will turn over 40. There are waves for any level, both for a beginner and for the famous pros: beach breaks and reefs with fast and sharp waves, and gentle long waves, ideal for longboards. Everyone can find a suitable spot for its level and enjoy surfing. We first got up onto the board, so they rode Kuta Beach. In Kuta, the sandy bottom, respectively, there is no danger of injury about reef, as well as suitable for beginners waves. Stand on the board turned out quickly enough, maybe thanks to a snowboard, on which we ride every winter, and maybe thanks to the enthusiasm. We really liked the surf very much and we gladly thought about what we could ride also on the legendary sobs of California and Hawaii!

If you have a desire to ride on the surf, you can contact the school where you will provide inventory and instructor. If you have already tried and have an idea of ​​surfing, you can take a board right on the beach. For example, on Kuta Beach, the riding hour will cost 30.000 rupees (100 rubles), if you take a board for a longer period, then get an impressive discount.

In addition to the ocean, there is a mountainous area on the island. From the west to East Bali, a mountain range was stretched – a zone of high volcanic activity. Two large operating volcanoes Gunung-Agung (3142 m) and Gunung-Battur (1717 m) are located in the northeastern part of the island. Many tourist offices offer tours to volcanoes in which: climbing, transfer, lunch. You can use their services, and you can go to trip on your own, taking a car or bike.

Malaysia - Indonesia

We were lucky that in our commune there is a great girl Luba from Chelyabinsk.
She has long been on Bali for a long time and knows where, what and how, sometimes it takes tourists in the sights for a small reward. Together with her, taking a six-bed jeep to the rental, we went to a big trip in the island: on the Vulcan Battur, hot springs and waterfall Nung Nung . Start was in 01.00 nights, because at the foot of Batura we had to be in 03.00, and already at 03.30 Start climbing. Start the way always at night, to meet on top of the dawn. By the way, if you go to the volcano yourself, then local guides will meet directly at the foot. Take them sure – paying them, how would you pay for the entrance. These guys will give you lanterns, will accompany on the trail when you need to help, as well as all the way to the top will entertain chatteries. At the top you will be offered breakfast – boiled eggs, sandwiches with banana and hot tea, and then you will find the most awesome spectacle – dawn. It is very difficult to describe it: among the bizarre clouds, the sun rises from the ocean and blinds its light. The beauty is incredible! Two lifting hours up on slippery path standing these magic minutes. By the way, going to climb, take warm clothes, because in the early morning on top of the cold. As well as take care of normal shoes, go up in sandals or slaps will not work, it is dangerous and generally impossible!

After tiring climb and descent, I really want to relax. To restore the strength and cheered up we went to hot springs Batur Natural Hot Springs at the foot of the volcano. Find them easy, in the area they are alone right on the shores of Lake Danau Batur. Entrance to the territory costs 160.000 rupees (about 500 rubles), here are also included: Pure Towel, Shampoo, Freshly squeezed juice and lunch. The time of stay on sources is not limited. Hot Springs are organized in pools where hot mineral water enriched with useful trace elements. There is a cool freshwater pool. The contrast of temperature gives a tone and favorably affects the muscles and vessels. In general, this is a gorgeous place where fatigue takes off with hand. Soaring a couple of hours in hot "Baths" We went to search not too popular, but very beautiful waterfall Nung Nung. It was recently discovered to visit it recently, because there are almost no people here, there are no tourists on buses here. Imagine how good here? In general, to find Nung Nung, you need to keep a course on Kintamani, and then the signs.

There is one more beautiful place on Bali, which is necessary to visit – this is the town of Ubud (Ubud). It is located in the mountainous terrain in the central part of the island. Ubud very kind of resort, unlike the rest. To the ocean from here more than an hour drive, around the hills covered with jungle, rice fields and rivers flowing between ripples. Vintage city Ubud – Center for artistic crafts and arts Bali. Famous Jewelry Gallery, Tree Thread Center and Batik Gallery – Unique Tissue Mural Technics. Ubud is considered the spiritual capital of the island, there are many yoga salons, temples and ashram.

Not far from Ubuda there is a cool Balinese zoo. The entrance costs 750 rubles, but it is worth it. Orangutans, crocodiles, lions, tigers, monkeys, bats – all animals live in conditions close to natural. That is, they do not sit in the cells, and freely roam the territory, only the pivops filled with water are separated from people.

In addition to the beauty of nature and animal world, we looked at the masterpieces that people create. On Bali there is awesome place – "Temple" Deus Ex Machina. Deus is one of the most authoritative motorist in the world, which is known to people far from motorcyclism due to the fact that it turns each branch to the real city (or the "temple", as they themselves call). There are workers living, Custom motorcycles, surfs, clothes and more. Total DEUS has four temples: in Australia, America, Italy and here – in Indonesia. For guys from the DEUS team, each motorcycle is a project. First, they come up with an idea, and then collect it in parts – this is how these incomparable motorcycles are born. The same thing is with surfs, each board is a unique project. Clothes and accessories in the DEUS store are distinguished by high quality and cool design. I want to buy everything – ranging from the cap, ending with a motorcycle. Arriving in Deus, you can take a walk not only on the showroom, but also look into workshops, if you’re lucky, see how skaters ride in the ramp built specifically for them. Deus is a lifestyle, it is philosophy. They chase on the bikes, they will serfat, draw, invent and produce fashionable clothes, and, of course, adore music. On this occasion, every resurrection in the bar on the territory of DEUS pass parties with excellent music and drinks. Do not miss! Where to go –
Jalan Laksamana 3b, Oberoi, Denpasar.

We lived on Bali 20 beautiful days. This island infected with his magic and spirit, it certainly wants to return again. In a great mood and with huge luggage impressions, we go further – to the Philippines. Watch out for the project on the site and in the VK group.

Malaysia - Indonesia

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