Tuton Order Castle in Malbork (Marienburg)

The last point of our Polish travel was the city of Malbork, in which we visited the castle of the Teutonic Order of the same name. It is believed that this castle is one of the most popular attractions of Poland, which is visited annually several million tourists. In the late 90s, the castle of Marienburg (Ordensburg Marienburg) was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, and since then its popularity grows every year. The city of Malbork or, as he called the Germans, Marienburg (city of Mary) is located in 60km south-east of Gdansk and 80 km from the border with the Kaliningrad region. We think that the inhabitants of Kaliningrad are happy to go there as a weekend trip, but we are not Kaliningraders, and therefore attend the castle as part of a large automotive travel in Europe. The most convenient way to get to Malbork from Gdansk is a train. From the station Gdańsk Główny to the Malbork station, the path takes only 40-45 minutes, but it is possible to land on the train and in Sopot, and in Gdynia. You can see the train schedule on site Polish railways, there can also be purchased tickets. The price of a ticket to Malbork – 19.00zł (€ 4.5) plus tax 8% 1.40Zł (€ 0.33). Total, a complete one-end ticket per adult will cost you in 20.4zł (€ 4.9), and a ticket from Warsaw to Malbork costs twice as expensive. For European railways it is quite inexpensive!

We went to the Malbork Castle from Gdansk in their car, and the road took about an hour. At the entrance to the castle, the first thing that rushes into the eyes is numerous parking filled with buses and machines. On one of them we decided to leave the car, and went to the castle on foot. We judged that the Castle itself is unlikely to have its own parking, and even with free places – no wonder there are so many of them at the entrance to the sights.

Parking required to pay about 35Zł (€ 8.34), but by that time I have already run out of cash Polish money: only about 20 zloty things remained. Surprisingly, the cashier in the parking lot without any problems agreed to 15 zlotys (€ 3.6) and even gave us a receipt – it is two times less than the specified price! Everything turned out a little later when we approached the castle itself and found parking right at the entrance.

It was practically no machines on it, and in order not to be upset at all, we decided not to clarify its value. So if you go to the Malbarka castle on the car, keep in mind that you can drive up to the same castle and try to park from him, because to return to the paid parking 500 meters ago you will always have time.

Nevertheless, in the fact that we parked far from the castle, there were also their advantages. We were able to estimate the incredible dimensions of the castle to the full extent – the Teutonic castle in Malbork is considered the biggest brick castle in the world and one of the largest among all castles. Its area – more than 20 hectares!

Knight’s Teutonic Order to strengthen his position on the Wist, began construction of the Upper Castle in 1274, which lasted 30 years. The building consisting of four buildings, with a move on the roof, small angular turrets and four-story main buildings served knights for meetings.

Teutonic Order moved to the castle even during construction. In 1309, the Fifteenth Grand Master Siegfried von Foyhetvagengen, who headed the Order from 1303 to 1311, suffered the main residence of the Order from Venice to Marienburg, which was of great importance for the development of the Order of the United States in Prussia. Malbork became the capital of the state of the Crusaders and therefore constantly expanded and rebuilt. Later the castle became the residence of the Polish kings.

The entire castle complex surrounds high brick walls with towers adapted for firearms firing. In the XIV-XV centuries, the castle, which was surrounded by four lines of defense, with large stocks of food and weapons, its own inner well and a numerous garrison of the knights, became almost impregnable.

During World War II, the Malbarka castle was almost completely destroyed, and in fact they were actually built on old drawings and layouts. We knew about it before the trip and expected to see the same new building as in Belarusian Nesvizh. But they were pleasantly surprised: unlike Belarusian castles, it does not have the feeling that furniture here from Ikea. In addition, the Cathedral of the Virgin Mary did not restore, but left him as a reminder of the war. Construction goes now, so in a few years, tourists will be able to see new buildings. In the meantime, you can explore the high and medium locks, walk through the territory of the low lock, where the hotel is located Hotel Zamkowy (which is located in the former hospital building), Church of St. Lawrence and other administrative buildings.

Walking along the walls of the castle, we went inside. For lovers of gothic locks, a scheme that stands before the entrance will be useful. We opened several places for themselves, which were not even heard, so besides the route Orlins nests, Our list has replenished with another interesting route in Poland – expensive Gothic castles of Poland.

Tickets we acquired on non-cash with plastic), but I did not guessed the audio guide. Keep in mind that if an audio activity is already included in your ticket, it needs to be taken at the entrance to the castle, and not at the checkout. Immediately it is worth noting that at least half a day at a visit to the castle in Malbork. We spent about 3 in the castle.5 hours, and saw very and very little. If you want to make good photos and quietly inspect the castle, then come to the discovery yourself, because the number of sightseeing groups (especially on the weekend) is infinite, in one hall can be up to 5-6 excursions.

If you are not going to visit the exhibitions, but you want to look at the castle outside, then you should come in the evening or on Monday. At 19:00, interior facilities are closed and only yards and open gallery remains available for inspection. From 19 to 20 hours we met only a few people in the castle, and then people appear again, as night excursions begin. They are not held every day, so in order for them to get, you need to get acquainted in advance with the schedule – they say it is very interesting. Read more about the hours of work of Malbork Castle, you can read on site Museum, here you can also find complete information about prices on tickets.

And we go to walk through the castle and start our way from the gate that lead to the courtyard of the middle castle. Above the entrance is a bas-relief with the Virgin Maria – because Marienburg means the "City of Mary", and it was she who protected the Teutonic knights.

Earlier in buildings around the middle courtyard there were rooms of the highest administrative ranks and a great compete, there were premises for the reception of high-ranking guests of the castle and holding solemn or political assemblies. Also there were weapons warehouses, the chapel of St. Catherine and the Lazaret Hospital. And now the first thing that attracts attention is a strange installation with undressed men. It should be noted that all few tourists have been busy in order to take pictures of their lower part. &# 128578;

Malbork Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork Marienburg

Here is the souvenir shop where you can buy something in memory – prices are not very different from those that we saw in the city, so you can not save.

The most significant landmark of the courtyard of the Middle Castle are the statues of the Great Master of the Teutonic Order.

But tourists pay on them almost do not pay until the guide will indicate on these great masters – the guests are much more attracted by sculptures that can be seen on wires.

In the high lock, we go through the bridge – there are no people in this photo because it is done after the exhibitions is closed, and until 19 o’clock on it, they do not push it up – everyone wish to take pictures on the background of the RVA, which separates the middle castle from high. Above the entrance to the castle of bas-relief with the image of the great grandmaster of the Teutonic Order.

And this is a view from the bridge to the Klesza Tower and Bridge Gate.

Here again you can see the fucking sculptures – they are abused in the entire castle. The wire on which they are located is almost not visible, so it seems that these strange "ninjas" depended in the air.

On the four sides of the castle there are courtyards, in which both modern monuments and preserved from the Middle Ages. Be sure to strive for them, if time allows, here you can see very interesting items. Their very (very!) a lot, so we will not stop in detail each, but just show photos.

Malbork Castle of the Teutonic Order in Malbork Marienburg

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