Mallorc Island

If you are a romantic and connoisseur nature, travel lover and outdoor activities, especially golf games, and if you have never been to Mallorca, you should hurry to see the island of early spring. After all, there are special causes.

Balearic Islands, the possession of Spain, the largest of which is the island of Mallorca (3640 are located in the western part of the Mediterranean, 200 km from the Pyrenean Peninsula. The capital of Mallorca is the city of Palma, in which most of the population of the island lives.

Over 4 million tourists visit Mallorca every year, mainly from Germany, Switzerland and Scandinavia. For many of them, Mallorca is a favorite place of rest. One of the main reasons is a soft subtropical climate: the mountain chains protect the island from the cold northern winds, and in the summer constantly blowing breeze softens the hot summer sun. So summer heat here to transfer is much easier than on the mainland of Spain. The average summer temperature is about 25 degrees, sunny days – more than 300 per year. Beautiful nature, beaches for every taste – sandy and pebble, excellent conditions for sports, golfing, friendliness of the local population, not to mention the most popular Mediterranean cuisine. In addition, the journey to Mallorca is a great opportunity to combine a full-fledged vacation on the sea with an inspection of numerous local attractions – ancient monasteries, majestic castles, picturesque fishing villages. All this and much more makes returning here again and again.

Residents of Mallorca itself are convinced: Spring is the most beautiful time of year on the island. It’s hard to argue with it. But the fact is that at the very beginning of the spring, six million almond trees are blooming here. The whole island is painted in stunning pastel colors, as local residents say, "Wear a wedding dress". Almond blossom turns Mallorca in an incredibly romantic, fabulous place, more similar to the scenery to some fantastic film. Special coloring early spring in Mallorca also attaches a unique smell of blooming almonds. By the way, especially for those who want to take "Magic island particle", Spirits have been created here "Flor d’Amettler", Based on the fragrance of which, naturally, the smell of almond flowers.

At this time, in Mallorca flowers and blooms literally all – plants, animals, creating some very special, joyful and bright mood. Flower huge plantations of peaches, lemons, oranges and t.D. By the way, the same lemons and oranges bloom and fruit even once a year. Under the silver-green crown of olive trees they graze as if toy lambs, in fresh green golf courses, as never happened to raise pheasants and partridges.

Mallorc Island

By the way, about golf: for lovers of this game Mallorca – a real paradise. The peak of the season accounts for the spring months, among the regulars of the Golf courses, mostly the British, Germans and Scandinavians. Locals are very careful about this island guest category. It is understandable: "The average" The golf course is usually the profession of a businessman living in four or five-star hotel, ready to spend an average of about 100 euros per day.

Perhaps the only minus trip to Mallorca early spring can be considered the lack of opportunity to swim in the sea – the water is still too cold. So if you are a fan of sea bathing, it is better to postpone a trip for a couple of months. After all, already in May, and this is pretty early for the Mediterranean, water warms up to 20 s.

This spring, the inhabitants of Mallorca to the usual grace was added another reason for joy: the record rainfall that fell in November last year, saved the island from years of drought. For the first time over the past few years throughout the year there is no threat of water shortage. So this year the inhabitants of Mallorca are hospitable and fun, however, as all the inhabitants of the Mediterranean, will be happy to guests, more than ever.

Mallorc Island

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