Malta in April What to see, weather and the sea

Malta in April: what to see, weather and the sea

For those who do not know, Malta is a tiny island state in Europe. Consists of 3 main islands – Malta, Gozo and Comino. Here are 2 main types of tourists: the first coming here for a few days for exploring attractions, the second – for a longer term to learn English. In the summer months, all this is complemented by numerous beachheads.

What to see in Malta

In order to view all the main sights of Malta enough 2-3 days. Many sites and bloggers write that Malta is a huge open-air museum with many beautiful towns and places, which can be inspected for a very long time. For me, all this nonsense. Most often, such "order" is written either concerned in attracting tourists to Malta travel agents, or people who first got out abroad from a small town and are surprised as children to everything new.

In fact, all cities and villages in Malta are similar, so you can especially not bother and do not attend everything – nothing new you will see there. Cities on the island pretty dirty, architecture, in general, reminds North Africa, pump-build houses on each other. You start to understand this as soon as you arrive and see this poor airport.

Personally, I liked beautiful coastal places – rocks, caves and bays. It is very picturesque, albeit a little monotonous. In addition, being in Malta, be sure to walk on the embankment from Pacenta to the ferry in Slim. It will take a little more than 1 hour – approximately 6 kilometers. Suck the fresh sea air, look at the coast, people.

View from Sluma on Valletta! I walked here constantly 🙂

Malta is an excellent direction, for more – this is already an amateur. There are many other more interesting places in Europe.

I advise tourists who, as I do not like to walk on museums and other inexpressible oil-bearing places with a "rich" history, visit the following places:

Gozo Island – for 1 day.

Mdina and Rabat – for a couple of hours.

Valletta – Powder.
Three Cities (Three Cities) – for a couple of hours.

Blue Grotto (Blue Grotto) – 2-3 hours.

Valletta (Valetta)

During my stay in Malta, I was here several times. I came here on the ferry from Slim – you can read about it in the article "How to get from Slim in Valletta".

Well, what to say about Valletta is a beautiful city surrounded by water, towering on the peninsula, narrow streets and a huge number of steps, the same type of beautiful buildings and fortress walls, from which you can see Slise, three cities and endless sea landscapes.

Many tourists, shops, restaurants. There is an indoor Fudcourt, where under the same roof there are many kitchens, it is here, inside this task:

The main interesting part of Valletta can be bypassed in a couple of hours. The main part of it is the top garden of the Barraq, near which there is a new beautiful fountain, as well as the bus station.

Immediately near the parking lot of huge cruise liners. Malta enters routes of many European cruises.

I liked this place, came here several times.

Three Cities (Three Cities)

From the upper and lower gardens of the barrack opens a vacuum view of the Great Harbor and three cities: Vittoriosa, Campica and Senglela. It’s not necessary to go here, the fact is that these three cities beautifully look exactly from the far or from water. There is nothing directly in them – the same sites of buildings, narrow streets as everywhere, as well as a huge amount of yachts.

View of three cities from the top garden in Vallette:

If there is a desire to visit them – I advise you to use the ferry.

You can get through the elevator located in the upper garden. Go down, go to the water, the signs will understand where the ferry is located. The ticket is worth 1.5 euro one way, 2.8 euros in both directions. Note, there is a winter and summer schedule, and in the evening the ticket price is slightly higher. Schedule You can see here: http: // / schedule.PDF

Important moment about elevator. He is free on the descent. But when you approach you, you will ask the ticket from the ferry. If there is no such, you will need to pay for the rise, but how much I don’t know, I had a ticket, I presented it and went on.

Several photos from Marina in the city of Vittoriosis (I only had enough for this city):

Gozo Island (Goszo)

We traveled here with the school, the excursion was worth 35 euros. Lasted from 8 am to 17 o’clock. For me this time was enough. Early in the morning, we sat down on the bus and went to the ferry, a trip on which for me was one of the most interesting moments of this excursion, as I love Fresh air, ships and the sea.

Arrived at Gozo. In the port of us met a bus with a guide. And we went to the opposite part of the island, as it turned out to visit the church. I did not understand the goal of our trip in this church – it is Novodel, and for me it does not differ from dozens of other churches in Malta.

Spent here about half an hour.

It was fun to meet the brainchild of Russian automotive industry in Malta.

After we went on the coast in the Dwejra area (here is Blue Hole). This is really a beautiful place, fresh sea air, huge waves. Wonderful landscapes. Spent about 1 hour here.

After we went for a walk along the capital of the island – the city of Victoria. Small town, with the same narrow streets and similar buildings as on the main island, the main difference is the colors of the buildings.

Here everything is such a sand peach. Well, monotonous, like everywhere in Malta.

Walked here in this fort.

Main Sightseeing Fort – This Wonderful Church.

Rose upstairs was very windy. Hence the wonderful view of ..

for not very wonderful surroundings).

During a walk through the city, 2 people have lost from the group (the guide warned many times to keep the band :)),

never found lost and drove further. For lunch … in a very beautiful small bay called Xlendi Bay.

I really liked this place 🙂 Here you can dine, just walk along different restaurants, the fact is that in some expensive and tasteless, and in some very nothing.

After lunch we went back on the ferry.

This is a view from the ferry to the port of Gozo:

This time we had an ordinary ferry not for groups, with a huge number of passengers. There was no place inside the apple.

We have held all the time traveling on the deck, admiring the sea landscapes and considering the island of Comino, the past of which lay our way.

If I get back to Malta, then I’ll probably go here yourself, without a group, so as not to hurry to see the coast with its beautiful places.

Mdina and Rabat

These two cities are located in touch with each other, so the boundaries between them do not see. Mdina is a fortress within which the narrow streets with the same type of houses in which people live, there are numerous shops and restaurants, as well as several churches. For 1 hour you can get around this fortress.

Did not like the abundance of cars inside the fortress, because of which it was difficult to make a good photo. Before entering MDINA, sell local pastries. In the Midina itself there is a restaurant with cakes, it is considered very popular – but I have a hurry to upset you – the usual cakes, nothing over with tasty or unique I did not feel.

After Mdina, we went to the discount – half an hour worried and did not quite understand how you can write in blog tips like "Be sure to go to Rabat, this is a unique place that everyone should visit". There is nothing to do. Monotonous houses, streets, cafes and shops – Nothing.

Blue Grotto (Blue Grotto)

This can be reached from Valletta in two ways: 74 bus or taxi. We arrived after 16 hours, and to our surprise and regret the local restaurants were already closed, found only one place where it was possible to eat.

Bloj Groatto consists of two parts: the bottom (small grotto, going deep into the land) and the top – beautiful rocks with huge caves. Here above there is an observation deck with which you can make pictures. You can walk on the cliffs, but carefully. There is now closed – it is written that it is dangerous, the collapse can happen. But for me and some of the same active tourists did not stop, went around all open and closed places.

This is the lower part of Bru Groatto:

And this is the upper, the most picturesque:

It is clear that it is worth walking there, and there, they are located about 500 meters from each other.

Please note that the 74 bus departs from stopping at the top (where the observation deck) is not driving down at all. Look at the schedule at stops, so as not to be mistaken as we.

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