Malta Island

Malta – Marine Trade Trading Center between Europe, Africa and Asia, a great place to stay, pantry language schools. Italy is clearly reminded by the shape of the boot. If you follow the analogy, that Malta can be compared with a neat followed by a boot, which was abandoned by numerous guests and conquerors of the Holy Land. Malta – the largest island in the same archipelago.

Mediterranean Sea envelops the island from all sides. Blue, transparent water Lagoon annually attracts attention from the side of thousands of tourists from all over the world. Even lazy and do not hurry to leave their native home British, often go to this paradise to send their vacation.

But Malta is attractive not only with its ideal climatic conditions. During its long history, the island has managed to maintain, and carry through the centuries rich in monuments, the historicity of the property, architectural complexes.

People who wish to explore or pull up English all year round. Malta combines unique opportunities for knowledge and recreation on numerous beaches and bays cut into the coastline.

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What interesting to see in Malta?

Top of Malta attractions

Old Town Mdina

Fort Tinny

Rocks Dingley

Fort Rinell

Catacombs of St. Paul

Temple complex Tarshire

Palace Spinoles

Blue Grotto

Tower of St. Agatha

Safi village

Malta Island: Excursions and Events

Miss during their stay in Malta definitely do not have to. Favorite for walking place near tourists – Sliema and Julians, on the two main coastal resorts there are a great many batch and souvenir shops, as well as entertainment centers.

Take an excursion to Mellih, from there, from the highest points of the mountains and hills to you will be perfect views of the Maltese archipelago. It is impossible not to visit the Maltese capital, Valletta, where the National Museum Exhibition is located. Central place among other attractions occupies the Palace of the Grand Master. The largest shopping street of the city is the Republic, will offer to visit the largest stores with abundance of souvenir products.

Not lasting among other travel objects, Mdina occupies, who managed to preserve its almost initial, medieval view. Town often compare from the palaces of the times of the knights. Built settlement among numerous meadows and fields. Be sure to ride on the boat on the Blue Throat, known for the whole world.

Malta is also rich in bright ideas and shows, one of which takes place in Valletta. The program is focused on recreating historical facts.

Malta Island, Malta Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Malta Travel Guide

History Malta

Climate in Malta

What can be more beautiful to rest in Malta? Only the name of the paradise island makes thinking about beautiful weather, the sea and the sun. In fact, climatic conditions are ideal for any type of rest. On the island reigns typical for the Mediterranean climate. Winter is pretty soft, with an average temperature of 17-10 degrees, summer is distinguished by dry weather and hot, sultry sun, ready to shine round.

High season begins in May and ends with the arrival of September, rains in this period almost never happens.

Malta Island: Entertainment and Active Leisure

Soft Mediterranean climatic conditions allow all day to engage in active types of tourism. Numerous beaches are called holidaymakers to plunge into the transparent thickness of water. True, to the most beautiful and pleasant, you will need to get on transport.

All conditions for golf classes have been created in the Malta capital. If desired, you can play football or visit Tennis Court. Picturesque landscapes allow tourists to engage in athletics, cycling or horse riding. Extremes will be able to test themselves in a parachute jump, or in climbing. Aquatic extravagania begins with the arrival of autumn months, open centers for diving diving and t.D. Most beaches are invited to enjoy water skiing, surfing, paragliding or yachting.

The most popular sport in Mal is diving with scuba, because the water here is so transparent that you can easily watch the life and beauty of the underwater world. Scubaeers adore this place for rich rocky reliefs, grottoes, deep caves. In coastal waters, you can consider the fragments of the former ships and ships.

Transport features Malta

Transport in Malta is quite diverse, tourists will not have problems with the movement on the island. You can call a taxi from the hotel or by phone, but it is worth being prepared for not the lowest riding prices. Bus routes are laid on the main attractions of Malta.

To have time to drive all architectural and historical monuments worth use the car rental. With the same success on the island there is a rental of bicycles or scooters. It is worth remembering that in Malta only left-sided movement. The main port of the state is located in the Maltese capital – Valette.

Malta Island, Malta Recreation, Reviews, Hotels of Malta Travel Guide

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