Malta. Sightseeing to see

On Malta you will find everything – from Monuments To the most beautiful Laguna on the island.

1. Comino.

Blue Laguna Comino – The biggest landmark of Malta. Azure water and beautiful scenery perfect place for a day trip in combination with sunbathing and snorkeling. Water here is incredibly transparent.
You can get to Comino on the boat: There are several places for landing. Cruise from Valletta takes about an hour. Floating there, admire the architecture and grottoes on the coast.
Blue Laguna is the biggest tourist attraction of Malta, so there is crowded in high season here. Come better as early as possible to reserve a place on narrow beaches or choose a liner offering swimming during a cruise.

2. Goszo Island.

This is a separate island owned by Malta. Despite the fact that this is the same country, the atmosphere on Gozo is completely different. People there are slow, lazy, calm and do not rush anywhere. As if all the time off. Such a rest is also needed, especially after departure from Multi Multiplinary Places.
Visit Azure window, Educated by marine waves in a rocky shore. One of Malta’s most popular attractions a few years ago collapsed and fell into the sea. There is something to do, especially if you want to swim under water with scuba. The serial fans will see one of the most beautiful places of the series "Game of Thrones" – Wedding place Daeneeris Targaryen and Haly Drow.
You can go to the discount, a simple walk through the streets of which will deliver unforgettable impressions. Especially if you get into the bar where local. Just sit down and enjoy the cold atmosphere KinnyRoasted drink, Available only by Malta.
Batting on Gozo on public transport and ferry, make a stop and see one of the few sandy beaches Malta – Mellic Bay.

3. Valletta – monuments, beaches and beautiful architecture.

In the capital of the island of more than 300 monuments, lovers of history will find here real pearls. Those who prefer walks around the city will like the architecture.
In Valletta worth seeing the churches, palaces, fortifications and not only. In the capital of Malta, residential buildings, carved from sandstone, are replete with very characteristic balconies or beautifully decorated gates and doors. Narrow streets are sissed by life, and everyone who loves to eat well, you have to confront the smells of this world.

V Vallette Excellent kitchen: Hot shells with peas or ricotta, for dinner seafood and freshly dried fish. A popular dish is a rabbit, and you can eat it in almost every restaurant.

Malta. Sightseeing to see

4. The village go – a place that is worth visiting in Malta.

As a scenery for the film about the popular navigator and a fool Spinach I go, Built a whole village. Suddenly, she became one of the most interesting sights of Malta, especially among the smallest visitors. Buildings B cartoon style There is something to offer, and their playful look will be an excellent background for photos from family holidays. When children will be tired of sightseeing Plan a swim in the Anchor Bay, famous for its emerald color of water.

5. Marsachlokk – Fishing Village.

Village Landscape Almost Unreal: Beautiful Houses, Church and Fish Market, concentrated around the harbor. Fit beautifully painted boats hereLutskEyes decorated with eyes Osirisa. Bright colors of boats are spectacular and extremely photogenic. But not only for beautiful pictures worth a visit Marsaxlokk: Sunday morning visit the fish Marsaxlokk market.
To get to the village, like almost everywhere in Malta, it is possible by public transport from Valletta by bus or rented car. At the entrance to the center there is a parking near the small beach. In the offseason, he is empty, but in the summer months crowded. Go to a restaurant that serves fish and seafood directly from the cutter.

Of course, Malta has much more to offer. Therefore, study, and other places. The first step towards the discovery of the beauty of this island – book your holiday in Malta.

Malta. Sightseeing to see

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