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Planning a vacation, all families face that each of her member is different wishes, combining which is sometimes very difficult.

But this problem can be solved by using one of the family programs that I developed on work and which allow you to satisfy the desires and needs of very many modern families. Today I want to present Malta.

This program offers an excellent opportunity to combine one vacation wishes for the whole family.

First of all, remember that Malta is popular for the study of English. And in the summer linguistic camps here come hundreds, if not thousands of children and adolescents from 8 to 17 years. Not every one of them parents are ready to let go into an independent trip for the sea, so many accompany parents. For the most part, these are moms, so these proposals are for them, of course, if the Moms themselves do not want to teach English. For those who want to learn the language best to refer to the review of Maltese linguistic schools …

For female parents, in addition to sightseeing and relaxing on the beach, most interesting thalassotherapy and other cosmetology and wellness procedures that give the sea, washing the sunny island.

Thalassotherapy an ancient health and rejuvenating system, which can be translated as treatment by the sea. She was known in the days of the ancient world, in memory of which one of the procedures is called "Cleopatra Bath" in thalassotherapy programs use sea water, seaweed, sea dirt, marine organisms. There are intensive facial and body care programs, anti-stress and rehabilitation programs, referral correction courses.

Thalassotherapy centers work only in the fashionable and best hotels of Malta:

Centre Athenaeum Health SPA.

The Athenaeum Center offers preventive, lining and cosmetology programs. Procedures are based on combination of mud-, water and algae with aromatherapy, flowing and gymnastics.

Courses are aimed at the integrated effect on the muscles, spine, stimulation of endocrine and immune systems, activation of skin regeneration.

The cost of programs for 1 day starts from 150-180 €, for 3 days from 230-250 €, 5 days from 370 €. Any complex procedures can be chosen independently, based on personal wishes and recommendations of doctors.

The Athenaeum Health SPA center offers more than 50 different Thalasso and spa procedures and programs and is located in the Corinthia Palace Hotel 5 *.

This is a wonderful hotel in the center of Malta Island, his beautiful gardens of San Antonio surrounds. All rooms Bathroom, Air conditioning, Minibar, Internet and Other Amenities.

The hotel has a lobby bar, bistro and cocktail bar, 3 restaurants, hairdresser, jewelry, antique and souvenir shops, outdoor and indoor pools. Sports lovers can use the services of a golf club, whose fields are 5 km away.

Free transport to the beach goes from the hotel, the road takes only a 15-minute drive away.

While parents will stay at the hotel and enjoy Thalasso and SPA procedures, the children will wonderfully spend time in linguistic camps, which will be happy to go to schoolchildren from all over Europe to improve their English language in the international company of the peers. Nearest and one of the most popular linguistic schools to the hotel Corinthia Palace Hotel 5 * is Sprachcaffe. Which offers children and adolescents of exciting programs, where in addition to learning English, a variety of cultural events are included, very contributing to the development of communication skills in English.

Centre SPA Mediterranea

This Thalassotherapy Center is located in the city of Sliema, one of the largest cities of the island. Spa Mediterranea is the first medical center of Malta, the history of the island as a balneological resort began with its discovery.

The center has a specially equipped pool, a water treadmill, a wide range of wellness and cosmetology procedures is offered.

The main specialization of Spa Mediterranea are anti-stress and wellness procedures based on the rejuvenating properties of sea water. 3-5 day programs are very popular, aimed at cleansing the body, antistress, rejuvenation by the sea, anti-cellulite, feet rehabilitation, the return of harmony.

Packages stand from 280 to 650 €. For those who want to go through a longer course there are 12 days programs.

In addition, here you can pass post-traumatic and postoperative programs, programs for age 70+, postpartum course.

Spa Mediterranea is located in the Fortina Spa Resort 5 * Hotel – one of the first five star hotels with a spa complex, which offers its guests the All Inclusive system.

The rooms have a jacuzzi, each has a large balcony with sun loungers. For those who choose the rooms in the penthouse on the roof are smashed small gardens, the equipment for making a barbecue is also installed. The hotel has special SPA rooms, for their guests Fortina Spa Resort 5 * provides a personal SPA specialist.

The hotel offers a beautiful view of the walls of the ancient Bastion Valettes – the capital of Malta. On the reception you can book any excursions in the Maltese archipelago.

Here in the city of Sliema or next door, children can relax and teach English in one of the best Maltese camps of the Linguistic School NSTS.

Summer vacation programs take children aged 10 to 13 years and adolescents aged 14 to 19.

Minimum check-in duration 2 weeks.

Malta. Vacation for every taste for the whole family - Valletta, Malta Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

The program includes: English lessons in international groups, food full board, entertainment and cultural program, as well as free entry into the Aquatcentre in Slim.

For those parents who want their child to live together with his family there is an opportunity to organize his training in a linguistic school. Slime is located such large and well-known linguistic schools as Inlingua and EC. Both offering a large selection of courses and highly professional pedagogical composition. About both schools was described in detail in review Maltese linguistic schools.

Centre Myo ka Apollo Club

Apollo Club is located in one of the most popular areas of Malta St. Julianse, the center of nightlife and entertainment. Here you can find cafes and restaurants offering a kitchen of different countries of the world from traditional Maltese to Russian and Chinese, as well as casinos, clubs, salsa courses, karaoke.

Apollo Club has a rich selection of programs lasting from 3 to 12 days for weight loss, organism rejuvenation, anti-cellulite and antistresses.

All courses include sea baths, procedures using algae, wrapping with marine muds, various types of massage.

For those who have never enjoyed thalassotherapy and want to familiarize themselves with this useful and popular focus of the health procedures. Myo Ka Apollo Club offers also a choice of packages for 1 day. The cost of such a package from 80 to 200 €, the package includes 3-5 procedures).

Center Myo Ka Apollo Club is located in Corinthia San Gorg & Marina vPlace they make up the sea resort Corinthia.

Corinthia Hotel is one of the best in Malta, all its rooms with balconies and overlooking the sea, equipped with air conditioning, bathroom, telephone in the bedroom and in the bathroom, TV, hairdryer, safe and other facilities.
The hotel has a very beautiful restaurant, terraces descending from the rock, in addition, a cocktail – a bar, a wine bar, a bar in the American style of the 40s "Henry J. Bins", Spanish style bar.
The hotel has its own rocky beach with water sports equipment, two cascade outdoor pools with a children’s section and tanning terraces. The hotel has a nightclub "Duke" With annoying entertainment programs.

In the neighboring quarters of St. Julians, children can be trained at various English courses in the World Berlitz Linguistic Center. In summer, he takes children aged 5 years and year-round aged 15 years.

Also near St. Julians, the Linguistic Sprachcaffe Linguistic School camp, which was mentioned above.

If the whole family went on the trip, then for male parents, it is also possible to offer a lot of opportunities for interesting leisure activities, when each of the family members will and busy their favorite or useful things and enjoy a joint rest. For active and sports men in Malta there are clubs and schools of diving, surfing, yachting.

You can go into the sea for beautiful fishing. Make sure in the wealth and beautiful taste of the marine world of Malta will help visit the traditional market in the village of Marsachlokk, where local fishermen are put up for sale the richest catches for every taste, and to prepare a fabrical fish will not be abandoned in the surrounding taverns.

If you bump into English, thalassotherapy and water sports, the whole family can go shopping, buy souvenirs for memory and gifts. Malta is famous for craftsmen embroider with wonderful tablecloths in the old style, which is called Richelieu. Next to the ancient capital Malta Mdina, the village of artisans and the glass plant "MDINA GLASS". Maltese glass on beauty and variety of products is not inferior to Venetian. The large shopping hall of the plant is rather similar to the museum than the store. And in the village they also sell beautiful bright ceramics.

And it is already absolutely impossible to bypass the side of Jewelry Maltese. By the way, silver here is one of the best in the world, and the art of patterns resembles Russian finifesty. For precious products it is best to go to the capital of Valletta. Right at the entrance to the old town there is a whole shopping row of jewelry shops.

Malta. Vacation for every taste for the whole family - Valletta, Malta Blogs and travel notes of tourists by

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