Mystery of Mexican Desert

In the north of Mexico, there is a place that a person is experiencing an inexplicable fear. There are suddenly stunned cars cars, televisions do not work. Radio receivers are shut down, then they begin to broadcast some incomprehensible speech. At night, the multicolored circles in the dark sky here, which are then merged into the fiery balls and are carried away high in the sky:

They were not like anything instead is called "Zone silence" And it is on the border of the three Mexican states: Durango, Chihuahua and Coaau. In the. Add witness stories about that in "Zone silence" literally roll off the sky meteorites containing crystals much more ancient than the solar system that here it appears here "flying saucers" And the aliens roam from other worlds, and you will become clear: "Silence zone – a real mystery.

It looks like this is a very impressive area: blue, almost always a cloudless sky and red-yellow sandy soil, on which someone barely holds bushes of prickly cacti. All this exotic painting is bordered by lilac-orange low mountains. People lived here since ancient times, settled in rare springs, but over time, water sources dried out, and the zone has become completely deserted. Only at its edges, closer to the mountains, the locals live today.

For real "whimping" Strange zone became interested in the 70s of the 20th century, when the American experimental missile "Athena", Launched from the base White Sands in the United States, suddenly changed the course and, as if pulled by a magnet, flew into "Zone silence". There she collapsed on the ground, scattering on pieces. After the catastrophe, the desert literally threw the Americans who were not only carefully collected fragments of the rocket, but also taken out a few more soil trucks from the fall. That they found in it – until they are unknown anyone. Local residents rumored that the Americans were tested in "zone" some robot spy that there, they say, there are rich deposits of magnetite, and maybe uranium, although there were no increased radiation radiation.

Mexicans also began to explore the mysterious place. To do this, they built a scientific town with a laboratory that dubbed "Biosphere", To study the unusual forms of biological life and amazing paranormal phenomena. Such, for example, as an increase in almost thirty percent compared to the hottest places on the land of solar radiation. Explanations for this phenomenon so far no one can give. However, as well, why a huge turtle with yellow eyes was greeted here, as well as a smaller turtle, but with two heads, or two-headed lizards. Who and why delivered here or made here almost perfect shape big stone balls? And scientists are collected and studying evidence of local residents, listen, who, according to them, means to look at the other side of the possible.

Say that one day in "Zone silence" Borrowed by car two journalists who dare themselves to independently go to the scientific town. Shifting in the desert, they came to the conclusion that they are unlikely to be able to get to the goal. Fortunately, one of them saw three figures on the road and asked a colleague, sitting driving, slow down. But he didn’t even think about this: he did not see anyone! "Most likely imagined", – Solved his confused buddy. But there are all the same three figures ahead on the road. This time, by calling a fellow traveler, the driver still stopped the car, although he did not see anyone. His friend, however, managed to talk with strangers, asked them about where the town was located, received an intelligible answer and found out that those looking for fucked sheep and goats. "People as people – he later told, – only it is strange that they had no water vessels with them, without which no one came out of the house in these places, not any other devices so as not to be in the wilderness. Marvelous!"

But even more surprised by a journalist when in the laboratory "Biosphere", where they finally arrived, they explained to them with reproach that there are not only goats and sheep in the desert for dozens of miles – not a single person! And in fact, the next day there did not even find traces of people or animals. The dumbfounded journalist could not come to himself: if people meet them were not local residents, who were they were? Or it was hallucinations?

The story of the journalist could seem like a fantastic fiction if he did not find confirmation in the testimony of other people. In particular, the owners of a small ranch located on the very edge "Zone silence". Three strange people were visited to visit them more than once – beautiful, celers, with long blond hair, perfectly speaking in Spanish, but with some strange "Mechanical" accent. They were extremely courteous, friendly and always asked permission only to gain water from the well. About provisions did not even stutter. Who are they? Where were from? The strangers did not respond to the first question, and on the second – only smiled mysteriously and showed on the sky.

In mysterious "Zone silence" Another amazing find was made: the ruins of the ancient stone structures of unknown destination were found here. Scientists who studied these buildings argue that their age is several millennia. For obvious reasons, these buildings could not be erected by primitive people sitting in rare sources. Therefore, there were people here who possess fairly advanced knowledge and developed technology to build such structures. But is it possible?

Mystery of Mexican Desert

However, not only in "Zone silence" Mexican environmental scientists open "on his head" one mystery after another. Archaeologists also go!

In the main pyramid of the city of Palenka (it is called "Temple of inscriptions") which skilled masters of the Mayan tribe built in 6-8 centuries. NS., During the excavations in 1952, a crypt was discovered with sarcophagus. On the sarcophagus lid, the Supreme God of Maya Kukulkan was depicted – in a scaffle, sitting at the cosmic ship control panel. So, at least, claim some Mexican historians. However, the coming from the Heavens of the Chief Divine is one of the main topics of the legends and myths of the ancestors of modern Mexicans. According to them, the God Cetzalcoatl (featful snakes), having descended from heavenly to Earth, pointed to Aztecs the place where they should have been erected by the capital of his state – on one of the islands of Lake Teskococo, where the eagle was sitting on a cactus.

Present cosmonauts look gigantic sculptures, standing at the top of the pyramid in Tula, located close to Mexico City. This city was founded by Toltec tribes in the 9th century. NS. Olmekov, even more ancient ancestors of Mexicans who lived in the south of the country in the XIII – XIV centuries to. NS., Also, in all likelihood, communications with the aliens from other worlds: those found in those places of many-headed stone heads of strange creatures resemble human faces in the spaces. And gigantic "Street dead" In the huge city of Teotihuan, built by the aztec ancestors in the first millennium of our era? About four kilometers and width

40 meters, perfectly elongated from the south to the north towards the pyramid of the Moon, the second deity after the sun, it is most likely the most real runway, as if specifically built to take and send huge ships into space!

Is there some truth in the legends that have come down to this day from the ancestors of modern Mexicans? How to solve strange, mysterious phenomena taking place in Mexican "Zone silence"? While there is no answer to these questions. Meaning "Aliens from niota", As before, attend "Zone silence", And the mysterious stone bas-reliefs in the ruins of the pyramids still silently keep the secrets about the past of these places.

Mystery of Mexican Desert

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