Secrets of Podnesday &# 8211; China’s secrets for travelers

My tips will help travelers on vacation in China and when planning holidays in these parts. When someone mentions the secrets of the subway, then, first of all, in thoughts there are numerous undisclosed secrets relating to the history and philosophy of the Chinese. However, in this country there are more prosaic secrets, not at all romantic, who hide tour operators from their customers, but that need to know at least in order not to get cultural shock during rest in China.

Secrets of China &# 8211; what you need to know the tourist?

Even if you &# 8211; Traveler who visited dozens of resorts, broke away by any tourist country, the first trip to China will turn your consciousness to China, and it is verified on personal experience. What you need to know before your plane land in the Chinese airport?

  1. Going to this country, Do not hope for your knowledge of English, With the exception of the special administrative district of Hong Kong, where English is the second official language. In general, most of the Chinese do not understand the English language – the exception is young people, and most often girls, and, of course, the reception in the hotels of large cities.
  2. Do not forget that you will rest in the country with the most numerous population, so get ready for the fact that everywhere you will pursue the crowds and queues.
  3. Suitably approach the hotel’s selection – It is best to stop in rather respectable and, accordingly, expensive hotels, as in many economical versions you are waiting for thick layers of dust, lying everywhere where only you can. Also be prepared for the fact that during the settlement in the room you will require a deposit – for many it turns out to be an unpleasant surprise.
  4. Prepare for another surprise – almost all children in China are accustomed Clean the physical need where it is necessary. Sometimes adults are also received. Do not be surprised to this.
  5. Courtesy and chinese &# 8211; words practically non-compatible. Hear apologies if you pushed you or stand on your leg almost impossible. In addition, in China, it is not customary to turn away and cover the mouth when coughing or sneezing &# 8211; This should also remember.

Another curious feature &# 8211; The Chinese perceive foreigners as a wonder, taking pictures with them, showing a finger offering friendship. Of course, I speak only about the mainland, in the tourist centers everything is different.

China’s traditions, amazing for a tourist

Mystery of the Middle Kingdom; China's secrets for travelers

In general, the Chinese people are pretty friendly and welcome, and aggression of these people is unusual. However, if a foreigner himself spits on customs and cultural values, expecting an understanding from the local population. Here are a few rules that I advise you to remember while traveling to China:

  • Leave the tips in this country are not accepted &# 8211; a bad hint that a person earns a little, you will not be understood. Better just thank and smile.
  • Talk ; no ; not accepted, If you are invited to the museum, cafe, on a tour or another place. It is necessary to refer not to employment and be sure to thank the interlocutor.
  • In China, it is impossible to discuss the government of the country during conversation, Since the Chinese belong to the government as native parents. Talking best on topics that will be happy to support any Chinese, namely, porcelain, cooking and tea.
  • Enjoying the dishes of national Chinese cuisine, Do not stick sticks in rice &# 8211; so do only on mourning ceremonies.
  • Try not to scandal with staff of hotels and restaurants, if something does not suit you, here it is customary to negotiate calmly, without screams and swearing, as well as without prying eyes and ears.

By the way, in popular tourist areas on the misses of tourists, there are eyes, it is for fortune. Yes, and the Chinese themselves who come to Russia on excursions, rarely observe local customs, a living example &# 8211; Tours in Trinity-Sergeyev Lavra, where people are very much and they behave extremely indisputable.

Safety in China &# 8211; What rules to keep the tourist?

It is believed that the crime rate in China is low, and the security is paid here. Special attention is paid, however, I recommend adhere to the elementary precautionary rules that will be helped out once:

  • Never leave personal belongings without supervision;
  • Recalculate passing next to the cashier;
  • Wear a bag or backpack in front of you;
  • Be especially careful in the crowd &# 8211; taking into account the population, it is everywhere;
  • Do not walk alone in remote areas.

If the theft still happened, please contact the police, in large cities in the departments work English-speaking staff. True, chances that the criminal will find a little &# 8211; How it would be trite not sounded, the Chinese for Russians are all on one person.

5 Lifehakov for traveling to China

In the Middle Kingdom I was more than once, so I have something to share with tourists, just gathering on holidays in this country of Southeast Asia. So, several Lifehakov:

  1. Not all Chinese ATMs accept MasterCard and Visa cards. In China, the UNION PAY payment system is used, so it is better to make plastic in the Russian bank better in advance, such a card is given, for example, in Rosselkhozbank;
  2. Do not try to pronounce what is written in the translator &# 8211; still get bad. Better Show the Chinese text from the smartphone screen, they will read and write a response or will indicate the route gestures;
  3. Be careful with food &# 8211; She is unusual for our stomachs. I recommend drinking only bottled water, to buy exceptionally frozen fish on the market, abandon dairy products and eggs, they are unnatural;
  4. Go to China in the New Year, It is approximately in February, as well as on the country of October 1 &# 8211; Not the best idea, Tickets are more expensive, all the Chinese go to the streets, and non-historical tourists risk being flooded;
  5. On the roads chaotic movement &# 8211; Try not to move them without need even on a green traffic light signal. If you are gathering here, it is not a fact that they will provide medical care &# 8211; The Chinese have their own laws. For example, they believe that it is impossible to interfere in fate, if a saved person becomes a disabled person, keep his balance of life will have to ; Savior ;.

Another useful advice &# 8211; Be careful with mosquitoes, They are transferred to the dengue fever in China, and indeed you can pick up an exotic infection, so take care of the vaccinations in advance and do not refuse to buy medical insurance.

Knowing all these secrets of the subway, which is not customary to tell in travel agencies, you can prepare for what awaits you, and enjoy the rest. China &# 8211; This is a country where tourists are pleased, but to be afraid of local customs. If you &# 8211; Inexperienced traveler, a batch tour will be preferable, if you like to plan everything to the smallest detail, you can easily prepare and independently.

Mystery of the Middle Kingdom; China's secrets for travelers

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