Mystic in Prague

Acquaintance with the Czech Republic for me began with Prague. I tried not to expect anything from this city, too many stereotypes are imposed. Just landing, tried to penetrate her spirit.

Prague fascinates in any season, shifts, conquers cozy, gingerbread species. There is something here to see the sown tourist, and, devastating from the naughty trail, open your Prague, only you understand, and possibly far from the descriptions of tourist guidebooks.

Promotion options. We stayed at Corinthia Hotel Prague 5 *. Thus, they combined exuresse with a beautiful spa relax. For the guests of "Corinthia" at lunchtime, offers free visits to the pool at the extreme floor.

View from panoramic windows on Prague, after swimming, with a sun bed, you will agree in it there is something phantasmagoric. Additional payment is provided with a package package. The day began early, breakfast with a supervide from the windows of the hotel restaurant. Immediately went for a walk in the city, the benefit of the metro station is opposite.

Rejoiced the lack of turnstiles when passing in the subway, the flexibility of payment for transport. It turns out noticeable savings when planning trips. When activating the ticket, it is valid for 24 hours.

I am striking that visits to the toilets is paid, even including McDonalds, which, with a significant use of beer, at least surprises.

First visited well-known and iconic attractions: Waclovskaya Square, Old Town Square, Grads. As the city’s knowledge, their favorite places began to appear. So for us has become your place near the river, the devil, which next to the Karlovy Bridge. It is very colorful to walk along the small houses of artisans, looking at them, goes to snack and drink beer into local beer. Here is one of a kind of pedestrian traffic light, because two people in different directions of movement will not disperse with each other. It seems to be the center of the tourist boom, and the people are not so much.

I was especially interested in feeling the spirit of Prague mysticism. The benefit of legends and riddles do not read. The Czech Outdoor Aura is wicked on Sacral: Here you and the Jewish quarter with a giant golem, the horror and alchemists are crown. Yes, and just in the evening, walking on medieval hail mystically impressive. But in this regard, the most interesting thing happened next to our place of residence – Vyšehrad.

Mystic in Prague

Indeed, which deserves the place for those who are seriously interested in the other. At the entrance you will be encountered raven, I think very mature, huge sizes. It seems that he does not mind and communicate, as if he understands. Beautiful park, where now the townspeople love to spend their leisure, settled around the signs of the Basilica. Peter and Paul, who can be seen from all over Prague. Unusual temple, architecturally similar to such Roman, Oveyan legends. Slisses with its magnificent interior decoration.

Next to the basilic Cemetery, which has become National. Famous and great Czech citizens, composers, musicians, writers are resting at the Vigiserad Cemetery. Many magnificent sculptures and tombstones are made by famous sculptors. But, tagging on a beautiful landscaped Park, all the time you feel whose presence. The place is historically saturated, the cradle of the modern Czech state.

The preserved old ruins of the watchtower in the people are called bathing librah, where according to local legends, the sovereign often having fun. And in the secret hole of the bathing in Pliva, negligent mistresses were discarded. Until then, while she did not meet future hubby, how many innocent recessed. As far as historically, no one says, but from Premis, whom Libusha built a throne and began to strengthen the Czech state.

So also the famous legend of the column, which the hell in the rustling of rage threw, not conceded. And she lies now broken into three parts, being a silent testimony whether the dispute lost to him, or a cunning trap for a change. But who will now prove that the Apostle Paul himself helped the loser in the dispute with the Satan local abbot himself, ultimately, dispute! Mystic – Laugh only to believe.

Prague for me and remains a special city, returning from which, later, you begin to analyze what you saw and strangely disappear.

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