Myths and Facts about Sicily

The first question that is asked to a person who visited Sicily: "Are there mafia there?" We will not torment the reader – there. However, this island is not much remarkable by Mafia – despite the romantic halo, everything that is connected with it is very prosaic and sad; At some point, unpunished corruption in the top spheres could turn into a catastrophe for Sicily. However, quite a sad. Below – theses of brochures "All you wanted to know about Sicily, but did not have time to ask".

It is interesting

Katani Commissioner and lawyer terrazini, familiar to us by the series "Octopus", got their names from Sicilian cities.

Sunny city of Sicily – Syracuse. In the second place of skiing, on the third – Palermo. In addition, Palermo Fifth in the population of Italy.

The railway is old, one-rope, so it is more convenient to move on buses. Paid roads on the island of little but they are.

Agricultural industry is very developed in Sicily. Also income to the local budget bring mechanical engineering, oil and tourism production.

The island is slowly moving towards mainland Italy.

Another 50 years ago, the traditions were very strong here, with which it is difficult to accept Nevitizilitsa and in particular Nevycylli: if the girl did not want to marry a young man, he could steal her, hide for three days, after which he could marry anyone else in his wife The girl would no longer take.

In Sicily, many abandoned houses on the hills. People built houses there without buying land, and when the government demanded money from them, threw, because there was nothing to pay.

Local pedestrians move the street anywhere, not only "zebra". Drivers belong to this loyal, but, in turn, on "zebra" Never stop. Probably, this is a kind of revenge.

A new prison is now built in the center of Palermo. Citizens are joking that the government is preparing to itself apart closely – the old prison can not boast of special amenities.

According to the legend, the first residents of Sicily were cyclops. Perhaps the reason for the occurrence of such a point of view was found on the island of skull of dwarf elephants.

On the volcano Etna lived cyclops polyfem, God Hephaest and philosopher EmModocl.

Scylla and Haribda lived in the Messinsky Strait separating Sicily from the Apennine Peninsula. He was really quite dangerous for naval. Now through the strait, they want to throw a bridge, however, since this idea absolutely does not find an understanding of ferry companies, the construction of the bridge is all the time postponed.

In Sicily, in the area of ​​Agrigento, Dedal landed, flew away from Tsar Minos.

Part of the Sicilian cities was founded by the ongoing residents of Troy. In particular, Eney founded Erice.

Syracuse – Motherland Archimedes.

One time in Sicily Quester was Cicero. He wrote 800 speeches here, some of them – in the city of Chephala. The task of Cicero was the collection of a compromising on the Sicilian governor of Versea, robbed and ruining Sicilians. Even before the end of the judicial process, Verrez escaped to North Africa.

Plato visited the island three times. He led a conversation with Tyran Syracuse Dionisia Sr. The cruelty of the last Greeks and all the thinking humanity is obliged to the advent of the Academy. The fact is that Plato did not like Dionia, and the philosopher, once again he sent home, sold to slavery. Rich Plato’s admirer bought the idol and returned to his homeland, and the money collected on the redemption by other Plato fans went to purchase a part of the grove, where the Academy was founded.

Legends Palermo

Next to Palermo there is a mountain called Pellegrino. On her lived a girl named Rosalia, who is considered patronizing Palermo. This title she deserves the fact that he saved the city from the plague. What is interesting, wonderful salvation happened already after her death – in 1624.

Rosalia settled on Mountain in the XII century as a result of a family tragedy. She came from the rich family and was a relative of King Sicily. Father girl owned the estate in Agrigento. However, he was not destined to calmly live in his estate – for participation in the conspiracy, he was executed. The estate was selected, and Rosalia went to live in a cave.

Myths and Facts about Sicily

The plague in Palermo was brought on a ship from Tunisia. In addition to the plague, prisoners and goods on board were gifts for the vice-king of Sicily, and the greed of the ruler rearranged the instinct of self-preservation – the ship that was not allowed in Trapani, entered Palermo.

A third of the population of the city died. The rest really wanted to survive – in any way. As the legend says, one hunter escaped from the plague in the mountains, fell asleep there, and he dreamed of Rosalia. Rosalia, not bag, ordered to find her power on the grief and carry it around the city. At first, the hunter did not take a dream seriously, but the situation worsened every day, and in the end the hunter obeyed – the power was found, they carried them around the city, and the plague stopped.

Since then, two important dates have been celebrated in Palermo – July 15 and September 4. July 15 – the day of gaining relics, the day when the plague stopped. Holiday lasts three days. September 4 – Rosalia’s birthday. All rises on foot to the mountain – attend the grotto where Rosalia lived. He turned into church.

On Pellegrino was Goethe. It was there that he wrote a song Minion from the novel "Years of the teachings of Wilhelm Meister" – "Do you know whether the edge where lemons bloom?". Also on the mountain rose Dumas, Maupassan and Wagner.

County Caliostro

In Palermo there is Kapuchin Monastery, and in it the catacombs used for the burial. Thanks to natural conditions, the bodies of the departed are very well preserved. Rather, they turned into a mummy – 7 thousand. Mumi.

And in these most catacombs once every 25 years, no one else appears as Caliostro – to meet with his follower and give him secret knowledge. At the count with Palermo special scores – he was born in this city, although he did not recognize this fact later.

Giuseppe Balsamo, Future Count Caliostro, appeared in 1743. His house described Goethe in his "Italian journey". In addition, Goethe met with native Caliostro. The future great alchemist began his career a student of the pharmacist. By the way, in Strasbourg there is a pharmacy, where they are preparing medicines for the recipes of Caliostro. And in Palermo there is a lane called him name.

It is necessary to try

One of the curious Sicilian delicacies is called "Indian fig", Although it has no attitude to India. In fact, this is a cactus brought from Latin America. Cones growing on cactus, edible and to taste resemble something average between melon and kiwi. Their hands do not tear them – you can hurt the spines, use the newspaper, and then put into the water and clean. In tourist cities such a treat is euro per piece.

Arabs brought to Sicily Tutov. There was even silk production on the island, and now there are a liner ice cream – Jelso. In the heat of Sicilians use granite – grated ice with juice or syrup. Another local specialty – Almond Milk, Latte-Dimorella. With real milk his relatives only color. This is a pushed almond, filled on the water. Sell ​​this drink either in packages or on spill – in some places where they themselves. And on Sicily eating sandwiches with ice cream – cut the bunch and put it inside.

SAMI "Mafiosis" Sicilian sweetness – cannoli, waffle tubes with sweet filling. These all the time eat in "Cross Father". Another Sicilian dessert – cassat. This is a cake based almond, consistency resembling a soft halva. And the tourist city of Eric specializes in a strong drink "Milk Venus" and vegetables and fruits from marzipanov.

Myths and Facts about Sicily

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