Myths about Thailand. Part 2

Continuing the theme of stereotypes, myths and non-pieces about Thailand, I wanted to tell how sometimes I read Russian glossy magazines, where there are articles about Thailand. The authors describe the kingdom often one-sided and distort facts. That gloss and need to just entertain. But when such inaccurate facts appear in guidebooks, it becomes quite sad.

A few years ago, I was shown a guide "Around the world", where it was written that in the current king frame IX flows Russian blood. To put it mildly, it is not true. I usually use the "Lonely Planet", but, unfortunately, it is not in the Russian-speaking edition. From guidebooks in Russian I want to celebrate Thailand from The National Geographic Traveler. But let’s still return to the myths about Thailand.

Myth 7. Thais – the smiley nation, they are all kind, white and fluffy, there are simply no bad people

Thais, really smile more than other nations. But the meaning of smiles is quite deep. Thais, meeting at the hotel, smile in you welcome, but also have a smile apologies, courtesy, contempt, sadness and others. Because of such a large number of various smiles Thailand and named "country smile". Thais do not differ from other nations, there are good people, and bad. If you live in Thailand for a long time, you can see that not all the Thairs are simply so smile. Smile is an emotion expression or a way to hide them. In any case, smile and be polite. Caution will not hurt either.

Myth 6. Thais must learn Russian, because Russian tourists are a lot

This myth is invented by lazy Russian-speaking tourists who rested a lot of abroad exclusively in Turkey and Egypt and cannot communicate in English as part of a school program or a phrasebook with foreigners. Indeed, faster Thais will learn Russian than Russians – English. Russian-speaking tourists in Thailand no more than 15%, so focusing in Russian as the main Thais will not. For example, the Spaniards, Germans and the French also do not know English, but, nevertheless, they do not require his knowledge from Thais, but use the gestures language and minimal knowledge of English. And even more so they are not trying to the syllables loud to repeat the thais in the restaurant incomprehensible Russian word. Read the article "In Thailand without knowledge of English".

Myth 8. All Thai food is very acute

Far from everything. I published a list of dishes, where there are noostar. In addition, the magic phrase "Noah Spice" or in Thai "May Phet" understand in any restaurant. But in order to avoid misunderstandings (for some Thairs, unsostful Thai food means a little more acute), choose dishes without chili peppers. I wrote special articles for adhered diet, opponents of acute and children.

Myth 9. Street food is life threatening

If you observe, for example, in Bangkok, who feeds in street cafes or from Makashnitsa, may notice that a considerable number of middle and senior managers prefers to eat in these public catering places. Thai still setting in a restaurant, the main thing – the taste! If the Makashnice is prepared delightfully, then the queue is provided. On Phuket there is a common Thai cafe with plastic tables, the owner of which is the former chef of the royal family. I must say, prepare fabulously! But all these rules do not cancel the laws of addiction to exotic food. Garring and carefully. You are alone. And rest in Thailand you have at the moment one. So it will not be superfluous to wash hands before eating. And those who wish can be disinfected with a stacker of strong alcohol. Read the article about street kitchen rewards and a detailed article about "Best Makashnitsa Bangkoka".

Myth 10. Thai food – these are bugs, grasshoppers, larvae and cockroaches

You will laugh, but there is such an opinion. My acquaintances in Russia, having learned that I live in Thailand, firing and say, how did you lose weight on Thai food, there are nothing either eat any bugs and worms. Those who have already been in Thailand know that fried insects are not the main food, but a snack like seeds. The main dishes of Thai cuisine consist of rice, noodles, vegetables, chicken and meat, and the variety of choice is amazing.

Myth 11. In Thailand six months a year it is raining, you need to go there only for the new year

It sounds almost like winter in Russia, where the sun shines only three months a year, and the rest of the time – snow and cold. This myth stubbornly supports many travel agencies that sell trips to Thailand in winter, and in summer – Turkey, Spain, Greece.

Not so long ago in one catalog of the travel agency, I read that in Vietnam you can go all year round, and in Thailand – exclusively from November to April. And no one writes that the sea in Vietnam in winter is pretty cool, not as an example year-round warm Thai.

Myths and Fiction about Thailand. Part 2 - stereotypes about Thai, horror stories, Bedyatina Travel Guide

End of November on Samui, Chaweng Beach. A few hours a day can be observed.

Let’s start with the fact that Thailand is not just a small point on the map, but a large country with different climatic zones and many resorts. Rain seasons depend on monsoons, which determine the weather mainly on the islands. Look at the Thailand card, conditionally the country can be divided into four parts: the Central and Northern Thailand, the coast of the Andaman Sea and the Shore of the Siamese Bay. Roughly speaking, the Andaman Sea successfully for visiting from November to April, Siamese bay – from the end of February to October, in the central part of the country you can relax all year round, precipitation is twice as fewer than in the south. The north of the country is good for trips at any time of the year, but in December and January compete "Thai frosts", Sometimes the thermometer column falls to 0 degrees, and falls.

The rainy season itself is absolutely not afraid of rains, because this time is not like a cloudy Russian autumn with lead clouds and a candy drizzling rain. The number of tropical rains increases slightly, but you can get into them in the most season. Throughout Southweed, cyclones are roaming, which from time to time at any time of the year come to Thailand, bringing cloudy and drizzling for 3-4 days.

But you are not for nothing frightened in travel agencies. Rainy season is scared by waves, which are formed by monsoon winds. Compare three popular resorts: Phuket, Samui and Pattaya. Mussons in Pattaya are practically not noticeable unlike the islands. On Samui, the eastern monsoon dominates from November to January, at this time, all southern and east coast worries. Sometimes waves are so big that the red flag is hanging, prohibiting swimming, and cancel sea excursions. On the phuket waves in the rainy season from May to October break all records in height and danger, the whole thing in the underwater currents, which are found on some beaches of the island, when the outgoing wave tries to tighten swimming in the sea, and the incoming knocking down. About Phuket I wrote in detail what month it is better to go.

Myth 12. Thailand is a stench, antisanitary and a bunch of cockroaches

Truly who wants to see, then finds. Of course, you should not compare Thailand with the European resorts, but at times here it is cleaner than in Russia. Stenwood on the streets can arise from rain. But it does not compare with flavors in a Russian bus without air conditioning in a hot rush hour. Most tourists, Thailand smells are associated with food flavors and fragrant chopsticks for ceremonies. Cockroaches, of course, are in Thailand. Large. With match boxes. But you are afraid of wolves?

Myth 13. To relax with children, it is better to choose Turkey and Egypt, and not Thailand: there hepatitis, encephalitis, jellyfish, negros!

Many horror stories in the head from Russian-speaking tourists. Of course, in terms of the harmfulness of the climate change, you should not take a one-year-old child in Thailand in winter. But for many, a long flight is not a hindrance. In cafes and restaurants there is a special children’s menu, which I want to write in the future. For children do not need special vaccinations. Anywhere in Thailand a lot of children’s entertainment, there are hotels with water slides, mini clubs, where private animators will be engaged in your child, believe me, it will not be boring. Unquestive Plus for Rest with Children in Thailand – Warm Sea all year round. And Thais themselves just adore children.

Myths and Fiction about Thailand. Part 2 - stereotypes about Thai, horror stories, Bedyatina Travel Guide

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