Myths about Thailand. Part 3

Well, we continue the inexhaustible topic of the myths about Thailand. Surprisingly, how people are affected by rumors and gossip. Ignorance breeds the most basic questions. Without having the opportunity to make a personal opinion, you believe the most incredible nonfires. But I will tell you how everything really looks from the inside.

Myth 14. Thailand is a politically troubled country, every day coups, civil war and the overthrow of the king, rest and live there dangerous

Fears about the civil war and the overthrow of the king are very exaggerated. The king is an inviolable figure, and all actions and counteraction proceed from parliament. As in any other country with a multiparty parliament, in Thailand there is a natural competition between the parties, namely the confrontation of the former Prime Minister Tracin Chinavatu. You can talk about politics for a long time, but do not believe it is so boring that sometimes I have absolute indifference from all this Bangkok bustle, although I greedily follow the events and discussing with pleasure. Most Thai adhere to my opinion: they are interested, then they are bored, so many retain political neutrality. In any case, no hostilities are directed to tourists. The Government of Thailand understands the importance of the development of tourism in Thailand and preserving his face in the international arena.

Myth 15. It is better to live in Thailand in a high hotel than in the bungalow – there are many insects and snakes

If you are afraid of various animals and insects, of course, it is better to settle on the floors of a high hotel. But believe me, Thailand is not afraid if you live in the tourist area, where you carefully follow insects and snakes. Yes, and they are not particularly dangerous if you do not imagine a threat to their life. Snakes do not attack just like that. From different animals, of course, do not hide even on a high floor hotel. For example, I live on the 12th floor, and I have a pet – Heporchik Wood. Absolutely harmless creation, devouring mosquitoes and other insects. Contrary to conviction, there are mosquitoes in Thailand. Many hotels occur special disinfection against insects, and there are special means from mosquitoes. In any 7-11 you can buy an anti-arine spray or cream.

Myth 16. In Thailand, terrible humidity, unacceptable people with high pressure and other diseases

Humidity in Thailand, of course, high, but it is worth choosing a dry season – from November to February, when not so hot. My mother comes annually to me in February. Its high pressure is normalized, and a large amount of oxygen lowers the amount of blood sugar, regardless of nutrition.

Myth 17. I was in Pattaya twice, I saw in Thailand everything you can

Pattaya, like Phuket, not all of Thailand. I am often asked where you can feel the real spirit of the country. It is impossible to answer this question definitely. Thailand consists of 4 regions where diverse kitchen, tradition, culture and even language. Tourists are not in vain come from Thailand the tenth or twentieth time, here is that discovering for yourself. Each province is interesting, every time you will see something new and unlike the other.

Myth 18. In Thailand you can buy and use drugs. This is legally

A great misconception that can pour you not only to a rather long arrival in Thailand, but also the death penalty. Yes, in Thailand there is the highest measure of punishment for drug use. Perhaps the king will soften and reduce the punishment of life imprisonment.

Myth 19. In Thailand, very cheap electronics and equipment

Very doubtful. There are some things that are cheaper than Russian counterparts, but believe me, they are not worth flying with a translate. For example, some phone models will be cheaper than those sold in Russian stores. Pay attention to the place of assembly. Chinese phones are distributed in Russia. And in Thailand there are many fakes. Most licensed equipment will be slightly expensive than in Russia in online stores.

Myth 20. In Thailand, cheap decorations with stones, but gold yellow and low quality

Rubies and sapphires are mined in Thailand, they are really relatively cheap. Thai gold decorations correspond to 750 sample, while in Russia 583 and 585 samples are popular. In Thailand, a clean gold of 999 samples is valued, it is such jewelry to be given to a child’s birthday or a wedding. Export jewelry can be unhindered, but precious stones should only be in the product. Price for Thai gold decorations more than adequate. But be careful, buy jewelry only in factories, in small stores and merchants in the streets are likely for fakes.

Myth 21. Work in Thailand is a pleasure: the sea, the sun and rest

Myths and Fiction about Thailand. Part 3 - stereotypes about Thai, horror stories, Bedyatina Travel Guide

Oh, what do you know about work in Thailand on the first impression of the meeting guides! Sometimes I even want to write something about work in Thailand, especially in the tourist business. Believe me, work is always the work, regardless of climate and conditions. Just feel about people who are found in Thailand, like people. They also have their emotions, problems and experiences. No need to think that the guides of host companies are only money to earn money. Treat them honestly. They will help you with a difficult situation. As for work in other areas of business – it is not so easy to find. Rather, just find a low-paid job. But the position of specialists prefer to take Thai workers, not foreigners. There is always able to get a job in Thailand. It all depends only on VAZHIH targets, tasks, aspirations and skills.

Now it is better to work remotely and live in Thailand. You ask: how to earn? You can make sites, engage in graphic design, sell your drawings in runoff, administer groups on social networks, organize your online store, write texts and much more. Learn to work on the network – it’s a simple thing, there would be a desire. Mastering the Internet will help you in trainings in the shortest time. I didn’t understand either before, how do people work on the net, and now perfectly occupy the same.

On this, the main myths about Thailand end. Of course, they are much more. In the future I plan to replenish the piggy bank of the myths about Thailand with new interesting stories.

Perhaps I will add another myth bonus, which has been the subject of disputes for many years. It is discussed on the forums and even some trying to argue with me on the site.

Myth 22. The rights for driving motorbikes in Thailand are not needed. Learn to drive a motorbike may even baby

First, the rights in Thailand are not needed only to pedestrians and cyclists. On a motorcycle, motorbike, scooter, bike, no matter how you call it, rights are needed. They are not needed to take motorcycle rental, but for the police that will check. Rights are needed in case of accidents.

Secondly, Motobike must be leased, already knowing it on it, and not to study in your short vacation to steer on two wheels, earning yourself asphalt disease. For expatoves and other people who will live in Thailand for a long time, I wrote a driving instruction. But she is not suitable for tourists who came for a couple of weeks.

Thirdly, remember that standard insurance does not cover the cost of treatment associated with a falling with a motorbike, since you deliberately at risk. If you plan to rent a motorcycle, stocking of special insurance for extreme sports. And use helmets for drivers and passengers. Penalty for driving without a helmet from the driver and passenger of 500 baht.

I do not dissuade you to rent a motorbike, but I will be honest with you: on Phuket every day happens on average 15 accidents. 10 of them with motorbikes. According to statistics, 15-20 people die every month, unfortunately, there are fatal cases and among Russian tourists.

Myths and Fiction about Thailand. Part 3 - stereotypes about Thai, horror stories, Bedyatina Travel Guide

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