Myths and the truth about animals

The owls are seized very well, and some representatives of the family and prefer to hunt in the bright time of the day – for example, the Filin and Polar Owl do. If the owls are sleeping when the sun is in Zenith, then not because they are afraid of his light. First, the potential mining of birds – rodents and large insects – keep a nightlife. Secondly, it is proved that if other birds see the owl, they begin to feed the alarms and attack. It is believed that such a flock reaction is manifested in relation to predators. So owls have two reasons at once to keep a nightlife.

In the dark, there are a number of advantages. First of all, in their eyes there are many photosensitive photoreceptors – sticks, which adapts them to a night vision. (Earlier, the expert explained why animals see in the dark, and we are no.) In addition, owls have excellent hearing. Ear shells, like eyes, stationary, but to notice the danger and follow the prey, owls learned to turn the head to 270 °.

Mice love cheese

Numerous films and comics have formed a firm conviction that mice are ready to risk life for the crust of cheese. Indeed, mice will eat cheese if hungry. But, choosing between him and a fast, the second will prefer.

According to David Holmes, an animal behavior specialist from Manchester University, mice are really reacting to a sharp smell of cheese. But only because in their natural habitat, this delicacy does not occur. Experiments of British scientists have proven that rodents are much more like fruit and cereals. That’s just in the cartoons, a triangular piece of cheese in the legs looks much more attractive grain handful.

Ostrich hide their heads in the sand from fear

This myth over 2000 years. The appearance he is obliged to the Senior, the author of the "natural history" – the largest encyclopedic composition of antiquity. In one of the works, the Roman wrote, as if, sticking his head and neck in the sand, ostriches believe that all their body was hidden. Since then, the painting of the bird hiding at the time of danger’s head in the sand, firmly entrenched in the minds of people. And the man trying to get away from the problems say: "Do not hide your head in the sand".

In fact, the ostrich kicks small predators like Shakala and runs away from large, developing speed up to 70 km / h. To quickly recover after jogging, the bird inclines his head to the ground. It takes the same position in some other cases. In particular, females, hatching eggs, at risk lowering their heads to become less noticeable. Also for normal digestion, ostrises swallow small pebbles, and they seek them, of course, in the sand. Perhaps the Ancient Roman writer witnessed one of these scenes, only interpreted her in his own way. (By the way, you know that ostriches, like penguins, do not fly?)

Bulls annoyed red

Obviously, the opinion is that during the Corrida bull attacks Torroo, because it is annoying the red color of the raincoat – flips. In fact, both bulls and cows see the world in green, blue, yellow, red, black and white spectra, and the saturation of these flowers is very low, and their shades merge. (Read our article about how the world is seen other representatives of the animal world.) Red bike bike perceive more like green. But the flashes of matter before the eyes of them really annoys. Red for the raincoat was chosen on more prosaic reasons – blood is less visible on it.

Pigs – dirty

Myths and the truth about animals

When a person wants to blame someone in slurry, he most likely compare him with a pig. And in vain. Pigs are sometimes lying in the puddles, but do it exclusively to cool. Nature did not provide them with sweating glands, which means that in the heat they draw to overheat, and dirt – the only salvation. Covering the body, it performs the function of the sunscreen, protecting burns.

There is another reason: taking a mud bath, pigs clean the skin. More precisely, it is only the first stage "washing". First, dirt should dry, and only after that it can be considered. It turns out, a pig, on the contrary, an extremely clean animal.

If the rain worm is cut in half, it will turn into two

It is necessary to pass the rain, and they appear on the roads – rainworms. By the way, you know why this happens? And if accidentally stepped on someone from them, now everything?

In general, rainworms are capable of regeneration, but its degree depends on the type. So, if you divide the animal in half, the part on which the head is located, has chances to grow tail. But the second half will inevitably die.

But there is another kind of worms – flat worms of the plane. They can fully recover from the smallest piece. Moreover, researchers from the University of Tafts found that if removed the head, the body will grow a new brain, and with it lost skills. How? Unknown. Scientists suggest that some memories are stored at the planarium not in the head, but in another part of the body.

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