Myths and the truth about the United Arab Emirates

Modern Arab cities who have grown in the desert for years old, as if they say that they are "feed on" with extremely high-quality oil. In fact, the local economy keeps not only minerals. The oil production was "open" in the 50s, in the 70s, the state earnings from petrodollars reached 90%. Now – three times less, and by 2021 the figure will not be higher than 5%. Now the construction of the first roles (the real estate market with the influx of foreign specialists is growing by giant pace), tourism, trade, finance and agriculture.

Modern states of Emirates looks like architect, manager, engineer or doctor. Camels and Palaces Pelved modern cars and apartments in high-rise buildings. By the way, cars are quite budgetary brands. SuperDoves Sports can only afford units. As for state support, it is not a rubber at all. She gets a young family (about $ 100,000). $ 20,000 and land plot also put a woman with the birth of a child.

It is always hot here

Most people with words about the UAE are puzzled by a tender desert. This is true – the maximum summer temperature can reach 50 ° C. But winter – only 18-20 ° C. Water can be at all 15 ° C. High humidity also affects sensations. Add strong winds that are formed in the Arabian desert and fly over some emirates in certain months, temperature variations on the coast – +13 ° C and below, desert night +5 ° C. And yes, in Ras-El Khimima winter there is snow. The last time it was in 2017.

Here is a magnificent kitchen

Fresh spices, high-quality oils, breathtaking flavors and melting desserts: Haris, Pakhlava, Maku, Guzi, Biriani and Umm Ali. Do you want that? You will get it! And a well-known shaver and the omnipresent fast food.

Arabic cuisine is a reflection and national character, and natural features. But in recent years, modern world trends have seriously influenced. Western fast food restaurants are increasingly crowded local institutions, and the locals are increasingly preferred to snack on the ambulance hand. In the Fast Food restaurants go to whole families, especially low-income layers of the population. As for the notorious Shaver and Kebab, which are also available and popular, even them – especially in big cities – competition is increasingly making the institutions of immigrants from India, Pakistan or Egypt.

Here is expensive!

So it seems until you start living here. For example, a chain of stores Gift Market spread across. Prices here – from 1 to 20 Dirhams (1 Dirham = 19 rubles.), and you can find anything: from souvenirs and jewelry to clothes, shoes, dishes and even cosmetics. What is surprising, the quality is not bad. Prices for goods are always fixed. The same Arabic scarves for 3 dirhams in Russia you will see with an extraction of 500-1000%.

Do not forget about the eastern bazaars. So, in the gold market you will find jeans for less than $ 10. And if you bargain, the initial price can be reduced in three times. Even in the shopping mall from glass and metal there is a place to trade. As with seasonal discounts.

As for food, supermarkets come to the rescue (Union Coop, Geant Hypermarket, Carrefour or Lulu). They can find inexpensive products, especially from neighboring regions, as well as promotional products with discounts.

If the famine caught outside the house, you will save shops with kebabs for a couple of dollars or food courts of the same Shoping Malls, where you can find McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, as well as Jollibee, in the menu of which there are not only burgers, but also Spaghetti with tomato sauce. Cost – from 12 dirham.

Local also saved using mobile applications. One of them – Entertainer – helps to buy tickets for concerts and excursions, book a hotel with big discounts. Also, acquiring some position, the second can be obtained as a gift.

Here everyone goes to Paranzh

In the UAE, it is absolutely everywhere to meet men in Candurats, and women in Abai. But men have day and evening image often differs. So, spending a day in jeans and a shirt or a European suit, in the evening, Arab is disguised in traditional clothes for the celebration of the family celebration. Actually, normal is the change of men’s clothing to three or four times a day. Arabians, giving preference long abay, hide beneath her expensive dresses of famous designers, stylish jeans and numerous gold (or not very) decorations donated by his spouse.

From the guests of the country are not waiting for the same (except for places where the dress code is obligatory – mosques and t. D.). Wear anything. Often a tourist, putting shorts, and himself would be glad to fit into something, a more appropriate atmosphere and surroundings. You definitely do not stop out on the street and will not make change clothes, because your neck-shoulders-knees are open. This is an absolute myth. But what exactly will not find understanding, so this is a man with a naked torso in public places. Even even on a run. The same applies to women in swimsuits. And naturally, sunbathing topless ladies in the Emirates is also not worth.

Here do not drink and others do not give

Chance to meet Araba, cutting beer on the street of one of the Emirates, is just as great as the ability to see a flying plate, parked on Red Square. And therefore, tourists, gathering in the UAE, imagine a sad picture of sober evenings for a mug of camel milk in the hotel and the complete absence of bars as a phenomena.

Not everything is so bad. The use of alcohol in this Muslim country living under the laws of Sharia is indeed prohibited. However, if you do not confess Islam, with you other demand. You can easily buy alcohol in the hotel’s bar, on a disco, in specialized stores and, of course, in Duty Free. Well, if you come back in a merry mood from the club, it is worth calling yourself a taxi in order not to attract the attention of local oblast workers. But to use alcohol on the public beach, on the street, on the excursion is prohibited. And we advise you to be careful in Sharjah, popular, but the conservative emirate itself, where dry law is working everywhere.

Here you can not show feelings

Each of the seven Emirates is a modern sample of an absolute monarchy. That is why so popular the myth that in this country it is not forbidden almost all: hugging, kissing in public and loudly show emotions.

Local residents really rarely behave, while tourists are more relaxed. The myth is about the fact that on the streets it is impossible to kiss, very grooming. What does not prevent Europeans to engage.

Myths and the truth about the United Arab Emirates

There is another common belief – about the inability to talk with Arab women. Not that to play – ask how to go to the library, some guides are not recommended. However, if we are talking about modern residents of cities wearing European clothes – no problems.

About other "conservative" nravakh

They say that in the Emirates ..

– You can not consider those who take food

– During the handshakes, it is impossible to hide the second hand in your pocket

– You can not stand or walk during food

– take food, money and various items from the interlocutor need right hand

– It is forbidden to take pictures of palaces, schools and private homes ..

– And God forbid you to walk without a passport!

However, we can safely send this list to the "Myths" folder. Adding that these are not some local prohibitions, and the elementary rules of decency. Nobody will finish you for eating a hamburger on the go! You will not be asked to change your hand! If any doubts arise, it is possible to take pictures of one or another object, you can always ask nearby worthwhile to search for a special warning sign. Passport, for your amenities you can replace it with a copy. The only exception can be pictures of women in Paranje. (But TS-S-s … in the secret, let’s say that you can – if from the back and carefully).

So feel free to go to explore mysterious and mounted emirates! Perhaps after your trip another myth or legend will be less. Previously, "My Planet" published an interview with Russians Irina, living in Ras El Hymime, in which she shared some sentences of life in the UAE.

Myths and the truth about the United Arab Emirates

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