Myths and Truth about Mexico

"My Planet" has already written that Mexicans think about Russia and Russian. Sure you have learned from this material about yourself a lot of new. Now we decided to talk about stereotypes against the residents of Mexico and find out what of them is true, but what not.

1. Mexico is deserts, cacti and beaches

Such landscapes appear before the eyes of those who were if and was in Mexico, then the beach did not go. In fact, the nature of Mexico is very diverse. In the north – huge mountains and canyons, overgrown with pines and other trees "cold" belts, a little further south – and indeed the desert with gigantic cacti, the size of superior two-storey houses, west – sandy beaches, and at all in the south you are waiting for the dense jungle waterfalls and places untouched by man. So in Mexico there are enough forests, lakes, rivers and even volcanoes.

2. Mexicans are sombrero and poncho

Perhaps somewhere in the outback, for example, in Oaxaca or deserts of San Luis Power, you will meet Mexican in Poncho and Sombrero. But most of the residents of Mexico today dressed modern. In the capital and major cities, Mexicans do not differ from Europeans. In addition, residents of the country are very clean. Even if the family is in the cramped material position, their clothes are always tidy. At the business meeting, it is customary to wear a tie.

3. In Mexico is always hot

Although in the country, in fact, only two seasons are dry and rainy, but, as mentioned earlier, this is a country with a variety of landscapes. In mountainous areas is very cold (reaching zero), the snow is on the tops all year round. In Mexico City in the cold season, the temperature may not exceed +7 ° C, which is certainly not -20 ° C in Russia, but still pretty cool.

4. Mexico – Beggar and Dangerous Country

Against the background of other Latin American countries, Mexico is far from poor. Yes, there is an inter-class and many residents live well. But try to learn (there are serious universities in the country, for example, the units, which is valued in all Latin America) and travel. The country has enormous natural wealth (oil reserves, silver ores and other minerals), incredible nature and cultural diversity (there are many different languages, cultures, costumes, customs, songs and dances). As for the danger – it can be found everywhere: in Paris, Moscow, Mexico City. In fact, the rules are alone: ​​do not go to unknown areas in the dark, hold wallets and do not enter into conflicts with local.

5. Only their architecture remained from Maya and Aztecs

In the pre-colonial times of civilization of Aztecs and Maya, unusually developed and architecturally complex cities were built. In Chichen Ice, on the Yucatan Peninsula, their Space Observatory preserved, with which the ancient Maya was the map of the sky and then they knew that the Earth rotates around the Sun, and not the other way around. The ancient city of Aztec Tenochtitlan was built on the island in the middle of Lake Teskokoco, the city was developed in the city. The sewage system was developed (while everything was drained from the windows to the street in Paris), and floating fields were created from the algae, which were created by agricultural products. Moreover, all temples are built linearly according to space cycles, and even modern European architecture has not reached such knowledge.

After conquering Mexico by the Spaniards, the local population was not destroyed, but there was a mixing of blood, as and everywhere on Earth. Therefore, modern residents of Mexico carry the features of both European ancestors and the ancient-American. For example, on Yucatan in people, the same contour of the persons and sculptures are easily guessed, which can be seen on the pyramids of Chichen-Itsi, Ushmal, Etsna, Tuluma: a slightly shredded skull, big nose and closely planted eyes.

6. Mexico City – Huge City

This is true. Mexico City is among the ten largest cities in the world, yielding only New York. For today, more than 20 million people live there. What is interesting, it is built on the ruins of tenochtitlan. These ruins you can see in the very center of Mexico City, they were found not so long ago, when building an urban metro. Unfortunately, due to overpopulation over the city, he was often hanging.

7. In Mexico, a woman has no voting right

Here is where – where, and in Mexico in women have their own special position. Leading places in politics and business are occupied by men, but women, especially the mother, is a sample for reverence. Mother’s Day is widely celebrated. The family is going beyond a wide table, the culprit of the celebration is presented with some special gift. In many families, it is a woman who takes a primary position, although, of course, never shows.

eight. Tequila – the most popular drink here

Yes, the real tequila is made only in Mexico and only from the Agave plant. Nevertheless, among the locals it is far from the most popular drink. Most of all Mexicans love beer! Invite a Mexican on a bottle of local "crown" and you won’t lose. A tequila? It is considered very strong alcohol, and they drink it for special cases. By the way, the fact that tequila needs to eat "worm", – also fiction. Mexicans themselves tell that a long time is completely accidental in one of the bottles of Tequila, a worm of Agave. And jokingly it was said that the last drinking from the bottle should eat it. So "the eating worm" is not a cultural tradition. In Mexico, there are drinks a lot of ancient tequila – for example, a low-alcohol bug, which can only be tried in Mexico City, or Mescal, in the bottle of which you will find if not a worm, then scorpion (it tastes crisp and through a mescalel).

Myths and Truth about Mexico

nine. Mexican is a sexy macho

If we talk about the average Mexican, then this is a man of a small growth and a plump physique, which is quite far from the image of sexual macho. Myth is more likely to spanish roots than Mexican. Yes, and women in Mexico correspond to their men – small and swallow. And most importantly, Mexicans are very productive families and usually have five to ten children. Pregnancy interruption here is not accepted.

ten. Only Maryachi play in Mexico

One of the most important wealth of the country is the music of its regions. Motley bouquet of different genres, constantly enriched, carefully preserved and promoted abroad. The most famous style – Maryachi ensemble, which you may have seen in movies, when the window of the girl you like the guy suits a concert with a small musical group and sings romantic songs. But besides Maryachi and the famous song "Kukaracha" here, full of various genres and performers – from the Indians of the Tribal Tribe, who more than a century are perfectly owned by Cello, to famous Juanes with their songs La Camisa Negra and modern Guitar Virtuosos Rodrigo and Gabriella (they are their melody Sounds in the cartoon "Shrek" in the Episode of the Cat Fight in Boots). Or at least Luis Miguel, winner of the title "Sun Mexico", as well as nine awards "Grammy".

eleven. Only Takos and Burritos eat in Mexico

Indeed, among the street food it will be difficult to find something besides Tako or Burrito (in the plural – Takos and Burritos). But in fact, Mexican cuisine – one of the most popular in the world and on a par with French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese, is in constant demand for gourmets. Despite the fairly modest list of main ingredients, dishes are extremely diverse. There are Vegetarian – for example, the pomet of Blanco (white gathering), thick, slightly sharp cream-soup with white corn. One of the most traditional dishes of Mexico and Latin America – Sevic, something like fresh fish salad (necessarily white): Heck, sea perch. May include other seafood, as well as kinse sprigs, red onions, red pepper, lemon, pepper and salt. Another hit – Fakhitas. This dish consists of strains of grilled meat and vegetables – usually onion, pepper, carrots and sweet corn.

12. In Mexico it is easy to infect intestinal infections

The only thing to get in Mexico is easy and for life, is love for this country. Well, if seriously, then, of course, it is worth considering the climatic conditions of the country. Here are hot and the sanitary standards are not always observed, so there is a street food that is recommended with caution and be sure to eat sharp chili-sauce, which will destroy their burning bacteria, if they still fall to you in the stomach. "Here even mango eating with chili pepper" – maybe you heard, and it is pure truth! Chile – local plant, and in the Mexican market you will meet more than 40 varieties of sharp peppers. Tip: Wash vegetables and carry wet antibacterial napkins.

13. All Mexicans are revolutionaries

Revolutionary ideas are still strong here. They are inspired by both their own heroes, such as Pancho Viya, and Soviet past: Lenin, USSR. Among Mexicans still can be found people who bear Lenin names, Stalin, Spark. Also full of revolutionary movements, ranging from famous Sapatists in Chiapas, ending with people’s movements, such as "Antorch Kampeesin" ("Peasant Torch"). The latter, by the way, is quite popular – in every big city there are schools or residential premises of this movement, and in Puebla – even a separate village where there is no police and no state control, because everyone knows each other and live in harmony with the ideology of socialism.

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