The beautiful northern coast of the new South Wales is known to the rapid combination of natural beauty, soft climate and good resorts.

Eastern tip of the Australian mainland &# 8211; This is superb Bayon Bay Bay, The advantages of which are repeatedly enhanced by a unique virgin landscape and excellent sandy beaches, located within walking distance. In some places, kilometer beaches directly border with a dense wet forest, which contains several natural national parks and reserves. Ubyspeted distribution here have received popular sugar cane, as well as nutritious bananas.

Famous Beach Rarclif-Beach borders with amazing beauty National Park Yurajir. This beach is one of the several sandy secluded beaches nearby Park.

Slightly less popular Muni Beach &# 8211; This is a small river that carries its coastal waters into the ocean, wriggling in thickets of tropical green shrubs. Muni Beach has excellent opportunities for safe bathing, picnics and camp vacation.

Kofs Harbor &# 8211; One of the tourist pearls of the new South Wales. This place, surrounded by beautiful natural beaches, demonstrates the fruits of human activity – an amazing port and a number of top-level tourism structures.

Two rivers, Bellingen and Calang, fall into the ocean in the place where the picturesque is located Beach Resort called Urung. Safe water make this area extremely popular among family recreation lovers.

Like the neighboring Hangry-Head Beach, located 5 km north, Beach Ser-Hadland Beach With strong snack waves hitting the cliffs of cape, popular among fans of surfing.

Tallos Beach &# 8211; This is one of the numerous beaches in close proximity to the beautiful city of Byron Bay in the eastern tip of Australia. The area gained fame due to the relaxed, free atmosphere from national prejudice.

District Woodi Bay Beach Extremely popular with hiking and people traveling on cars. Not far away, in the town of Iluca, there is the biggest in the new South Wales coastal area of ​​tropical wet forest in the new South Wales.

Picturesque Cape Aracun enters the system of health and entertainment zone of a whole state. Near the high walls rise nearby Tiel-Bay Gaal, Progressive Prison Institution 19th Century, which was renovated during the First World War, in order to maintain prisoners from different countries of the world accused of various war crimes.

Unusual Grafton, town with elegant streets and energetic sidewalks along the coast, originated in the 19th century. The world’s greatest fame was brought here in many amazing rosewood trees here, wonderful purple flowers of which serve as decoration and the main symbol of the annual October festival.


Typical fishing village, built in the 19th century, Yamba It is becoming increasingly popular in our days due to its excellent secluded beaches. Fishing remains here the main activity of both professionals and lovers of this entertainment.

Nambakka-Heds &# 8211; Plot of sandy beaches, stretching out a few miles along the entire huge area. The city is a popular resort and a short-term place for people traveling between Sydney and Brisbane.

Advantages of small Resort Sress-Head &# 8211; Calm and serenity of the beach with absolutely safe bathing and presence of a place for surfing. A beautiful natural nature reserve is located quite near this place.

You can also see a unique place Cerada Bay. Being Part of the National Park, Colorful lagoons, wet forests and peers swamps Marsh Maudi Bay are replete with representatives of local flora and fauna. Popular entertainment here is fishing.

Mount Warning – ancient extinct volcano, The last eruption of which occurred 20 million. years ago. In a narrow path, it is necessary to rise from the vehicle parking lot to the top of the volcano, which is about 1100 m.

Finally, wonderful Port Maccory, Created in 1821 as a settlement for the punishment of criminals. This place only in the 1970s began to enjoy the success of tourists. Soft climate makes this area popular privacy.


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