National cuisine Cambodia

National cuisine of Cambodia and is similar, and at the same time does not look like the traditions of neighboring countries. It can be said that Cambodians eat everything! All that crawls and flies, everything that grows and swims, everything that blooms and seed with legs. And this is not an exaggeration – in the move here are fried with salt and garlic spiders "A-Ping", Fried grasshoppers and all sorts of beetles, raw meat snakes and their insides, insect larvae and embryos of birds, dried cuttlefish and fried fine birds (right up to Sparrow), bamboo shoots and sprouts of water lilies, sea and freshwater mollusks, all sorts of grain crops (Fig, Yams , millet, tarot, sago, corn, ficus, etc.), as well as many vegetables and fruits, many of which simply do not have names in Russian. Marinated and quashed vegetables and fruits are widely used, and they collect them for processing at different stages of maturity, which gives the final product completely phenomenal taste.

As well as the neighbors, The basis of Cambodian cuisine – rice. It is always present on the table, everywhere and almost at any time of the day, most often – as a side dish. But at the same time they prepare it somewhat easier than in Thailand or Vietnam, there are fewer spices and sauces, but more than vegetable oil (nut, peanut, coconut, palm, etc.) and fresh greenery. Fried rice with various herbs, meat, fish or seafood are considered everyday dishes "Baich", which is usually accompanied by all sorts of greens and sauces, as well as rice with soy and pork "Un-Som Chro" and Rice with bananas "Un-Som-Che".

No less rice Popular noodles and pasta of all kinds. The main application is the soup with noodles, greens, meat, fish or a variety of seafood "Kiteou" or "Kitev". This casual dish is widely used for breakfast, it can be found in any restaurant or cafe. But the main thing in it is a variety of options. In Cambodian soup, without caution, all that came across at arm – from dried fish to the snails, from the legs of the frog (the legacy of French colonization) to eggs. You can also find all kinds of noodle products, characteristic of the countries of Southeast Asia – a fried rice noodle, rice noodles with fish sauce "Tukcha", as well as hundreds of noodles with spices. Milk and dairy products are practically not used here, but the cheeses are very good.

Meat consumed quite a little, mostly this poultry meat. But fish and various products from it occupy a very important place on Cambodian table. The most popular soup in the country – "Samla Machu Ban", Made from fish. No less popular Baked fish with rice "Nome-Try", Fish curry "amok" with coconut milk sauce, Steamed fish "Dutry-Chorm Hoy", Fried fish "DTRAY-AING", Sour fish soup "Dutry Chin-Newn", Stuffed fish, all kinds of drying, smoked and boiled fish (preference is given to freshwater types), rice with paste from specially treated fish "Plow", Baked fish in the leaves of a lathouse or spinach with fishing sauce, fish sauces "Socamm" and "Tukcha", as well as all sorts of pasta of fermented fish – "NGAP", "Nammp", "Padek", "Plow", "nurse" and etc. French influence is well seen on the example of excellent bread and buns that are already baked into the early morning in small bakeries, commonly scattered throughout the village.

National cuisine Cambodia

Vegetables are widely used, but not as the basis for independent dishes, but in combination with meat, bird or fish in the composition of salads, which eat both cold and hot, but must with some sauce. Local salads Pretty original – usually they are prepared from meat or fish with different greens (salad, latch, melissa, saffron and t. D.) and vegetable oil. Fruits and fresh or pickled vegetables are added to the salad. And the amount of fruit on the table is simply not amenable to description. In addition to such well-known species like watermelons, bananas, pineapples, Papaya and Mango, must be tried exotic "Durian" or "Turayan" (True the smell of him is just awful!), Guauva, Pomelo, Rambutan, Sapodile, Camin, Mangostein, Longan and Jack Frut ("Khanau"). For dessert, except fruit, all sorts of fruit puddings are often served, cakes "Anseam Chruk", Pies "Norn-Bai" and "Mr. Com", biscuits "Flai", Pies and ice cream.

Favorite soft drinks Khmerov – "Sononh" (infusion of seeds of the same name), sugar cane juice, palm tree juice "Tektnot" Or coconut milk "Tecdong", Soda with lemon juice, as well as fresh juices or juices with ice and syrup. A kind of local drink "DTUK-ROOK", Made of fruit and egg yolk, thoroughly quenching thirst. Chinese green tea is used everywhere (often it is not even included in the account), but the coffee here is usually not very good quality. Local beer although it is unusual for taste, but it is inexpensive and quite high-quality. The best varieties are considered "Lao", "Angkor" and "Alain Delon", as well as imports "Tiger" and "Heinexen". Local grades of whiskey are also available, but they taste are quite peculiar, and therefore are not popular with tourists. In large cities you can buy many types of imported alcoholic beverages.

National cuisine Cambodia

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