National cuisine

Many citizens of the independent state Ghana today prefer to live as their grandfathers and great-grandfathers lived: in global huts with roofs of straw, cane or tiles. Despite the primitive way of erection of housing, the construction of a red non-burned clay will stand under heavy tropical rains for several years – the main thing in time to make cosmetic repairs. People who are accustomed to comfortable conditions, somewhere in the center of Moscow, it may seem that a similar image of the existence is too primitive and is impossible for a civilized person – outside the window as the XXI century. But the Gencae will say that for water, light, gas and other utilities do not need to pay.

The living space of one separately taken village family includes building consisting of several rooms or even a few huts located around the open courtyard, where the homemade hearth is often equipped. Our film crew gladly showed the living room, and at the same time the bedroom in an almost built dwelling, the size of which slightly exceeds the dimensions of the house uncle pumpkin. It is curious that members of the family consider not only living, but also the dead. The dead bake about the health, well-being and security of those who replace them on earth. The ancestors for a long time to go to the world of ghosts, distinguish from the village of Malicious perfumes who love to pester to the weak floor. To avoid such harassment, a woman is recommended to sleep in a room without windows. In general, Gansa, especially those that live in rural areas, are very superstitious. The girl, for example, does not eat eggs and is not touching everything that belongs to a man – otherwise the shameless. The young man is not included in the hut of the parents until he is asked about the purpose of the visit. The emergency person does not show a cattle chamber or storage room, for there before, and in some communities and now bury the chapter of the family.

The first duty of Ganza – to be with a team, live for the family and in the name of the ancestors. Per person who is alien to people look with suspicion and even with fear. No healthy person can get closed or returned to the day. If it still happens, then they say that this person came into contact with spirits. And he needs to appeal to Snagrahma, which is easier than simple. He wears white beads designed to keep evil spirits at a distance.

Someone from travelers expressed far from indisputable, but still sound thought: "To learn the country, do not walk on museums and watch the sights. Enough to dance local dance, try alcohol and local cuisine". Indeed, dance, drinks and especially the kitchen can tell a lot about the country.

Cultural tradition of cooking in modern Ghana originates from European forts. At the walls of fortresses, the colonizers broke the gardens in which plants were cultivated from all over the world. Lemons, melons and oranges were brought from the Mediterranean. From the new light profits corn, Kasava, sweet potatoes, earthwood, pineapple and guava. Nourishing rice, water yams, Indian PLNTENEH, was sailed from Asia, Indian Plantain. Now Africa – the day paradise for vegetarians. It is difficult to imagine that still some hundred-two years ago, the ganshas had no idea what kind of tomato, a pali or sugar cane. It seems that bananas have always grew here. But this is not. Bananas in this part of the continent were also delivered. And now Africans have something to put on a frying pan, because bananas in Ghana, as a rule, fry.

In anyone’s diet, even the poorest, the resident is necessarily present to the national dish, which we strongly recommended Try Ganskie Friends. To feel the taste of this amazing dish of truly, a spoon and fork must be postponed, for fuofing eating with their hands, most often unwashed. It’s not to blame for this not a shortage of water or soap. It seems that residents from childhood persistent immunity to bacteria. For them, food poisoning that light runny nose for Europeans. There are no special rules of absorption fuofu: you can resort to help as left and right hand. We decided not to experience the fate once again and took advantage of cutting devices. It should be noted that in almost every country, a close acquaintance with national cuisine has the most severe consequences for all members of the film crew. Although fufu turned out to be a delicious Kushan.

National cuisine

Its liquid component is nothing but a soup that is boiled separately from the fruits of the African oil palm tree, the so-called palm nuts. Trees, unlike other vegetables and fruits, local. And the dish is the most that there is a national. The soup base can be used separately, and it is possible with a test, which is prepared from bananas, Casa or Yams with the addition of peanuts. These soups are also eating with rice, bread, boiled potatoes, adding fish or meat. Sometimes it is domestic meat, such as a cat or a dog. Similar dishes are prepared from Calvas and tomato paste – such a dish is called Coconte, if the corn flour is boiled in a tomato basis – it is nothing but a bank.

But the wondrous taste of fleshy snails is better not to interrupt the taste of tomato paste. Snails – this is a delicacy and the opportunity for the children well to work out in their free time.

From Indonesia and Malaysia to Ghana Again, Europeans took another very important plant for Africa – cocoa. Over time, the plant has become strategic. Under chocolate trees here is occupied half of the land treated. Cocoa beans bring a third of export revenue. Leaves of this miracle plant wave edible, especially tasty top. We did not check, but believed to the word workers of a large economy, which is not far from the capital of accrements. There was a time when agricultural poachers were exported to neighboring countries almost the entire crop of cocoa beans, since the purchase prices in Ghana were extremely low. But over time, the situation has changed. Employees of the enterprise have learned to produce soap from cocoa of various species, quite tasty wine, balanced liqueurs and even brandy. Vinegar from Cocoa is not inferior in its qualities vinegar from ordinary vegetables. Finally, powder is obtained from cocoa beans, which is used to prepare the actual chocolate.

However, the stubborn reliating of American and European merchants to purchase for truly local producers is prevented from being purchased in Ghana. Chocolate manufacturers acquire only cocoa fruits, raw materials. And the delicious goods of local plants remains unclaimed in the world. Still gradually the position is changing. In Europe, try to bring production to third world countries. Apparently, not far off the time when new pastry giants enclosures will grow in Ghana. And delicious products will produce where raw materials grow. Especially since world prices for cocoa at least slowly, but rise.

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