National Park Yala. Sri Lanka National Parks

Holiday Sri Lanka can not be considered quite complete if you have not visited one of National Parks. In general, the foundation of parks and reserved zones on Sri Lanka goes into the depths of the second century BC, when one of the rulers of Sri Lanka, did not impose a ban on animal and reptile hunting, as well as cutting down trees and collecting various plants. Trying to preserve the pristine nature of nature, the king long before our time, he did not suspect the first reserve on Sri Lanka.

Today are similar Parks and reserves on Sri Lanka More than two dozen, which throughout the year are attended by not only true connoisseurs of wildlife, but also lovers of ecological tourism. One of these parks open to visit all year round is Park Yala, Located in three hundred kilometers from the famous city of Colombo and spread on the southeastern side of the island, founded at the end of the thirties of the last century. Today, Yala is a beautiful immense territory, the area of ​​which is more than a thousand square meters divided into Western and Eastern Administrative Zones. But, having arrived on a tourist visa on Sri Lanka, You will be able to visit only the western part, and in order to visit the East of the Park, you need to get a special permission of the administration, which is issued only to chosen persons or scientists.

West Yala, Visit to which will leave unforgettable impressions of rest in Sri Lanka, despite the pristine nature of nature, acceptable for tourists a developed hotel infrastructure. The hotel here can be chosen for every taste, while such comfortable conditions as air conditioning and high service service come in a relatively low cost of living, which varies within a hundred dollars. Well, if you are an amateur exotic holiday on the lap of nature, the best offer than campgrounds you just do not find. These camps, with large tents or huts, the most accessible in accommodation, the day of stay rarely exceed both three dozen dollars with food. In addition, Yala is famous for the abundance of inexpensive restaurants, in which you can eat tasty and shops, on whose counters there are many souvenirs who have a long time to remind the holiday on Sri Lanka.

One of the main Attractions Park Yala, For whom hundreds of tourists leave the azure shores of the oceans and go to safaris on jeeps on endless expanses, are numerous animals peacefully living here. A lot of tourists by visiting the Park Yala and paying several hundred dollars for a three-day safari in the park, as a rule, bring whole short films about the life of the famous leopards, which are completely not afraid of people and are not aggressive on the lenses of the photo and video cameras, and just do not notice them. Four dozen peacefully driving with other representatives of predatory cats – leopards – not the only animals in the park. For lovers of large animals meeting with Stade elephants will be a real exotic when traveling on jeeps. And such representatives of the fauna as Gazelle, buffalo and deer Truly turn excursions to a fairy tale with reincarnation of ordinary in the world of wildlife.

National Park Yala. Sri Lanka National Parks

This is especially noticeable in the evening when the sun falls, and the beasts impose on the reservoirs. It is at this time that you can see Medveta-Gubacha, Several species Monkeys, Wild boars and other dwellers jungle. Driving along natural reservoirs can be just a few hundred meters to see crocodiles, peacefully sinking in the sun and only occasionally opening their growing pasta. Park Yala Widely known among people who are interested in learning Turtles, After all, it is here that all five famous species of these reptiles live. But not only animals can be seen in the jungle, the number of bird species is striking even the most spoiled specialists in the field of ecotourism. Pavlin, Exotic representatives of the population Flamingo And many other feathers will accompany your trip to the park with your whistle or singing.

Several words want to say about the park landscape. He is ambiguous, which excludes travel monotone. Plains, hills and even rocks – that’s what awaits you when visiting the park. Choosing a tour of Sri Lanka and Park Yala In particular, it is already at the tour operator to find out whether excursions are included in the park, Safari on jeeps, the possibility of unlimited photo and video shooting in the cost of a ticket or they are ordered directly in hotels where you will live. This is important because it determines the level of linguistic training of a guide conductive. After all, if you are talking to a conductor in different languages, you will most likely not recognize all the secrets that can tell you the expanses of the Park Yala.

National Park Yala. Sri Lanka National Parks

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