National parks in Europe

In the list of beauty of Croatia, Plitvice Lakes on the right occupy the first place. Incredible combination of rosy of greenery and solar green-blue paints, cascade of lakes and flowing waterfalls. The main waterfall of Plutvice is Veliki Slap, its jets are low in a powerful stream from a height of 72 m. Part of the park is held by the relict coniferous forest, there are caves under some waterfalls.

Riding Plitvice Lakes is better in the warm season: in summer, natural beauty is revealed in all beauty and diversity, and in the same way in sunny weather, water acquires the most saturated color. However, in the summer there are most of all visitors – come better in the morning. Autumn on Plitvice Lakes is not less picturesque, and in the spring waterfalls are the most fulfilled.

Plitvice Lakes are located in the mountains in the northern part of Croatia. Most convenient to get to them from zagreb, as well as from the task, Riekie and Central Dalmatia.

2. Saxon Switzerland, Germany

Located in East Germany, Saxon Switzerland attracts the beauty of mountain landscapes, fabulous dense forests, an abundance of historical and natural attractions. Such a romantic title of this place in the late XVIII century Dali Swiss artists were given. Graff and A. Qingng. The place is still attracting artists from all over the world who come here in search of beautiful nature. In the vicinity of the famous rocks of Bastai, one of the most beautiful places of the reserve, there is a whole “trail of artists” with which very picturesque views are opening.

It is also worth seeing Lakhtenhain Falls to see in the ancient fortress Königstein, weekly towering over the Elbe, pass through the rocky goal Kushtal, ride on the old Kirniktal tram in the most famous park in the park.

Many pedestrian routes are laid in the park. To enjoy a leisurely walk, it is better to choose comfortable and warm weather. Saxon Switzerland It is most convenient to get from Dresden – the park borders start 30 km from the city. You can get from Prague (part of the park is located in Czech territory), in this case the time on the way will be about one and a half hours.

3. Durmitor, Montenegro

On the territory of the National Park there are 18 lakes formed by glaciers. The most famous and most affordable for visiting is a black lake. There is a belief that the remains of the ancient monastery are resting at its bottom. Next to the lake there is another bright attraction – Cave Skrk. The canyon of the beauty river is not inferior to the famous Grand Canyon in the USA – this is the largest canyon in Europe.

The park is at the foot of the mountain of the same name in the north-western part of Montenegro. By car travel time from Budva will be approximately 4-5 hours. Popular Ski Resort Zhablyak is part of the National Park.

4. Triglav, Slovenia

Triglav – the only National Park in Slovenia, one of the oldest in Europe. The mountain of the same name is the highest point of the Yulia Alps, its height – 2864 m. This is the most recognizable symbol of Slovenia, the image of the triglava can be seen on the flag and coat of arms of the country.

Alpine lakes, scenic mountain gorges and waterfalls – the main beauty of the Park Triglav. Bohiny, the largest of the lakes, is located at an altitude of 525 m above sea level. Fabulous types of lakes surrounded by mountain peaks is impressive even a sophisticated traveler. Not far from it is located one of the most picturesque waterfalls of Triglava – Savitsa. It is worth visiting the Valley of the Oka River – small towns of Bovets, Kobarid, Tolmin. Triglav come to play with Hayking, overcome the thresholds of the river Oka and just relax on a hot day on the shore of a mountain lake. In the summer months, it is especially nice to spend time in this park – because of the high-mountain climate there is no exhausting heat. In winter, the surroundings of the mountain Triglav are becoming a popular place for skiing.

Slovenia – a small country, so the trip to Triglav will not require much time and effort. Almost near the park is the famous resort of Bled, the popular ski resort of Kranjska Mountain is part of the National Park. Triglav is located close to the borders of Austria and Italy.

5. High Tauern, Austria

Austria’s largest National Park includes the territory of the three federal land – Carinthia, Salzburg and Tyrol. High Tauern unites three mountain ridges – Glockner, Beedenger and Grantechpice. As follows from the name, here are the highest mountains of the Eastern Alps.

Higher Peak, Grosglockner reaches a height of 3798 m. This impressive vertex is the main dominant of the national reserve. On one of the slopes of 10 km, the glacier pasteke stretches, attracting quite a few tourists. Next to the glacier is the best survey area of ​​the park – the height of Franz Josef. Fascinals Lychtensteinkelum’s gorge, strikes the beauty and power of Krimml’s waterfall, one of the highest in Europe (370 m).

The slopes of the Eastern Alps are equally good all year round. If you want to enjoy hiking and rich natural peace of the reserve, choose the warm season. The Austrian Alps are the same to face and the rich palette of warm autumn paints, and flowering spring robes, and the winter slopes will give stunning riding and charming views of the snow-covered mountains.

Prior to the territory of the National Park, it is convenient to get from Salzburg or Innsbruck.

6. Lake Edge, United Kingdom

Romantic edge of beautiful lakes, green forests and fascinating mountain landscapes, enemia by English romantic poets. Rest in the lake edge meditative. Everything here has to leisurely walks, relaxed and calm contemplation of the surrounding beauty, getting pleasure from life.

In total, there are 16 lakes in the park, the largest of them – Windermir. Infrastructure around this lake is most developed, and the place itself is the tourist center of the lake edge. In Windermir, a large selection of various hotels, you can even plunge into the atmosphere of the old Good Victorian England, choosing accommodation in one of the old mansions. Pictitious small town Kesuik, having true English charm. Once in these places discovered graphite deposits, so now the Museum of Parades.

England is known for a rainy climate – it is better to choose the middle of the summer for a trip. Lakestry is located in Cumbria county, which is in the northwest of England. You can get here faster from Manchester, from London the road will take several hours.

7. Ordesa-and-Monte Perdido, Spain

The park is often compared with the Grand Canyon – everything is because of the stunning beauty of the canyons on its territory, one of the deepest in Europe. Unlike American attractions, local canyons are covered with lush vegetation. The most notable places of the park – Ecuaine Gorge, Anisclo and Ordes Canyons, Cola de Cabalo Waterfall. In the park there are several hiking routes of different lengths and levels of complexity.

National parks in Europe

Park is located in the province of Huesca. The nearest settlement – the village of Torla, in which you can stay for the night.

8. Watnaya, Iceland

The name of this Icelandic park gave the Giant Watnayajudle glacier – the largest in Europe. It takes 8% of the territory of Iceland, the thickness of the ice in some places reaches 1 km. Elements of ice and fire are mixed here everywhere, forming fantastic landscapes. The beauty of the beauty of the blue ice cave is adjacent to hot underground sources, the jet of waterfalls are mixed with volcanic lava, which is why the water seems black, and the fields of frozen lava are striking as unearthly beauty.

The most impressive park objects are a giant glacier, ice caves, Dettifoss Waterfall and a Black Waterfall Waterfoss (with columns of black lava). There are many volcanic crater in the park, pedestrian routes were laid inside the largest lakes, and some have formed whole lakes, where you can swim, for example, in the crater of Askya Volcano. Extreme lovers will appreciate Safari on the ice lagoon Yyokulsurloon, where you can swim among the icebergs.

Closest to the National Park is the city of Hubn, from Reykjavika there is a bus, car or water transport.

9. National Park of Prijalaton Hills

The pride of this national reserve, stretching north of Lake Balaton to a small Balaton, – rare types of flora and fauna, among which you can find relict plants and disappearing dashed birds and animals in the Red Book. Only here you can see an amazing plant from the glacial period – the primrose milder.

Park landscapes are affected by a variety: and picturesque mountains, and plain landscapes with marshy meadows, and crater of extinct volcanoes, and caves with underground lakes. Main Attractions Park – Tikhan Peninsula with Abbey and Cliffs from Basalt Tufa, L oss and Tapolts Caves, Term Lake Heviz, Zirc Botanical Garden, Salfeld Manor with Nursery Pets and Gray Wolves.

In the reserve it is easy to get from Budapest by train, bus or rented car.

10. Swiss National Park

Complete an overview of the most beautiful national parks in Europe with the oldest park located in the south-east of Switzerland. Park was opened in 1914 on the day of the beginning of the First World War and is now one of the most developed in Europe.

The park stretches on the slopes of Mount Evgadine. Alpine meadows, pine forests, beautiful lakes, an incredibly rich animal and the vegetation world attracts tourists from all over the world. For the convenience of visitors, many pedestrian routes and excursion trail are laid. Unlike many other reserves, it is impossible to move on a bike in this park. A pleasant bonus is a free entrance to the park and the presence of a large number of free parking nearby.

Getting into the reserve is the easiest of all from Zurich – on the train you need to get to the nearest one to the town of Town Town, from which buses go.


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